The Good Old Days!

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The Good Old Days!

Postby hansolobiker » Thu Apr 01, 2021 04:43 pm

Having just endured the last year, it seems a good time to look back on happier times. When I joined up to be a DiscWorld Fan back in 2005, I thought it was a bit of a lark but soon became much more involved in all things. The Northern Institute for one. Discworld brought forth a Muse and I started to compose a number of verses-ill favoured things but all my own! I shall therefore inflict theses on you over the coming weeks hoping they might trigger the memories of better and happier times. My first attempt was following my visit to Wadfest in August 2005. I seem to remember that Waddy liked this.


They came from near,they came from far
By train and bus,by bike and car
Some stayed three days,some only one
But united were they all in fun
From north and south ,from east and west
On pilgrimage to Wadfest

From setting up their homes from home
Around the camp they now did roam
To seek out friends,to meet with glee
To decide on which festivity
To start upon the murder quest
Lots to do at Wadfest

Costume choice might be a hassle
Remember 'Don't go near the castle'
For Vampyres bold are here tonight
And Witches sally forth in flight
Those corsets! will they stand the test?
And uplift all at Wadfest

Tiny people came as well
To laugh and shout and scream and yell
And run back to their parents side
From scary Dwarfs and Trolls to hide
Then finally to take their rest
All snuggled up at Wadfest

Bernard the Stout brought LBE's
And Mr Wakefield fine jewelry
Pictures and trinkets bright and funny
To part you from your hard earned money
And Terry came,our favourite guest
To charm us all at Wadfest

Cara and AJ and their mums
Some say that they felt young mens' bums
The Nac Mac Feegle..in various sizes
And the Luggage painted with devices
Of different hues that raced with zest
Across the grass at Wadfest

Of all who dressed as Witch or Vamp
As Wizard or Watch who roamed the camp
The one who made all the girls go ooooh!
Was Vimesey painted all in blue
There was no doubt he was the best
Maskerade at Wadfest

So thanks to Waddy and Unohoo
TP and Bernard and the rest of the crew
To all in costume who graced the event
And came for fun was their intent
We all made friends and were impressed
By the 2005 Wadfest

But do I hear that Waddy now strives
With next years event to brighten our lives
To arrive in lightning and in thunder
Twill be the theme of a land down under
For every one no age or sex
Will keep them from Wadfest XXXX
'If they give you ruled paper ,write the other way!'
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Re: The Good Old Days!

Postby SANEAlex » Sat Apr 03, 2021 06:26 pm

There was a lot less grey in my beard then it was also cut short for the summer weather

And IIRC that was the Wadfest where pTerry participated in the live action Thud game at least i think it was at that event as seen in the picture below found on my harddrive though I someone else took the pic who my memory fails to give credit to.
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Someone has to tilt at windmills.
So that we know what to do when the real giants come!!!!
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Re: The Good Old Days! 2

Postby hansolobiker » Sun Apr 04, 2021 06:02 pm

2005 was the year when I got really involved in DW fandom. I became de facto social secretary and organiser of the Northern Institute meet ups in Skipton which began in July of that year. Thsi prompted more participation and subsequently attendance at Hogswatch that year. Whilst there, I noticed two young ladies prancing about in skimpy fairy costumes( AJ and Kirstie know who that was) which begat the following tri-Limerick. Please be aware that if you suffer from a nervous disposition you should not read this and also that it is about stamps( The most famous of all stamps being the legendary Blue Triangle sport.)


In Wincanton one chilly December
A large chested, young, female,lodge member
Whilst singing rude ditties
Got out both her titties
And gave us a night to remember

One fellow who really did miss her
Chased her and tried hard to kiss her
But she stopped his advances
And ruined his chances
Outside the Cunning Artificer

Her skills with karate did mangle
Those delicate organs which dangle
As he cried out in pain
He was heard to proclaim
I just wanted to see your triangle
'If they give you ruled paper ,write the other way!'
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