Discworld Stamps to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

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Re: Discworld Stamps to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby steeljam » Tue Jun 30, 2020 08:40 am

shs0000a Ankh-Morpork Post Office Prequel stamp (Imp)
shs0001a Post Office Half Penny Red (Win)
shs0001b Post Office Half Penny Red (Mach)
shs0002a Eminence Gris (Bath)
shs0002a Eminence Gris (Win)
shs0003a Penny Patrician (Bath)
shs0003b Penny Patrician (Mac)
shs0003c Unperforated Penny Patrician (Imp)
shs0004a Ankh Two Pence Plum (Win)
shs0004b Ankh Two Pence Plum (Mach)
shs0005a Morporkia Five Pence Blue (Win)
shs0005b Morporkia Five Pence Blue (Mach)
shs0006a Morporkia Ten Pence Green (Win)
shs0006b Morporkia Ten Pence Green (Mach)
shs0006c Morporkia Ten Pence Green overprint Overprint (Win)
shs0007a $1 Tower of Art Common (Win)
shs0007b $1 Tower of Art falling man Sport (Bath)
shs0007c $1 Tower of Art Splash Sport (Win)
shs0007i $1 Tower of Art Open Door Sport (Win)
shs0008a $5 Brass Bridge (Bath)
shs0009a Cabbage Fields Fifty Pence (Mach)
shs0010a Penny Red (Win)
shs0012a Assassins' Guild Post Paid (Win)
shs0013a Hogswatch Three Penny (Win)
shs0014a Assassins' Guild Three Pence (Win)
shs0014c Assassins' Guild Three Pence Contract Renewal Overprint (Win)
shs0015a Merchant Farthing (Win)
shs0016a Merchant Penny Farthing (Win)
shs0016b Merchant Penny Farthing p Sport (Win)
shs0017a Merchant Three Pence (Win)
shs0017c Merchant Three Pence blur Variation (Win)
shs0018a Merchant Fifty Pence (Win)
shs0019a Red Nosed Patrician (Win)
shs0020a Penny Civic (Win)
shs0021a Twoshirts Farthing (Win)
shs0022a Twoshirts Halfpenny (Win)
shs0023a Twoshirts Tuppence (Win)
shs0024a $5 Merchants' Guild Special (Win)
shs0025a One Penny Duty Paid (Win)
shs0026a Leshp One Dollar (Mach)
shs0026b Leshp One Dollar Wedgewood Variation (Mach)
shs0027a Penny Civic Cabbage (Win)
shs0028a Seamstress' Guild Two Pence (Win)
shs0028e Seamstress' Guild Two Pence Diamond Variation (Win)
shs0029a Zlobenian One Zloty (Win)
shs0030a Penny Patrician Campaign (Win)
shs0030b Penny Patrician Campaign Inverted Sport (Win)
shs0031a Thieves' Guild Four Pence (Win)
shs0032a Thieves' Guild Six Pence (Win)
shs0033a Koom Valley Ten Pence (Dwarf) (Win)
shs0034a Koom Valley Ten Pence (Troll) (Win)
shs0035a Ankh-Morpork Ten Pence Red (Win)
shs0037a Post Office Half Penny Gold (Mach)
shs0037b Post Office Half Penny Gold Mirrored Sport (Mach)
shs0038a Penny Patrician Black (Mach)
shs0038b Penny Patrician Black Clean Ear Imperfection (Win)
shs0038d Penny Patrician Black Spot Sport (Win)
shs0039a Ankh Two Pence Blue (Mach)
shs0039b Ankh Two Pence Blue Berries Sport (Mach)
shs0040a Morporkia Five Pence Orange (Mach)
shs0041a Morporkia Ten Pence Purple (Mach)
shs0042a Cabbage Fields Fifty Pence (Mach)
shs0042b Cabbage Fields Fifty Pence Flagrant Sport (Win)
shs0043a Hogswatch Fifty Pence (Win)
shs0043b Hogswatch Fifty Pence Words Sport (Win)
shs0044a Vetinari Pain of Pain (Win)
shs0045a Thieves' Guild Four Pence Reprint (Win)
shs0046a Thieves' Guild Six Pence (Win)
shs0046b Thieves' Guild Six Pence Headless Sport (Win)
shs0046c Thieves' Guild Six Pence Fawn Variation (Win)
shs0048a Half Farthing Widow's Mite (Win)
shs0049a Sto Lat One Penny (Win)
