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The Loko Project

Postby Murgatroyd » Wed Jul 03, 2013 04:52 pm

The cover that never was, and the stamp there should never have been!

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Discworld and, (I hope), the publication of the fortieth DW novel, “Raising Steam”, I decided to create a “Super Cover” or parcel as a special present for Bernard and for Sir Terry, (One each). I also wanted to make a stamp for it, as this was to be a work of fan art, and I didn’t want to cause any confusion by using an official Discworld stamp. (It seemed to me that If I put an existing DW stamp on the parcel, I’d be “Borrowing credibility” that wasn’t rightly mine, and perhaps creating some confusion as to whether this was an Official DW Product or not).
Thus was the idea of the Igor Parcel Post stamp conceived. I was very lucky to have a good friend without whom the stamps would have remained a rather poor doodle on a scrap of paper. With his help, (that is to say he did all the work whilst I pestered him with self contradictory ideas and revisions) eventually my stamp concept grew into a real stamp, I hope you like it.
To spread the costs involved in producing, printing, and perforating the stamps, and obtaining and making the inserts for the parcel, (high), I decided to create a quantity of other parcels, with the same inserts, (in smaller sizes in some cases).
The two presents for Bernard and Terry were to go in metal boxes, the other ones were to go in a (heavily) modified cardboard box. I envisaged including a number of hand-made components and inserts and two different letters.
The parcel plans began to take shape, and the number of prospective inserts began to multiply until I had to draw the line and finalise the budget.
I ordered the items I would need to put the parcels together, and settled back to wait. These items were to come from all over the world, so I expected there to be a few difficulties. Glass vials from China, Volcanic minerals from Pakistan, Esoteric pigments and powders, all sorts of things were involved. Most arrived on time and in good shape, though I did get soundly ripped off by a Hong Kong UV torch supplier!
When the ingredients arrived I did some sub assemblies and prepared the inserts for the box.
The box itself was a nightmare. However I beat it up or snotted it with everything from cold tea to boot polish it defiantly looked like a modern postal artefact. Without giving the game away I was at a loss to explain why those who had originally sent the parcel would have a plain cardboard box in their possession. My solution to this created another very labour intensive task to add to my ongoing list, but I think it worked.
Without spoiling the fun of the parcel it’s difficult to tell you too much about it, save that it originated in Loko, and it’s theme is luminosity. To enjoy the parcel, (or even just the stamp) you should examine it under UV light!
The Parcel has two layers, each with it’s own wrapping, two letters, and over a dozen inserts. This was not a cheap, or even a safe project, and before it was over I’d begun to question my sanity.
The real problem was that however much the parcels had cost me to produce, I couldn’t actually sell them without infringing copyrights and trading agreements held by the very people that I was trying to make something for in the first place. However I figured that if I chose to create a work of fan art, and give it away, I wouldn’t have infringed anything. I duly prepared 50 Loko LBE’s to give away at the Spring Fling.
The Parcels and the remaining sheets of the stamps are items that I intend to trade with for stamps and other items still missing from my DW collection. I’ll gladly send you a list of my current wants if you PM me.
I would hope if any of you have already enjoyed one of my parcels, or the Igor Parcel Post stamp, that you will post on this thread, but please don’t give too many details of the parcel so as not to give the game away.
The final assembly of the parcels and the hand painting of the stamp sheets were done in a state of heightened agony, as I had managed to fall downstairs a week before the spring fling and injure my ribcage. Ouch!
So it was with some trepidation that I approached the Emporium on the Thursday afternoon before the Spring Fling. Was I going to get lynched? Banned? Beaten with hedgehogs? I was acutely aware that I was trying to do something that hadn’t been done before, and that it might not go down very well... I had also prepared a travelling Igor lab in a suitcase, in the hope that it’s marvels might just give me enough time to get out of the building if it all went horribly wrong!
In the event, Ian and Bernard enjoyed their parcels, and some very kind words were spoken. In due course Terry received his parcel and sheets of Igor Parcel post stamps (1 perforated, 1 imperforate), and I understand that he also enjoyed them. Job Done!
As no Assassins have been sent after me, I think it’s just possible that I’ve got away with it!
I have my Parcels, and sheets of the stamps to trade, and I'll be happy to swap them for items from my wants list. But the only way you will ever be able to buy either of them for money is to bid at one of the charity auctions I donate them to. The ones I put up for the charity auctions are Sport Parcels. Wadfest, Hogswatch, and perhaps even at next year’s DW Convention will be the only places you will ever be able to obtain a sport parcel!
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Re: The Loko Project

Postby Muba » Wed Jul 03, 2013 10:08 pm

I have to say that Charles must have devoted a couple of months or more out of his life to prepare these parcels. You will spend half an evening opening all the components (carefully of course) and marvelling at the authenticity of it all. How long he spent packaging them is anybody's guess. These are A REAL piece of Discworld. Then you start to put it all together, with the letters and contents, and you see that this is an episode in a DW story itself.
The stamps themselves have several unique features, with clever post production additions which provide additional sports if you work out how to detect them. Everything in the package fits in with the back story to create an overall completeness. No detail has been overlooked. This will be placed next to my UU Cut-out book model. Its like the Skunk stamp, but squared!!!

I have no idea how many have been prepared but if you are interested in or collect DW artefacts you cannot do better than one of these. Well worth bidding for sight unseen at the auctions, or digging out your treasured rare stamps swaps for. True it's fan art, but it sits so comfortably within the DW canon you won't see the joins
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Re: The Loko Project

Postby steeljam » Thu Jul 04, 2013 01:03 am

Having seen and photographed the Igor Suitcase I certainly know the Charles is capable of extremely good quality constructions.

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Re: The Loko Project

Postby Murgatroyd » Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:04 pm

The stamps are still available, for the price of a SAE!
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