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Re: Aaaaarrrgggghhh - Room 101

Postby I.B.Igor » Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:14 pm

Where Oh where is the big pointy stick with the nails in it! GRRRRRRRRR. :evil:
So far I have spent over Six quid in bus fares, god knows how long on the phone, taken two buses to get to some far flung pharmacy to be given blank stares over a blood test ( supposedly booked in ) to come home, freezing cold, to rummage through dustbins to find the paperwork I needed (to scream at some numpty incompetent ) to ring the flaming number , to find out I got sent to the WRONG BLOODY PHARMACY.
And I turned down work this morning so I could go on this utter whild goose chase for nothing! ( peeing off my bosss royally) Today has cost me over thirty quid, and put my blood pressure near boiling point.

Somone send me a whipping boy and a spaniel to kick!

Why did I do all this? alledgedly for the good of my health, Diabeties Prevention Programme, if you get put on the sceme, be very very careful of the call staff in the Booking centre, they have no flaming idea of what bit of the country you are in, and ONLY deal with Lloyds Pharmacies, which are now as rare as hens teeth. Be warned!
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Re: Aaaaarrrgggghhh - Room 101

Postby Pat » Tue Nov 28, 2017 02:10 pm

People came today to replace our soffits (no, I didn't either. but squirrels were getting in because we didn't have any). They came yesterday and put up scaffolding - at the front of the house only, to our surprise. It also surprised the guys who came today but who thought they could manage without scaffolding at the back - there's enough moss on the lawn to make it soft...

Anyway, we now have some lovely new gutters. There was nothing wrong with the old gutters. And we still don't have any soffits.

They're coming back tomorrow.
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Re: Aaaaarrrgggghhh - Room 101

Postby Sandra » Tue Nov 28, 2017 04:54 pm

We got them done in our previous house - about a month BEFORE the law on asbestos changed*. Looks like your house doesn't have that surprise for you.

* the new law would have resulted in the workmen downing tools and calling the asbestos expert removers in... As it was white asbestos, in good condition and would be well boxed in my the new soffits we left it in place (along with the other asbestos in places that made use of it's useful fire prevention properties)
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Re: Aaaaarrrgggghhh - Room 101

Postby kegejo » Fri Dec 08, 2017 03:29 am

I hate doing this because of my dyspraxia,which leaves me more than a bit stressed when I have to count parts for the 'nth time due to the computer not agreeing.
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