Delivery from Snowgum Films

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Re: Delivery from Snowgum Films

Postby Molokov » Tue Jun 30, 2020 10:01 pm

Darren wrote:I still want to know where my DVD has got to... :evil:

What part of the world are you in? Australia/NZ and the UK should have got theirs by now (assuming you backed just for an unsigned DVD and not for anything else). If this is the case, you should contact Snowgum Films at https://www.trollbridge.film/contact and let them know your name and the email address you used at BackerKit.

If you're elsewhere in the world (such as the US), you'll need to be a little more patient - the distributor there has started getting the various products to ship, but posting stuff is going slow at the moment.

Latest info was included in the most recent newsletter a week or so ago, you can read it here: https://www.trollbridge.film/so/c2NBKNuGe#/main
And to get future newsletter updates, sign up via their website.
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Re: Delivery from Snowgum Films

Postby phazedout » Thu Jul 02, 2020 05:11 pm

mine arrived in my fiance's house yeterday (blu ray, finland) which is lucky as she's moving the end of the month.
It looks interesting but i won't be in a position to watch it for, it hink, another month or so. it was an xmas pressie and it's my bithday months end so we get sot combo
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