Year of the Querulous Megapode

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Year of the Querulous Megapode

Postby the_apprentice » Thu Jan 26, 2023 02:45 pm

Greetings all from frozen Somerset!

I just wanted to update you lovely lot about the release of this year's definitives... after the 'cyber incident' Royal Mail experienced earlier in the month, they're not currently accepting overseas mail. Just over half of our patrons are based in Forn Parts, so the shop is currently fit to burst with mail awaiting collection. We thought it prudent not to release the stamps until a resolution is in sight (which is promised very soon) to make sure people don't experience any more delay than is necessary! They are coming soon, I promise! We also have some lovely releases lined up from some fabulous guest artists to look forward to!

Happy Stamping,
Ian & the gang!
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Re: Year of the Querulous Megapode

Postby phalarope » Fri Jan 27, 2023 02:02 am

Thanks for the update Ian. :) Was beginning to wonder if the the Invisible Ink Squid had been acting up again. Perhaps Moist should be inflicted upon Royal Mail... or Miss Maccalariat.
Cheers -
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Re: Year of the Querulous Megapode

Postby Murgatroyd » Wed Feb 08, 2023 12:32 pm

And they're out! Just ordered my set of sheets and some LBE's. Really looking forward to this years releases! :D
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