What have you seen part II - the sequel *No SPOILERS please*

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Re: What have you seen part II - the sequel *No SPOILERS please*

Postby Sandra » Tue Jul 02, 2019 09:05 am

Spider-man: Far From Home

Been described as a link film - tidying some loose ends after Endgame and setting up for the next story arc.

It does - what happened when people suddenly came back, some of the implications, and more importantly - what happened to the school records of those who disappeared (so unfair!). Then Spider-man has an adventure (and you realise the efforts the trailers went to to not spoil the film).

Two after credits - one purely Spider-man (ooh that's been in the comics!) - one appearing to set up for the next films ('those guys' and 'what's he doing there?')
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