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Black Panther

PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:04 pm
by Sandra
Got to see the film this afternoon.

It's amazing, wonderful to see Africa having a central role in a positive film, though don't go in looking for hidden messages, you'll be overwhelmed. I even slowed down on the munchies - they almost lasted to the end!

One thing it it safe to gush about - it has a trailer for the next Avengers film - Thanos! and Ironman might not be in charge of the fighting (a far wealthier superhero is giving orders...), Thor trying to work out Guardians of the Galaxy... {the Deadpool 2 trailer was even better}

Re: Black Panther

PostPosted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 05:08 pm
by Grace Speaker
I saw the trailer for this a couple of months ago & thought it looked good. Mind you, I'm way behind on superhero movies and still haven't even gotten round to seeing the last Justice League thingy or GOTG 2 :?

Re: Black Panther

PostPosted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 01:05 am
by Nonny Mouse
My daughter is super excited for the Avengers infinity war, so she wants to see all the movies about the characters in them, including Black Panther

Re: Black Panther

PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:59 pm
by Pat
Yes, an excellent film in so many ways. It almost isn't a "superhero" film - if they'd toned down the effects just slightly it could have been a Bond/Bourne/John Wick film. Costumes & choreography should get a look-in at the awards.

But I still want to know - if Wakanda is so advanced, why do their shop signs only have one font?