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Postby phalarope » Sun Aug 09, 2020 11:49 pm

After the annoyance of Tropical Storm Isaias, this past week has been clement for the time of year. So Laura and I went kayaking yesterday, with the goal of cutting away a bunch of deadfall blocking the upper end of Mill Creek. It turned out that someone had dealt semi-successfully with the blockage I had in mind (now passable at spring high tide), so we kept on going until we encountered a freshly fallen tree trunk bridging the entire creek. (courtesy of Tropical Storm Isaias, grrrr) We went at it with a small bowsaw and a saws-all, which aren't really the right tools to deal with an 8" tree, but we were there with tools. The saws-all batteries didn't make it long enough to finish the job, so we gave up, came back to my place and had crabs as a consolation. This morning was again lovely, tide still right, so I went back up the creek by myself. Further efforts with the saws-all, finishing with a bowsaw (in case the collapsing tree drug the saw into the water with it) resulted in successful severing. Unfortunately, even though the one end dropped down, the base of the trunk is still holding, so there's still not enough clearance for passage, but maybe the next deluge will rip the broken base away from the root. Just feeling very chuffed with myself for using a power tool, not damaging myself or my kayak (or the tool) in the process, and not giving up. :wink: (Need kayaking buddy with chainsaw skills!)
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