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This months quiz

Postby Mrs Cake aka Jane » Tue Nov 24, 2009 11:31 am

It was down to me to write this months quiz i decided to do it on somthing different this was the result.
and the scores underneath

1. Who wrote The Scarlet Pimpernel?
a. Baroness Orczy

2. When was the book set? I’ll take the year extra point for the month it starts?
a. September 1792

3. What was Sir Percy’s Sir Name?
a. Blakeney

4. Where did Marguerite St Just meet Chauvelin?
a. Paris

5. What was Marguerite’s brothers name?
a. Armand

6. What is Sir Percy’s favourite saying?
a. Odd’s fish

7. What was the name of Sir Percy’s yacht?
a. The Day Dream

8. What was the Ball Marguerite was told to watch for the pimpernel?
a. Lord Grenville’s ball

9. What time was the pimpernel to be in the Supper Room?
a. One o’clock precisely

10. What was The poem written by Sir Percy?
a. We seek him here, we seek him there,
Those Frenchies seek him everywhere
Is he in heaven? - Is he in hell?
That dammed, elusive Pimpernel.

11. How did Marguerite figure out Sir Percy was the Pimpernel?
a. She found a ring on the floor in his office

12. Who did Marguerite take with her to save Sir Percy
a. Sir Andrew Ffoulkes

13. What was in the Snuff box?
a. Pepper.

14. What did Sir Percy disguise himself as to get past the French army?
a. A Jew (Benjamin Rosenbaum)

15. What did Sir Percy sing to get attention
a. God save the king

Phalarope 80
Annebn 65
~~X 40
Laura 25
Bogieman 15

I had a lot of fun writing this i hope everyone had fun playing
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