Attention Sky subscribers: packages have changed

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Attention Sky subscribers: packages have changed

Postby Grunthos » Fri Sep 02, 2005 08:51 am

Sky have split their standard Family subscription package into six packs. You can have any two for £15, any four for £18 or all six for £21.

Sky have not notified existing subscribers of the change, I only know because there was a piece in the Guardian about it a few weeks ago saying the changes would come into effect on September 1st, so I checked Sky's website yesterday. The full contents of all the packs are listed here:


It's an interactive page which enables you to pick and mix packs (including the additional premium channel packs) and it will work out your total monthly subscription for each combination.

Existing subscribers are assumed to want all six packs and are now paying £21, but it's worth checking if you really want them all. The six packs are:

Variety: all the entertainment channels

Knowledge: all the documentary channels

Music: all the music channels

Kids: all the kids channels

Style and Culture: all the style channels plus Artsworld (previously separate subscription)

News and Events: all the news channels

[Note the free BBC and ITV channels are not included in any of these packs as you get them automatically for nowt].

The premium channels, Sky Movies and Sky Sports, are charged differently according to how many of the above packs you pick. For instance Sky Movies cost an extra £19 if you only have two of the above packs, £17 if you have four and £15 if you have all six.

Sky+ is still an extra £10 a month if you don't subscribe to any premium channels.
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