Dragons at Crumbling Castle

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Dragons at Crumbling Castle

Postby Grace Speaker » Mon Jun 08, 2015 10:53 am

Like many of you, I have a number of saved searches on the Bay of e for Terry Pratchett books, Discworld stamps, signed stuff, artifacts, etc. for which I get regular emails informing me of newly listed items. I was rather alarmed to spot that the Waterstones' Delux Slipcase edition of Dragons at Crumbling Castle is currently on eBay for either £39.99 or £74.95. At the risk of sounding like Waterstones PR, but with the intention of not wanting any of you lovely people being ripped off on eBay:

this fully illustrated edition with 2 extra bonus stories and a special forward from STP, is still available from Waterstones directly for only £20 - reduced from £25!!
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