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Postby Cat » Mon Jul 25, 2005 06:44 pm

Hi, I'm Cat. I'm 30 years old/young (still working on that) and live in the very south of the Netherlands.
I registred last April, but never really got around to posting. I am looking forward to getting to know this place and it's inhabitants. I already know some of the members here and have even had the priviledge of meeting some of them in person.

I got hooked to Pratchett at the age of 14, read about 15 of the discworld novels and then stopped reading them for years. It must have been my rebellious teenage years kicking in. :roll:
I only recently started reading the books in English. I can't say I have a favorite book, partly because still haven't read them all. I will soon be starting reading Maskerade, which I have been looking forward to for quite some time.

As english is my second language I already offer my apologies for the spelling- and grammar mistakes I am sure to make.

And on this note I will close, I have occupied your screen quite long enough now. :)
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hullo there

Postby leather_monkey » Mon Jul 25, 2005 08:22 pm

how do people.

i'm new here, but some of you know me through other means.
still more of you know me, but don't realise it. if i get round to it, i'll post or link a pisture of me that might ring some bells.

for some reason i've not fathomed, i'm averse to giving out my real name online. most people i meet on the internet call me lm or monkey, after my screen name. [some even when we meet in meatspace] and in one case, leather, but he's generally considered odd. well, odder than most at any rate.

i have, and have read many times, all the mainstream Discworld novels that have so far been published in paperback [eagerly awaiting Going Postal]. i also own most of the peripheral Discworld publications - maps, "Science of Discworld:..." etc - along with non-DW items, Good Omens being my favourite.

if there's anythjing else that you'd like to know, contact me. i'm open to questions, but it's best to PM me or use MSN Messenger, since i find it all too easy to ignore emails on this annoyingly slow dial up connection.
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Postby Zencore » Tue Jul 26, 2005 06:34 pm

Hello one and all.

Zencore here. I've been Pterry fan (of course) for the last 5 years or so. I've managed to read all of the discworld books, as well as introduce them to my wife, my oldest son, and oldest daughter. I have a large family, by today’s standards with three boys and two girls. They go in the order of Boy (15 years old), Girl (13), Boy (11), Girl (10) and Boy (4). Yes, we are very sure the next will be a girl, no we don’t really want to find out – thank you.

I’ve been married, happily, for 16 years and unhappily for 1 (that first year was rough – just kidding – they have all been happy).

I live in the United States, near Cleveland Ohio. I write and design software for computer and enjoy long walks on the beach…. Oh wait, wrong forum.

My forum name (Zencore – I’ll also answer to Zen, Tom or – way too often – Dad) was borrowed from an old D&D character of mine and has since become my online name. I’ve used it on forums, in MMORPG’s and just about everywhere else. The name itself has no deep meaning, it was made up by a program I wrote to generate random names and I just liked the sound of it. Fortunately (for my children anyway) I got much better at picking names as I went along.

Hmmm, I thought I was more interesting than that… I guess not. Oh well, anyway – hello all!
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Postby CmdrVimes » Tue Jul 26, 2005 07:14 pm

Shamelessly cut n pasted...

Hello all,

Just thought I'd post a few lines to say Hi.

Been reading Pterry for years, not big into collecting (apart from all his books)...just can't afford it!

I hail from Bath, but currently live in Bristol. Other authors in my life would include Tad Williams, Garth Nix and Philip Pullman. My fav TV series of all time would probably be "Firefly"...God, I loved that show!

Was considering Wadfest this year but I only know one other Pterry fan who'd be mad enough to come along and she's away thst weekend!

Before I get any little comments about my choice of Forum Name, yes I'm aware it's slighty cheesey to log on to a Pterry forum calling yourself CmdrVimes, but it's been my Tag/alter-ego online for several years now and i couldn't face changing it...in real-life I often respond to Vimesy as a lot of my friends only know as that! Embarassed Very Happy

Well, that should give you enough to be getting on with...think I'll start posting properly now!
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Postby Brorien » Tue Jul 26, 2005 07:51 pm

Hello everyone. My name here shall be Brorien, I use it in many places and I like it. It came from the name of my barbarian in Diablo 2 long long ago. I'm 30 and I've been reading Mr. Pratchett's work since I was about 12.

I'm yet another person from the Harper Collins site. I promise not to bring ugliness here like seems to be taking over there. I have hopes of something better happening but then again I may be a fool. At least I'll continue the boardfic I'm writing there for a bit more.

