Beachcomber and Rincewind

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Beachcomber and Rincewind

Postby steeljam » Wed May 06, 2020 11:59 am

Slowly working my way through my stack of To-Be-Read books. The latest is Beachcomber, The Works of J B Morton. Quite funny in a quirky sort of way; very Spike Milligan.
In on section, The Case of Juliette Milton, one of the characters is Churm Rincewind, a red-haired dwarf, one of twelve.
However, the DW theme does not stop there. I quote
"I would like to take the opportunity of denying the statement made by a dwarf of the name Churm Rincewind to the effect that he put his arm round my waist. All that happened was this. Mr Rincewind put a small ladder against me while I was reading a letter. He mounted the ladder and kissed the tip of my right ear. Thinking he was crazy I pushed him away, and he fell from the ladder and hurt his wrist."
So Rincewind morphs into Giamo Casanunda.
There are 12 red-bearded dwarves in the story: Sophus Barkayo-Tong, Amaninter Axling, Farjole Merrybody, Guttergorm Guttergormpton, Badly Oron-parscr, Chutm Rincewind, Cleveland Zackhouse, Molonay Tubildetborst, Edelcdel Edel, Scorpion de Rooftrouser, Listenis Youghaupt, and Frums Gillygottb
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Re: Beachcomber and Rincewind

Postby phalarope » Wed May 06, 2020 02:30 pm

Scorpion de Rooftrouser. :lol: :lol: :lol: [spews tea onto computer screen] Oh my sainted aunt. I'll have to look into these.
Cheers -
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