Assassins' Guild - expressions of interest in contracts

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Assassins' Guild - expressions of interest in contracts

Postby The Guilds » Mon Dec 01, 2014 01:44 pm

The Assassins' Guild has requested the following:

During the Hogswatch celebrations the Guild carried out a poll, an Expression of Interest for contracts of inhumation, which may be carried out at the next Wincanton event. Given enough interest in the contract and suitable fees collected, the contract will be completed.

This will be an ongoing activity, interest and fees can be increased at each event.

The current list of possible of contracts are as follows:
Ian Whybrew
Gabriel Chapman
Dave Hayden
Pat Harkin
Loz the B.... (Not very nice person)
Ian Mitchell

Please note there has not been sufficient interest in any one of these persons to initiate a contract.
The Guilds
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