2020 Gathering of the Loonies - CANCELLED

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2020 Gathering of the Loonies - CANCELLED

Postby steeljam » Mon Mar 16, 2020 08:30 pm

Here is the post from the organisers
Coronavirus Update
This update is going out after the latest brief from UK Government.
At this time – the Spring Fling is still on, but that is subject to change, if the situation develops for the worse – so you will need to keep checking back for the latest info. As it stands right now in the UK small gatherings are not seen as a problem, however in Ireland they have banned gatherings of 500 people outdoors and 100 indoors – if the UK follows suit, this will shut down Spring Fling.
Although the Virus can in theory affect anybody, the advice from Government is that the elderly, or those with underlying health issues are most at risk, so if you are in either of those categories, we must advise caution and that you consider carefully if you are up to attending.
Similarly, if you have been unwell before the event – we would advise caution about attending. I know there is a tradition of people talking about coming home from events suffering from ‘Con Crud’, but in light of the world situation – it’s not a funny joke anymore.
We will be checking daily the situation – and as soon as we have any updates, we will let you know.
Hopefully it doesn’t get any worse, or even gets better. We have a fun weekend planned – and hope to see a lot of you there – but while we love having fun – everybody’s safety and well-being has to remain the No.1 priority.
Fingers crossed…..
Dave T
and from the Emporium
Important Service Announcement - Temporary Store Closure
(The Coronavirus)
We're having to make the difficult decision to close our physical store in Wincanton to the public for a wee while. This building is not only our shop, but also our home. We love being able to welcome visitors from all over the world but with a third of our team in the 'at-risk' category, one very acutely so, we have to prioritise the safety and well-being of our gang (at least until we can find and check Bernard's last will and testament).
We don't want to add to concerns unduly, but equally we can't take unnecessary risks with the folk we love dearly. Whilst there's absolutely no immediate cause for concern here, we'd like to keep it that way!
We are delighted to confirm that our mail-order service will continue as usual.
We appreciate your understanding in this matter and apologise for any inconvenience.
All the best from us all at the Emporium.
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