I made another book- LBE history (Year 1-4) anyone?

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I made another book- LBE history (Year 1-4) anyone?

Postby Kelshandra » Sat Jan 20, 2018 03:23 am

This week I've been fairly immobilized (sore leg and it's 43C outside so I don't want to go out anyway!) so I've had time to finish off another little project I had going. This one WAS going to be 'the first ten years of LBE'. Then I realised just how much information and LBE there were. So it became the first 5 years. Then I had to prune it further for practical reasons and it became the first 4 years.
Download link if you want a copy and as usual, feel free to point out any errors, extra info, missing bits or pictures/scans that you feel must go in (I'm NOT aiming to put every insert image in 'cos it is long enough already but I would like one 'representative' image of each if possible).

I will be going up to Year 10 of these (including the specials) as after that point I put the LBE for that year into the Stamp Yearbooks I make. And because it's my book and I can make what I want :P Just don't ask me when Volume 2 of this will appear.
Currently semi-irregularly working on the 2010 and 2020 Yearbooks- 2019 is ready to go!
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