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Kel's Stamp Yearbook 2018

Postby Kelshandra » Sun Nov 24, 2019 07:12 pm

I have finished the exam marking of doom and now I have a little more time to play with stamps. So... Yearbook time! As I typically do, I make books that are designed to hold my stamps and give the stamp details as well as whatever history or Discworld links I feel the urge to do minimal research on.

The link (word doc) is hereif you would like to have a look and if you would like to make yourself a copy feel free. There are instructions on my old blog or it is set up to be a 4 page signature book (lots of youtube tutorials out there). You can also post here if you want help, want to tell me there is an error or ten or if you have any notable events from 2017 that I should put in the book (or 2018- I'm just getting it started now although it isn't done yet for obvious reasons!)
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