Council of Elrond

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Council of Elrond

Postby Sandra » Tue Nov 06, 2018 08:07 pm

A popular piece of music on Classic FM is 'the council of Elrond' from LOTR, Adrian has started something:

Dear Council of Elrond

Despite my earlier letter asking for an investigation of my missing sheep, which was not investigated, you have now issued me with a removal order for three trolls 'statues'.

I did not know my sheep were being stolen by trolls. I did not erect statues. They are not 'statues' but deceased. I did not kill them. I do not know how to kill them. AND they are not on my land.

Any half way competent investigation would have shown that there is evidence of Dwarves around the deceased trolls, they also appear to have been the cause of my recent noise complaint and appear to have raided the troll hoard, preventing this gold being used to compensate those of us who have lost livestock.

And my bins have still not been collected. The roads have not been repaired and there is a funny looking old man talking to hedgehogs sleeping in my hedge!
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