I'm still around

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I'm still around

Postby sailor return » Fri May 22, 2020 09:46 pm

Thought I'd drop by to check you are behaving yourselves. The old and bold among you( Hello, Phalarope, Squiggly et al) may remember me from days passed (past?) Good on yer,Kelshandra, I ran the envelope exchange scheme for a year or two, back in the dim and distant. Had some really original and inventive returns ,too.
Me now? Still plodding on, trying hard to forget this lockdown caper, and ignoring it as far as possible. The Memsahib is totally P'd off with it (no visits to antique fairs/shops) - as am I. She is 80 in Oct, me 79 in Nov. We would like to get on with the rest of whats left of our lives as we see fit.
Sorry, rant over.
Growing old is compulsory: Growing up is optional !!l
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Re: I'm still around

Postby steeljam » Fri May 22, 2020 10:24 pm

Good to hear from you. The forum is a lot quieter these days.
Not a great deal has happened. As a moderator I get excited when I have to cull spammers.
One the other hand the Emporium is still creating wonderful stamps.
How have you been affected by the lockdown?
I have an eight-week-old grandchild I have only seen through a window. Missing holding her. Same with our other two grandchildren.
The way this government is handling the situation I may hug her on her graduation.
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Re: I'm still around

Postby Squigglyx » Fri May 22, 2020 11:03 pm

Hi Sailor (Keith). Long time no see. how are you doing?

For me the 2 worst things about lockdown are
1. The love of my life lives 35 miles away, so it's been 8 weeks of meetings on skype. Really looking forward till the time we can be together again.
2. I've been working from home, so even contact with work colleagues has all been online
The only contact I have with real people is when I go shopping.

Good to see you back :D
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Re: I'm still around

Postby phalarope » Sun May 24, 2020 10:38 pm

Howdy Sailor!

So good to see you here. :D :D The Forum has gotten pretty quiet - missing many of the classic members. :(

Social distancing here on Maryland's Eastern Shore isn't too terrible, mainly because I can get out in nature and walk or kayak, and have a couple of good friends who paddle with me while keeping appropriate distance. Easy in 12-foot boats. :thumbl: :wink:

What's extremely frustrating is being prevented from doing fieldwork or laboratory work, nearly all of which (for me) was solitary (or easy to make solitary) anyway. I have run out of pathology cases to examine, so even having my own microscope at home isn't useful.

Discworld, as might be expected, is helping keep me sane - particularly the Flately aspect.
Cheers -
Carol (phalarope)
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