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Assassins Guild Three Pence Silver

Postby Librarians Apprentice » Thu Apr 20, 2017 05:06 am


I already wrote about this in the Trading thread, but since I haven't gotten any responses, I hope the Mods won't mind if I try a more direct approach.

I was sure I had purchased the Assassins' Guild 3p Silver sheet. I remember seeing it on the "Endangered" page, and feeling smug that I already have one and don't need to hustle to get it. A recent check of my Guilds stamps album showed me I was wrong*.

All was not lost, however, since I had saved all 4 corners garnered from LBEs, so I could at least display those. But my collector's soul won't let me rest without at least TRYING to make it a complete set.

So I'm asking, if anyone has any side-selvedges** that they'd like to trade or sell me (I realize a spare sheet might be too much to hope for), I would very much like you to get in touch.

* I have THE WORST luck when it comes to Assassins 3p sheets! I JUST missed out buying the 2008 sheet, and now THIS!
** Left, right, up & down - all needed
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