shs0051a $1 Tower of Art (Win)
shs0051b $1 Tower of Art Jenny Sport (Win)
shs0052a Sto Helit Five Pence (Win)
shs0053a Lancre One Penny Verence II (Win)
shs0054a $1 Lancre Ogg (Imp)
shs0055a Six Pence Big Wahoonie (Win)
shs0055b Six Pence Big Wahoonie Smokeless Sport (Win)
shs0056a Bad Blintz One Bizot (Mach)
shs0056b Bad Blintz One Bizot Widdle Sport (Mach)
shs0057a Bad Blintz Two Bizot (Mach)
shs0057b Bad Blintz Two Bizot No Tail Sport (Mach)
shs0058a Bad Blintz Five Bizot (Mach)
shs0058b Bad Blintz Five Bizot Dots Sport (Mach)
shs0059a Bad Blintz Ten Bizot (Mach)
shs0059b Bad Blintz Ten Bizot Lampless Sport (Mach)
shs0059c Bad Blintz Ten Bizot shade Variation (Mach)
shs0060a Bad Blintz Twenty Bizot (Mach)
shs0060b Bad Blintz Twenty Bizot Clanger Sport (Mach)
shs0061a Bad Blintz Fifty Bizot (Mach)
shs0061b Bad Blintz Fifty Bizot Flat L Sport (Mach)
shs0062a Bad Blintz 100 Bizot (Mach)
shs0063b Bad Blintz Rat 1 raisin Green Variation (Rat)
shs0064b Bad Blintz Rat 5 potato Green Variation (Rat)
shs0065b Bad Blintz Rat 20 candle Green Variation (Rat)
shs0066a One Farthing Shades Surcharge Overprint (Win)
shs0067a $5 Purple Triangle (Win)
shs0071a Unseen University Farthing (Mach)
shs0071b Unseen University Farthing swap Sport (Mach)
shs0072a Unseen University Penny (Mach)
shs0072b Unseen University Penny Mirrored Sport (Mach)
shs0073a Unseen University Penny Farthing (Mach)
shs0073b Unseen University Penny Farthing Open Door Sport (Mach)
shs0076a Koom Valley Ten Pence Dwarf (Win)
shs0078a Penny Patrician Koom Valley (Win)
shs0080a Anoia One Penny (Win)
shs0081a Hogswatch Tuppence Ha'penny Ice Rose (Win)
shs0082a Hogswatch Five Penny Snowman (Win)
shs0083a Sto Helit Five Pence Green (Win)
shs0084a The Seamstress' Guild Two Pence Plum Variation (Win)
shs0084b The Seamstress' Guild Two Pence Plum Lovers Variation (Win)
shs0085a $1 Tower of Art (Win)
shs0085b $1 Tower of Art - The 'Darren' Variation (Win)
shs0085c $1 Tower of Art - The 'Jonty' Variation (Win)
shs0085d $1 Tower of Art - The 'Noggin' Variation (Win)
shs0086a Contract Assassins Three Pence (Win)
shs0087a Bonk One Bizlot Blue (Win)
shs0087b Bonk One Bizlot Blue Lean Variation (Win)
shs0087c Bonk One Bizlot Blue Crouch Variation (Win)
shs0087d Bonk One Bizlot Blue Appeal Variation (Win)
shs0087e Bonk One Bizlot Blue Jump Variation (Win)
shs0087f Bonk One Bizlot Blue Howl Variation (Win)
shs0087g Bonk One Bizlot Blue Cringe Variation (Win)
shs0087h Bonk One Bizlot Blue Final Variation (Win)
shs0088a Bonk 100 Bizlot Red Bat (Win)
shs0089a The 120 Bizlot Grape Bat (Win)
shs0090a Merchants' Guild Two Pence Greengrocers (Win)
shs0091a Post Office Half Penny Ochre (Win)
shs0091b Post Office Half Penny Ochre gummed Imperfection (Win)
shs0092a Penny Patrician Black (Win)
shs0092b Penny Patrician Black Alice Sport (Win)
shs0092c Penny Patrician Black Gummed Imperfection (Win)
shs0093a Ankh Two Pence Green (Win)
shs0093b Ankh Two Pence Green gummed Imperfection (Win)
shs0094a Morporkia Five Pence Plum (Win)
shs0094c Morporkia Five Pence Plum gummed Imperfection (Win)
shs0095a Morporkia Ten Pence Brown (Win)
shs0095c Morporkia Ten Pence Brown gummed Imperfection (Win)
shs0096a One Penny Winged God Commemorative (Win)
shs0098a Genua One Cent (Win)
shs0098b Genua One Cent Couped Sport (Win)
