What's for Dinner (Lunch, Elevenses, Second Breakfast, etc.)

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Re: What's for Dinner (Lunch, Elevenses, Second Breakfast, etc.)

Postby Nonny Mouse » Mon Jul 30, 2018 10:11 pm

The rest of my family doesn't cook much, which leaves them in a bit of condundrum when I go on long trips. This weekend, we sat down and did some meal planning around things they are able to make - frozen lasagna, spaghetti, ham steak, leftovers, scrambled eggs, salad, eating at the grandparents', etc.

This year they really got into it because they play this game called "Don't Starve' which is a survival game. We called it "Don't Starve' week and related all the food to food items in the game. They actually had fun with it and did a much better job meal planning than they ever have. :lol:

I think this time I won't get texts from my daughter complaining about take-out every night :roll:
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