Northingfjord Drummers - Turku, Finland

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Northingfjord Drummers - Turku, Finland

Postby phazedout » Mon Feb 24, 2014 09:17 pm

The inaugural meeting of the Northingfjord drummers, Turku, Finland will take place this coming monday, March 3rd in ALVARbaari/bar
Humalistonkatu 7, 20100 Turku, Finland. There will be a quiz (kindly supplied by the lady) and a small prize (kindly supplied by yours truly.

As this is the first meet and food needs to be ordered in advance, dinner won't be served, but depending upon numbers, we can come to some arrangement with the bar owner for April.

To the best of my knowledge, aside from JAcob, I am the only turku resident on here, but posting about regional meetings has become a .... Traditiiiooon*

So come one, come all (come, anyone?)

*to be said while riasing ones chin up and tilting the head to the right in a sing--song voice
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