shs0098c Genua One Cent Offset Imperfection (Win)
shs0099a $1 Genua (Win)
shs0100a $5 Genua (Win)
shs0101a Thieves' Guild Five Pence (Win)
shs0101c Thieves' Guild Five Pence Coins Sport (Win)
shs0102a Thieves' Guild Seven Pence (Win)
shs0103a $2 Master of the Posts (Win)
shs0103c $2 Master of the Posts Red Variation (Win)
shs0104a The Discworld Jamboree Six Penny (Win)
shs0105a The Jamboree One Shilling Claps Variation (Win)
shs0105b The Jamboree One Shilling Horsey Variation (Win)
shs0105c The Jamboree One Shilling Insect Variation (Win)
shs0105e The Jamboree One Shilling Wheelbarrow Variation (Win)
shs0105f The Jamboree One Shilling Flip Variation (Win)
shs0105g The Jamboree One Shilling Trio Variation (Win)
shs0105i The Jamboree One Shilling Floorboards Variation (Win)
shs0106a $5 Tent triangle (Win)
shs0109a Lawyers' Guild One Penny (Win)
shs0110a $5 Lawyer's Guild (Win)
shs0111a $5 Lawyers' Guild re-print Variation (Win)
shs0112a Six Pence Duty Paid (Win)
shs0113a Twoshirts Two Pence Green (Win)
shs0114a Cabbage Field Twenty-Five Pence (Win)
shs0114b Cabbage Field Twenty-Five Pence Swap Sport (Win)
shs0115a The Big Cabbage Commemorative (Win)
shs0116a Sto Lat Two Pence (Win)
shs0117a Sto Lat Twenty-Five Pence (Win)
shs0118a Owlswick Jenkins Red Ha'penny White Variation (Win)
shs0119a Hogswatch Three Pence (Win)
shs0119b Hogswatch Three Pence Blood Sport (Win)
shs0120a Hogswatch Fifty Pence Shop (Win)
shs0122a Post Office Half Penny Violet (Win)
shs0123a Penny Patrician Black (Win)
shs0123c Penny Patrician Black Colours Variation (Win)
shs0123d Penny Patrician Black Blurred Variation (Win)
shs0123e Penny Patrician Black Swapped Variation (Win)
shs0123f Penny Patrician Black Pink Imperfection (Win)
shs0124a Ankh Two Pence Sepia (Win)
shs0125a Morporkia Five Pence Maroon (Win)
shs0126a Morporkia Ten Pence Grey (Win)
shs0127a $1 Tower of Art (Win)
shs0127b $1 Tower of Art Selvage Variation (Win)
shs0128a Green Tower of Art Fifty Pence (Win)
shs0129a Owlswick Jenkins Tower of Art forgery (Win)
shs0130a Klatch Ten Wol Phoenix (Win)
shs0130b Klatch Ten Wol Phoenix Squint Sport (Win)
shs0131a Klatch Fifty Wol Phoenix (Win)
shs0132a Guild of Heralds Three Pence (Win)
shs0135a The Lambert Cordwainer Commemorative (Win)
shs0136a Four Pence Postage Due (Win)
shs0136b Four Pence Postage Due D Sport (Win)
shs0137a Djelibeybi Five Ptascp (Win)
shs0138a Djelibeybi One Talent (Win)
shs0140a Tsort One Drachma (Win)
shs0140b Tsort One Drachma Dome Sport (Win)
shs0141a Sto Helit Penny Boar's Head (Win)
shs0141b Sto Helit Penny Boar's Head Slanted p Sport (Win)
shs0141c Sto Helit Penny Boar's Head Inverted Rivet Sport (Win)
shs0142a Sto Helit Four Penny (Win)
shs0142b Sto Helit Four Penny Hair Sport (Win)
shs0143a One Farthing Postage Due (Win)
shs0146a $1 Mended Drum (Win)
shs0147a $2 Dysk (Win)
shs0150a Overprint (Mach)
shs0150b Overprint Mirrored Sport (Mach)
shs0150c Overprint Selvage Overprint (Mach)
shs0151a Seamstress Four Penny Horizontal (Win)
shs0151b Seamstress Four Penny Horizontal Leaf Sport (Win)
shs0151c Seamstress Four Penny Golden Variation (Win)
shs0153a Assassins' Guild Shield Three Pence (Win)
shs0154a Watch House Seventy Five Pence (Win)
shs0155a Hogswatch Bath Towel (Win)
shs0156a Hogswatch Triptych (Win)
