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Re: EEB Rare Day in June

Postby Anilori » Sun Jun 26, 2011 10:06 am

Sorry for not posting the quiz right away, I was quite out of order yesterday night when it ended and went right to bed.

The theme was the Trojan War, since after the American Revolution and birds I figured I'd be fine with that. When some people asked what "Trojan" meant (and got the expected answer :mrgreen: ) I started worrying slightly, and when everyone started ignoring my questions altogether I panicked a bit - but it turned out it was just an MSN bug and I was the only one who could actually see the questions. Anyway, here they were:

1/ Argus is one of the only Homeric characters who died happy. Who was he?
Answer: Odysseus' dog. He lived long enough to see his master come back after 20 years and died right on the doorstep.

2/ Which Trojan warrior was whisked off the battlefield by his mum and went on to found the ancestor of Rome?
Answer: Aeneas, son of Aphrodite.

3/ Who refused to fight and sat in a tent for three quarters of the Iliad?
Answer: Achilles

4/ What was the name of James Joyce's rewriting of the Odyssey?
Answer: Ulysses

5/ How many sons did King Priam have?
Answer: 50 (seriously... well, at the beginning of the war, at least), but I gave Kris half a point for "2, Hector and Paris", since they were the only two who really mattered and the film adaptation wisely left out the 48 others.

6/ What modern country are the ruins of Troy in?
Answer: In Turkey

7/ Which family in Dune has the same name as Agamemnon and Menelas' line?
Answer: The Atreides

8/ Which hero went to the Underworld?
Answer: since the theme was the Trojan War, I expected Odysseus (or various alternative spellings thereof :p) but awarded points to those who said Orpheus. Mentioning the Cancan was a bonus :)

9/ Where was Achilles mortally wounded?
Answer: The heel, but "at Troy" would have been accepted :mrgreen:

10/ Who wrote the SF novel 'Ilium', inspired by the Trojan War myths?
Answer: Dan Simmons

11/ Which of the Doctor's companions was from Ancient Troy?
Answer: Katarina, in the Hartnell days, but 'I seem to remember she died' was deemed a sufficient answer :)

12/ Which goddess protected Odysseus and his family?
Answer: Athena

13/ Which ancient Greek philosopher wanted to censor Homer on grounds of immorality?
Answer: Plato. I figured this one was a matter of "one chance in three" ^^

14/ One of these heroes didn't fight at Troy: Heracles, Hector, Ajax.
Answer: Heracles

15/ What kind of animal was in the film Troy that definitely shouldn't have been there?
Answer: A llama (seriously)

16/ Who complained "For Hecuba! What's Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba…" ?
Answer: Hamlet

16 and a half/ Who was Hecuba, by the way?
Answer: The Queen of Troy

17/ Who won the war, the Greeks or the Trojans?
Answer: The Greeks, but the person who answered "The Geeks" was not too far out, since the quiz was easily won by Mazzie, thanks to her self-admitted geekiness. Congratulations!

In the country raffle, our host Phalarope became the Empress of Mali and subsequently had to look it up on a map :P She's started a collection of Territories Beginning with an M, for unspecified purposes. Should we be afraid?
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