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The old parties have become bloggers

PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, 2015 11:15 am
by Bernard the Stout
It's all been too bloody quiet some of you have said, what's the old scrote been up to?
Well, dear friends Isobel and I have been writing a blog!
We are starting it today as it's the twentieth anniversary of the first EVER Discworld event.
In 1995 fans gathered in Woolpit to share a weekend in the company of Terry Pratchett and the folk who were part of Clarecraft at that time.
Isobel and I have put up as many photos as we had and hopefully others will add theirs to the record.
We will endeavor to entertain and amuse you all in subsequent bloggies as we meander like the old crusties we are up and down memory lane, shouting through letter boxes and leaving gates open.
Shall we name names? probably. Will there be more pictures? undoubtedly. Is there going to be stories before bedtime? You bloody bet there will – and some of the rude!
So have a wander to: and see what's about.