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Trading thread clean up

Postby Kelshandra » Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:03 am

Hey ho all, time we give the stamp trading thread a little clean up. I want to give everyone as much of a chance as possible so I'll post here as well as on the trading thread. There are a lot of posts there going back to 2014 or so that might be a tad out of date!

All you need to do is either update your post (hit that edit button, change a single character if you like and submit- the forum will make a note of the new date/time) if your post is older than June of 2017. Or you can edit it it to 'please delete' and I'll do that (and you can repost if you wish to move to the end of the line). If you want multiple posts to keep things more organised, like if you're Frank the Younger with many many stamps then no worries, just do the same for all and you can have as many posts as you want*

Any posts that have not been updated by... end of the month too soon or do people want more time? Anyway, I'll probably PM the owner the details if it is long and save them needing to repost but delete the trading post or delete it outright**

If you have problems or objections or suggestions feel free to raise them here, I'm being a bit arbitary with these rules just cos I figured it's a job that needs doing.

*within reason. Don't make me cross the arms
** If it's 3+ years old without being touched I'm likely to go this way
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