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Re: More American Gods...

Postby chrisboote » Thu Jun 15, 2017 05:39 pm

Well, many episodes in, so spoilers...

While it's the same story as the book, it's definitely very different. It's also very good

Sadly, to paraphrase the Reverend Martin Sherlock, the very good arts are not different, and the different parts are not very good

The new stuff, written by Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, is flat and doesn't really stand up in comparison with the original

There have been some changes that make no sense (Why didn't Audrey spit on Laura's corpse, for example?*) and others that are excellent (Vulcan is so obvious as an Old God who has reinvented himself as a New God that apparently NG kicked himself for not thinking of it himself)

Oh and Emily Browning, Ricky Whittle and Pablo Schreiber** are all REALLY good, and Ian McShane is fantastic

Overall I think it's a definite B+, but I'm hoping for more from the rest of the episodes

* I suspect that as she has a larger role to come, they didn't want to make her quite so unsympathetic as in the book

** Who looks uncannily like our very own Johan Spruijt :)
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