Well, that was frustrating

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Well, that was frustrating

Postby SteveBirm » Wed Jul 09, 2014 06:18 pm

It's been some time since I've been active collecting the stamps, but I have been getting the emails from the shop.

I figured I'd pickup a few of the new LBEs.

I have no idea how anyone buys them. :? It's impossible to enter the info required by checkout in under a minute. I only got one screen in and it basically booted me. So much for having stuff in the cart.

Then I try to log in to the forum and it wants an email. But when I enter mine it says it's not on record.......Funny, I've been getting emails........
Then the site goes down entirely for an hour plus.

Try to re register, it says my email is already in use..........But it wasn't on record before?!
But now I can login if only I can recall my username......

Finally got it done, but what a long frustrating adventure that was.

Anyway, I'm back, maybe.

Steve B
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Re: Well, that was frustrating

Postby ohdear » Wed Jul 09, 2014 07:18 pm

Snap.... Thought I would reignite my love affair with Discworld Stamps

Rushed home to get a couple of 10th anniversary LBE's.. Twas not to be.

Bought a couple of other bits as a consolation

Had to re-register to get on here.. frustrations all round

anyway .. nevermind as I use to say
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