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EEB Meeting Quiz

Postby Squigglyx » Sat Jun 26, 2010 09:28 pm

Discworld T-Cup Quiz
Section 1 – Nanny Ogg
1.What type of container should be used to prepare Strawberry Wobblers according to Nanny Ogg's cookbook?
a)Champagne flute
2.What recipe did Lord Vetinari contribute to Nanny's cookbook?
a)Bread and Water
3.What is the main ingredient in the Librarian's contribution?
4.Leonard of Quirm's recipe for a cheese sandwich concludes with what words of advice?
a)Send for a pizza.
5.What does Nanny recommend as a suitable gift for a 30th wedding anniversary?
a)Lobster or Crayfish.
Section 2 – Dibblers
6.Fair Go Dibbler's speciality dish is a meat pie floater. What are the three main ingredients required to make this?
a) Meat pi2e
b)Pea soup
c)Tomato Ketchup.
7.Who sells 'old rancid sweetmeats on a stick, gritty figs and long-past-their-sell-by-dates'?
a)Cut Me Own Hand Off Dhiblah.
8.What kind of sausage was kept in the 'special' section of CMOT's sausage tray?
a)Meat from a four footed creature, land dwelling.
Section 3 – General
9.What is Fatsup made of?0
a)Soup and sausages.0
10.What dish did Rincewind create for Dame Nellie Butt?
a)Peach Nellie
11.What size cup should you use for Klatchian coffee?
12.What ingredient is used to make Sclot bread
13.Who brews Old Overcoat
a)Jimkin Bearhugger
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