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Postby chrisboote » Sun Mar 01, 2020 10:28 am

It's bad enough having to take hours to remove the ghastly bloatware from Win10 (xbox gamebar? Can't be uninstalled without a deep techie knowledge. Why? I've never owned an xbox, nor xbox account, and never will, but Win10 assumes I have one. Similar rants for another 22 apps* omitted)

But when an individual website is the same ...

I use Firefox as my browser, but I've done investigation and it's the same for all others

When I'm running firefox, I typically have 5-8 windows open and 5-10 tabs per window
Task manager shows this consumes a largeish, but not excessive, 800MB of my PC's memory
If I open ONE extra tab and open faceborg ... memory usage rises by almost 1GB! Open a second fb tab and it's up to over 2GB being used
And worse, if I leave the laptop on, with no activity overnight, by morning it is up to an astonishing ~4GB, due to the shitty memory-leaking code they use

I know I'm old, but when I started in software development, testing for memory leaks was #1 thing to do after you got it working, because it was considered impolite to crash a user's PC ... err mainframe, actually

* And 'apps''? When did programs start to be called 'apps'?
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Re: Bloatware

Postby Catch-up » Sun Mar 01, 2020 01:40 pm

Suffering from the same problem on my PC. I'll get notices that memory is low, and it's Chrome eating up enormous chunks of it. Just closing it doesn't fix it either. I have to reboot or go into task manager to shut things down. I now need to upgrade my PC to increase the memory.
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Re: Bloatware

Postby Pat » Sun Mar 01, 2020 02:36 pm

chrisboote wrote:* And 'apps''? When did programs start to be called 'apps'?

Here's a translation table for you grandad!

Used to be :=> Is now
Application :=> App
Operating System :=> App
Database :=> App
Spreadsheet :=> App
Word Processor :=> App
Game :=> App
Antimalware :=> App
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