Anyway, I hope that I can contribute something useful. :)
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Postby parrotslave » Wed Jul 27, 2005 01:39 am

Hello everyone.

I chose the name parrotslave because I am a slave to five parrots. My avatar is a picture of Sunshine, a very charming Moluccan cockatoo.

I used to work part-time in a book store and one day putting books on the shelves I ran across a copy of Pyramids. I've been hooked on Discworld ever since.

It is impossible for me to choose just one book as my favorite.
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Tell Us About Yourself Thread

Postby swreader » Wed Jul 27, 2005 01:51 am

I realize I've been quite remiss in not posting in this thread first. I'm another refugee from the HarperCollins site, and got so excited about a forum that actually discussed Pratchett's books that I've been neglecting telling you about myself.

I call myself swreader because I live in Tucson, Arizona,USA (southwest reader) I am trying to make a go of an independent bookstore which has been in business almost five years. I'm 66, and have recently had a series of physical problems (2 car accidents in October, arthritic knee problems, and most recently a partially amputated right index finger) Just imagine the upper left 1/4 of your fingernail, and that's what got taken off by a chair in a fast food restauarant. I knew fast food was bad for your health, but I had no idea it was dangerous to even go in.

I am now on my third career. I was a university professor teaching English literature and drama for 8 years, 7 of them here in Tucson. (Uppity women don't get tenure). Then I went to law school at Georgetown, but found I'd turned into a desert rat and came back here where I practiced for about 12 years (mainly domestic relations) and got thoroughly burned out.

I started writing the essays on Terry Pratchett's witch series as fun, since I hadn't done any literary writing in years. And of course, with Pratchett, the more you look, the more connections you see. I was going to post the Equal Rites one, but when I looked at it, I decided it needed drastic revision. I'm also working now on the Wee Free Men One.

I have two cats-- (both from shelters) Emily Dickinson, who is a grey striped tabby (more or less) and much larger than Victoria Regina who is partially Siamese, mixed with a white cat. The result is that although she has the build and to some degree the voice of a Siamese, she looks like the ad for "got milk?" --in case you haven't seen it, it looks a bit as if she'd been in the cream on one side of her face.
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Postby Draco Nobilis » Thu Jul 28, 2005 08:57 am


This is Navaid Zafar. I am also the part of the mass exodus from the Harper Collins site. I am thirty, husband of a wacky teacher and father of a 6 months old baby girl with a serious personality disorder. She can go from being an angel to a vicious cannibalistic demon , devouring anything from the newspaper or tv remote to my finger within seconds-and back! :shock: I , on the other hand, am not at all wacky. Not at all. Just your typical tall,dark and handsome (not to mention incredibly sexy) asian male.

I was introduced -though only verbally-to discworld by a friend who had just arrived from South Africa where he got the chance to read pTerry's books in the library. After a year or so I accidentally found three discworld books in the British Council library. I read them and went nuts. I could not get my hands on another Discworld books for the next three years even though I was searching like a maniac. I posted in the discworld monthly and there were peoploe from USA, UK and Australia who just sent me a lot of pTerry's books for free (bless dere kind hearts). Then my then girlfriend (and now my wife) went to conduct a workshop in the capital of the country I live in, and she brought SIX discworld books for me. Anyway Now I have twenty-seven discworld novels 8) thanks to my uncle, younger brother and many friends living abroad. I am only missing a few and I will catch up by the end of this year-woo hoo :twisted:

I am a videogames junkie - and also write poems , games reviews and occasional articles on different subjects.

I could already see my friends here,and from what I have heard from them, this site must be a great place .

I too, like Cat, would want to apologize if you find it dificult to understand my English because it isn't even my second language.

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Postby Pat » Thu Jul 28, 2005 10:17 am

Draco Nobilis wrote:I too, like Cat, would want to apologize if you find it dificult to understand my English because it isn't even my second language.

Welcome to the forum, and don't worry! We have trouble understanding quite a few of the people in here who do have English as a first language :lol:
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Postby Zephyr » Thu Jul 28, 2005 06:06 pm

Hi - I'm Zephyr, and a former member of the Harper Collins site. Having developed and maintained some wonderful friendships there (now a good many of the "refugees") I was convinced to come out of hiding and make a new presence here. :)

I love Terry Pratchett and discussing his writings, I was informed that this board actually talks about the books! I've read all available in the U.S., and am very anxiously awaiting Thud. I'm also a big fan of scientific thrillers, and am learning to appreciate historical fiction. Oh, and Harry Potter. Love Harry. :wink:

I'm a pet portrait and dog sports artist by trade and travel the central U.S. (Minnesota to Texas and everything in between) visiting various dog shows and vending my wares. The name "Zephyr" comes from one of my Border Collies, who competes in some of these attended events.

