Similarities between Nutt and Frankenstein's monster

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Similarities between Nutt and Frankenstein's monster

Postby Casanowhere » Thu Oct 01, 2015 11:19 pm

Has anybody noticed that there are quite a few similarities between Nutt and Frankenstein's monster, as depicted in Mary Shelley's novel?

These are:
- Both are abhorrantly physically unattractive.
- Both are tremendously intelligent, strong, fast and agile.
- Both are shunned by practically everyone.
- Both are unique of their kind (or almost).
- Nutt is recently spiritually reborn, the monster is literally recently reborn. This makes them new to the world, and thus, somewhat naive and childlike.
- Nutt stems from creatures created by humans, Frankenstein's monster was directly created by a human.

And the blatant differences:
- Nutt is slight of frame, the monster is enormous.
- Nutt is exceptionally kind, while the monster commits numerous heinous acts.

Oh, I almost forgot a similarity: Both are written by awesome authors. ;)

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