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Re: The 'Tell us about yourself" Thread - *NO DIGRESSIONS!*

PostPosted: Tue Mar 17, 2020 05:26 am
by lwhitehead
Hello I'm Luke Whitehead

44 years old,

I've got Aspbergers

I've read at a College level but my Grammer is at Grade 3 level.

I'm a huge fan of Discworld and have read the books, and a hopeful Writer. Discworld is one of inperation for a Humorous Fantasy series based on the Three Magi, or Wizards in a Tudor Kingdom of Henry VII.

I should point out that I've got Two lifetime bans on fourms online, Once your painted with a Tar Brush it's hard remove.


Re: The 'Tell us about yourself" Thread - *NO DIGRESSIONS!*

PostPosted: Tue May 05, 2020 12:07 am
by Sir.Ious Stamp
Hi there,
I am new to this forum, and new to collecting discworld stamps. Heck i don't even know if this is the correct way of posting. Anyhow. I am 25yr old and from The Netherlands. I discovered I like collecting discworld stamps and I started collecting them from January 2020.
I came across it becouse of my dad. He was a well known collector in the community , and sadly I have to tell that he has passed away at janaury the first 2020. It was the shock of my life. I found some peace in continueing the discworld collection, and so I began to discover.
Soon I noticed that I really like this whole setting , as I am a scifi fan but was not really up to date on the discworld.
I like collecting the stamps and I do this by buying LBE's ( safely stored after opening for other collectors perhaps ) and sorting the stamps. I have started one book with the stamps of 2020. (Including sheets) and one book for the others. I noticed i have collected some interesting ones so far so perhaps later on it could be interesting to get in touch with the people my dad used to have contact with in the discworld. He still is an official licenced thief ( still haven't figured out how he pullled that one off.) But anyhow. I am looking forward to meeting the community and hopefully start a long lasting hobby with the rest here.

There is so much to cover but for just an introduction that seems about it.

Kind regards from the Brusse Family from the Netherlands.

R.Brusse (Sir.Ious Stamp seems to be a fitting name for the ocacion)

Re: The 'Tell us about yourself" Thread - *NO DIGRESSIONS!*

PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2020 06:03 pm
by The_Professor_UK
Hi There...

Here I am looking somewhat tidy....


So I am an inventor, formerly from Dewsbury..... Those who have seen either the original programme, or the Blooper show may well recognise me :oops:

I am an Engineer and am a partner in a design boutique. I cover electronic, mechanical, optical design, but with a hint of chemistry and also a bit software design....

My Son is a big Comic-Con fan, and next time I take him (if such gathering ever happen again), I aim to get into the spirit of things by going as Rincewind.

Re: The 'Tell us about yourself" Thread - *NO DIGRESSIONS!*

PostPosted: Fri Jul 03, 2020 07:15 am
by ljsinclair
Greetings all,
Like it says on the box, here's some interesting information about myself:
- card-carrying member of introverted keyboard jockeys anonymous (AKA writer)
- proud but unexpected owner of the last two THUD boards in existence thanks to overzealous eBay bidding
- unsurprised at the direction The Watch has been taken in, but looking forward to Narrativia's new arrangements
- Sam Vimes fan. And Granny Weatherwax. And Susan... well, let's just say the books are very enjoyable
- Once made the mistake of complementing someone about their knitting when they were actually crocheting
- misnamed my cat. He should've been called "Beaker"

Re: The 'Tell us about yourself" Thread - *NO DIGRESSIONS!*

PostPosted: Wed Apr 28, 2021 08:23 am
by den jerus
Hello and welcome to me/
I am a 69 1/2 year old long time fan of Pterry.
I was introduced to the Discworld when my wife bought me "Mort" one Christmas long ago in the mists of time.
Now my bookshelf groans under the weight of most things that have been published with the Great Mans name on them.
I built the Unseen University from the cut out book and during lockdown have been working my way through all the Discworld Jigsaw puzzles. (Just ordered the City watch one and waiting for Hex to return to stock)
Terry signed my copy of the Carpet People when he came to visit a bookshop in Paignton (where I live), Though the shop no longer exists
Of the books that I've read and remember "The Truth" was the one that sticks in my memory, Though there isn't much room left in there at my age and most of it is corrupted!
I was actually sad at the passing of granny Weatherwax, did anyone remove the board from her chest?
I was never enthralled by the stamps that came out, but I will defend your right to collect them.
I notice that has been quiet on this thread recently and so I hope there are many more who have yet to discover you.
Good Luck
Best wishes and stay safe everyone.
Den Jerus,
(should have been an assassin, Retired)

Re: The 'Tell us about yourself" Thread - *NO DIGRESSIONS!*

PostPosted: Mon Jun 21, 2021 09:22 am
by Wee Andy Mac Feegle
I am a proud Scot and therefore a proper Feegle...

Discovered the great man when I bought a copy of Mort in paperback many years ago.

I have an almost complete collection of his work... mostly hardbacks.

I shall, some day make the pilgrimage to visit the emporium and buy stuff...

Hopefully, converse with you wonderful folks on the boards.

Re: The 'Tell us about yourself" Thread - *NO DIGRESSIONS!*

PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2021 10:08 am
by salmonmancer
It was quite rude of me not to introduce myself first.
But actually, I just found this topic!

Name is Joseph.
But you can call me salmonmancer (don't ask).
Ironically, my first Discworld book in the collection was just as same as yours, Wee Andy Mac Feegle - Mort.
I'm still in pain I might not visit the Emporium in life, but it will stay at my heart since I'm a long-time lurker who just decided to join (coward!).

My personal favorites are The Watch and Lords and Ladies.
My favorite character is Sam Vimes (the older one).

Thanks for letting me join.