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Re: Hogswatch LBE . . .

Postby Grace Speaker » Wed Dec 02, 2015 10:54 am

dried_frog wrote:Hello everyone,

I'm sorry I brought this little debate. It was not my intention. I agree with you on many, many points.

Thank you, Grace, for your reply in french, very nice !

I am a newbie compared to you, I know the Discworld Emporium only since 2012, and although the website and the forum is in English, I was immediately hooked.

I discovered the Discworld Emporium team, which is absolutely wonderful, and that helped me many times about problems.

I often look at the forum, to read your posts (and try to improve a bit my English language). And I learn a lot from you. And it long continue!

I will continue anyway to collect the Discworld Emporium wonderful products. Because it's very funny.

Thank you to all those who took a little time to explain their views. I understand better today the reasons for these limited editions.

I wish you all a good day!
No need to apologise - there's nothing wrong with a bit of debate! :wink: Plus, it keeps us busy while we wait for our Hogswatch LBEs to arrive!

I only started collecting about the same time as you and have found the members of this Forum to be very kind, generous people who will go out of their way to answer questions, give valuable advice and also help you to fill in any gaps in your stamp collection - if you haven't spotted it already, there is a trading thread - http://www.discworldemporium.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14965 - where you can swap/trade/buy stamps with other Forum members, without having to resort to the dreaded eB*y! Never be afraid to ask a question or for advice - the people on this Forum are an incredibly knowledgeable bunch, on a vast range of subjects and across a number of languages.

Also, Steeljam also keeps the most wonderful DW stamp archive website: http://www.discworldstampcatalogue.co.uk/index.php
I know I am not alone in finding this an invaluable reference for all the stamps, sports, FDC, franks, LBEs that the Emporium have issued over the years! You can go through the stamp issues year by year and work out which ones you're missing, make a list and post it on the trading thread above . . . something I've been meaning to do myself for ages! :roll:
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Re: Hogswatch LBE . . .

Postby Muba » Wed Dec 02, 2015 01:41 pm

steeljam wrote:Collection is not just about getting The Stamp; it is also about observation. When you open an LBE, don't just flick through the stamps looking for the pair which will show you there is a sport, but look at each stamp caregully.
The Emporium create thousands of stamps and the Emporium lads and lassies are only human and errors occur. Muba has a very good eye and recently spotted the $1 TOA had migrated from brown to red-brown. I missed it until he pointed it out. A quick search in my GCTS pile located 2 of the colour variations. The difference eas down to a reprint of this stamp. Colour matching is a tricky job.
Other variations have included stamps being printed on the gummed side and pieces of chad getting on the plate leaving white holes in odd places and even a sport that the designers had forgotten they had created.
But you have to observe each stsmp to find these special variations.
Good hunting.

Exactly. There are all sorts of varieties to look out for. Shade variations often occur especially when there is a reprint. Sometimes poor colour registration happens and is not picked up by QA in the shop. These look fuzzier than normal. Changes of paper are not only reflected in the look of the stamp (the same colour may look different on a whiter or mor cream paper) and have a totally different adhesive. So I always check the back and front of each stamp (and again before sending them in for GCTS). I wonder if anyone buys additional sheets when there is a detectable variation resulting from a reprint. Looking at the reverse also makes perforation errors more obvious; missed or double perforations occur, but less so more recently which is a shame. There is always more you can do to enhance your collection.

I also see that the thread is digressing. Does the last posts need to be moved to a new thread by a mod?
You are welcome at The Discworld Stamp Collector on FaceBook and The Discworld Stamp Collector web site which has in-depth reviews of some issues and collectable items.
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Re: Limited Edition Discussions

Postby Darren » Wed Dec 02, 2015 01:57 pm

Muba wrote:I also see that the thread is digressing. Does the last posts need to be moved to a new thread by a mod?

I was just thinking something similar, although the original thread itself has largely served its purpose now anyway. But as this discussion may well continue in its own right, I've split it off to this thread. It's a bit of an arbitrary split, so if there are posts now in the wrong thread just let me know.
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Re: Limited Edition Discussions

Postby phalarope » Wed Dec 02, 2015 03:01 pm

No need to apologize, dried_frog! This is the first Hogswatch LBE issues without a Wincanton event with in-person sales, so the demand for internet purchases obviously was much higher than usual.

As a collector from Forn Parts, I missed a fair number of LBEs when I started collecting (2006), because the announcement system wasn't as sophisticated as today; neither was the Shop website. I can remember asking for a Personal Shopper for limited LBEs issued for Wincanton events and fan gatherings (and I was a Personal shopper for 2 collectors at the first NADWCon in 2009 - Isobel thought I was mad - the number of LBEs I bought that day :lol: ). I was a very early adopter of the Season Ticket scheme, and it has saved my hide more than a few times (this last one in particular - I forgot to set my alarm for o'Dark Thirty and overslept). I realize not everyone has the cash up front to purchase a subscription, but if you can, the Season Ticket is the way to go. The Shop has also improved the scheme, where you can pay for postage in advance, so they will mail them out as issued, rather than waiting for you to order something else to bung them in with.

I also love the thrill of limited editions (I buy a few extras when I can remember to get up on time).

I (try to) keep my feet firmly on the ground and realize there are some things I'm just not going to possess simply through LBE purchases. No Summoning Dark sport for the lilac Commander Vimes stamp for me, alas. :( I don't own a single sport triangle. There are TOA sports that I've only encountered in the Catalogue - never even seen a list of who owns them (unlike the Triangles). The most recent gap I've filled has been through eBay, with a bid that I felt was reasonable considering the number of LBEs I would contemplate buying to get a chance for the stamp in question. For several years I had a post on the Forum pleading for a Clean-Ear Patrician. It took a while, but two lovely generous Forum members independently filled that pesky gap for me (a single and a mini-sheet! :shock: ). I have acquired some stamps by trading, and have gotten to know some Forum members better in consequence. I highly recommend the trading thread when you've missed something. Post what you need. You may be pleasantly surprised at the response. :D
Cheers -
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