Trying to find a poem

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Trying to find a poem

Postby Stew d'Apples » Sat Oct 05, 2019 05:33 pm

Trying to find a poem written in Jamaican patois about what people in the UK call their evening meal. Can't remember who the poet is. The only thing I can remember is the poet is a woman.

Not much to go on but can anyone else?
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Re: Trying to find a poem

Postby chrisboote » Wed Oct 09, 2019 01:13 pm

Valerie Bloom?

Wha Fe Call I’

Miss Ivy, tell mi supmn,
An mi wan’ yuh ansa good.

Wen yu eat roun 12 o’clock,
Wassit yuh call yuh food?

For fram mi come yah mi confuse,
An mi noh know which is right,

Weddah dinnah a de food yuh eat midday,
Or de one yuh eat a night.

Mi know sey breakfus a de mawnin one
But cryan tell ef suppa a six or t’ree,

An one ting mi nebba undastan,
Is when yuh hab yuh tea.

Miss A dung a London ha lunch 12 o’clock,
An dinnah she hab bout t’ree,

Suppa she hab bout six o’clock,
But she noh hab noh tea.

Den mi go a Cambridge todda day,
Wi hab dinnah roun’ bout two,

T’ree hour later mi frien she sey,
Mi hungry, how bout yuh?

Joe sey im tink a suppa time,
An mi sey yes, mi agree,

She halla, “Suppa? a five o’clock,
Missis yuh mussa mean tea!”

Den Sunday mi employer get up late,
Soh she noh hab breakfus nor lunch,

But mi hear she talk bout ‘Elevenses’,
An one sinting dem call ‘Brunch’.

Brekfus, elevenses, an brunch,
Lunch, dinnah, suppa, tea,

Mi brain cyan wuk out which is which,
An when a de time fe hab I’.

Mi noh tink mi badda wid no name,
Mi dis a nyam when time mi hungry,

For doah mi ‘tomach wi glad fe de food,
I’ couldn care less whey mi call I’.
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Re: Trying to find a poem

Postby phalarope » Wed Oct 09, 2019 07:42 pm

I knew Chris would come through eventually.*

*or if not Chris, Pat
Cheers -
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Re: Trying to find a poem

Postby Stew d'Apples » Fri Oct 11, 2019 06:34 pm

That's the one I've been looking for. :thumbl:

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