2 DW Con 2012 tickets available

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2 DW Con 2012 tickets available

Postby Chalky » Sat Jul 21, 2012 08:46 am

Unfortunately the girlf & I, after much trying, have given up on trying to get to the Con this year - too much air-fare, too little holiday - so 2 tickets are up for grabs for anyone with last minute Discworldian desires for 24th - 27th August.
I've told DWcon.org that I have to sell my tickets on (both full attending) so if you want to buy then please let me & them know & they will arrange the transfer (2 tickets was £96, i think, but don't know if it comes back to me or just buys bananas).
This isn't e-bay, no profits, so please just contact Info@Dwcon.Org & they will make the changes.
Thanks, hope somebody can take the tickets & have fun, wish it was me.
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