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Postby oddleif » Fri Jul 29, 2005 05:48 am

Hi Y`All....Mebbe about time I gave a proper introduction to meself..being the only..???? Norwegian skulking around in `em here parts..

I`m just turning 47, Twice divorvced ..with a luvvly girlfriend over in The Peach State.Got a daughter that`s 19, and a Labrador named Lady...
Makes my living travelling across Europe..mainly cause of the Railroading business, but also as a sales representative..tell ya..been there, and done that..all over Europe.
Main interests are Music, Reading and hiking in the Norwegian Wilds...
Got hooked on Pratchett very early..read "The Light Fantastic" the year it was released..(now..when was that again..) and was hooked.
What really makes my clock tick with the ongoing Discworld series is the nuances being steadily introduced..from being a light-weight comic, it`s now serious satirical stuff..Love it..!!!

Well, that`s it from your Odd man out...;-)


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Postby canaryfarmer » Fri Jul 29, 2005 09:37 pm

Hi, my name is Matt, and I love the Discworld series. I started reading PTerry's books back in 6th or 7th grade and even though I've only read about half of the 30-odd books, I still consider the DW books among my favorite reads (and I read a lot).

I'm a 26 yr old Graphic Designer living in East Tennessee, with a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (uh, Go Vols?!).

Authors who I'll read anything of theirs and know I'll have a good time include Neil Gaiman, Dave Eggers, Alan Moore, Bradbury, Asimov, Snicket (god help me, but I love the Unfortunate Events books), Douglas Adams, William Gibson, Chuck Palahniuk, Neal Stephenson, Tad Williams, and Stephen King. I am a huge fan of Batman graphic novels as well, such as the Long Halloween and Dark Knight Returns.

I rated a 37% (Major Geek) on the online Geek Test ( http://innergeek.us ), which I thought was pretty sad and somewhat impressive at the same time. :D

Arrested Development is the best show on TV.

My online handle is almost always "canaryfarmer"--My mom told me when I was young that it was what our last name translated into from Polish. This was not true (it actually just means "gold finch").
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Postby Selkie » Tue Aug 02, 2005 10:50 pm

Hi, I'm Selkie from Shetland. Been a Discworld fan for about 20 years and found this forum through the Stanley Howler Stamp Journal. I've visited the site quite a lot but never noticed the forum before - mostly cos I'm ogling the stuff. Probably won't make much of a splash here (cos I'm shy) but anyway, that's me.


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Postby Catpain_Kangaroo » Wed Aug 03, 2005 12:35 pm

Hello, my name is Pierre and I seem to a very lonly Swede here...

I'm a 18 year old, who doesn't do anything sensible with his time, exept waiting for the next discworld book of course.

To name one favorite book is really hard, but I'll go for Jingo, or perhaps Last Hero (just because there are pretty pictures in it :lol:).

I haven't realised until quite recently that there is such an enormuos amount of Discworld merch to spend by hard-erned cash on...

Oh, and a small cash award might be delivered to the smart fellow who can figure out the origin of my nick. (No cat/s were harmed in any way during the production of the nickname) :lol:
This will do until I can come up with something original
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Postby 15goingon5 » Thu Aug 04, 2005 08:24 pm


my names Dane, I'm 15 as yoiu might have guessed. I come from great harwood although currently in Colne with my dad and every other weekend and most holidays Manchester with my mom.

I was in the libary near my moms just over two years ago, when I picked up The Truth. I have been reading TP ever since. I can say I have read them all except witches abroad and lords and laydies.

I'm yet another person from the Harper Collins site. I promise not to bring ugliness here like seems to be taking over there. I have hopes of something better happening but then again I may be a fool. At least I'll continue the boardfic I'm writing there for a bit more.

I like Brorien have come here from the Harper collins site, although I haven't left it and don't intend to I have grown bored of there rantings. Theres almost no talk about DW theres more about harry potter.

and Like Brorien I promise not to bring the ugliness as well. Ooh and Brorien you better finish that board Fic. I am an avid reader of it.
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