shs0158a 2.5% Virtual Added Tax (Win)
shs0159a Initial Patrician (Win)
shs0160a Penny Patrician Mail Coach (Win)
shs0161a Three Farthings Commemorative (Win)
shs0162a Post Office Half Penny Red (Win)
shs0163a Penny Patrician Black (Win)
shs0164a Ankh Two Pence Plum (Win)
shs0164b Ankh Two Pence Plum Hat Sport (Win)
shs0165a Seated Patrician Five Pence (Win)
shs0165b Seated Patrician Five Pence Medallion Sport (Win)
shs0166a Morporkia Ten Pence Blue (Win)
shs0166b Morporkia Ten Pence Blue Fork Sport (Win)
shs0167a $1 Bank Blue Triangle (Win)
shs0168a $1 Tower of Art (Win)
shs0168b $1 Tower of Art Falling Man 1 Sport (Win)
shs0168c $1 Tower of Art Falling Man 2 Sport (Win)
shs0168d $1 Tower of Art Falling Man 3 Sport (Win)
shs0168e $1 Tower of Art Falling Man 4 Sport (Win)
shs0168f $1 Tower of Art Splash Sport (Win)
shs0169a Fourecks Five Squid (Win)
shs0170a Brassica Fifty Pence (Win)
shs0170b Brassica Fifty Pence Trees Sport (Win)
shs0171a Sto Lat Two Pence (Win)
shs0171b Sto Lat Two Pence Gates Sport (Win)
shs0172a Sto Lat Five Pence (Win)
shs0172b Sto Lat Five Pence Tower Sport (Win)
shs0173a Sto Lat Twenty Five Pence Green (Win)
shs0175a Alchemists Penny Farthing Charity (Win)
shs0175b Alchemists Penny Farthing Charity Finger Sport (Win)
shs0175c Alchemists Penny Farthing Lead Variation (Win)
shs0176a Bad Blintz Three Bizot (Win)
shs0177a Bad Blintz Five Bizot Rathaus (Win)
shs0178a Twoshirts Two Pence (Win)
shs0179a Guild of Engravers Half Penny (Win)
shs0179b Guild of Engravers Half Penny Shadow Sport (Win)
shs0181a Seven Pence Happeny Duty Paid (Win)
shs0182a One Penny Patrician (Win)
shs0183b $5 Genua Window Sport (Win)
shs0184a $1 Explorer - Llamedos Jones (Win)
shs0185a $1 Explorer - Lady Alice Venturi (Win)
shs0186a $1 Explorer - Sir Roderick Purdeigh (Win)
shs0187c Smoking Gnu Blindfolded Variation (Win)
shs0187f Smoking Gnu Mandrill Variation (Win)
shs0187k Smoking Gnu Smoking Variation (Win)
shs0188a Football Fifty Pence - Ridcully (Win)
shs0188b Football Fifty Pence - Ridcully Tassel Sport (Win)
shs0189a AMPO Football Fifty Pence - Hoggett (Win)
shs0189b AMPO Football Fifty Pence - Hoggett Bow Sport (Win)
shs0190a Fifty Pence - The Referee (Win)
shs0190b Fifty Pence - Referee Ermine Sport (Win)
shs0192a Thieves' Guild Four Pence (Win)
shs0192b Thieves' Guild Four Pence RV Sport (Win)
shs0194a $1 Hogswatch (Win)
shs0195a Musicians' Guild Two Pence (Win)
shs0195b Musicians' Guild Two Pence Key Sport (Win)
shs0196a Surcharge Postage (Win)
shs0196b Surcharge Postage P Sport (Win)
shs0196c Surcharge Postage Dark Variation (Win)
shs0197a Seamstress 'Virgin' One Penny (Win)
shs0198a Post Office Half Penny Red (Win)
shs0199a Penny Patrician Black (Win)
shs0199c Penny Patrician Black M Imperfection (Win)
shs0199d Penny Patrician Black Reprint Variation (Win)
shs0199e Penny Patrician Black A Reprint Sport (Win)
shs0199f Penny Patrician Black M Reprint Variation (Win)
shs0200a Ankh Two Pence Blue (Win)
shs0200b Ankh Two Pence Blue Owl Sport (Win)
shs0201a Morporkia Five Pence Purple (Win)
shs0201b Morporkia Five Pence Purple Dots Sport (Win)
shs0202a Morporkia Ten Pence Burgundy (Win)
shs0202b Morporkia Ten Pence Burgundy Net Sport (Win)
shs0203a $1 Tower of Art (Win)
shs0203b $1 Tower of Art Falling Man 1 Sport (Win)
shs0203c $1 Tower of Art Falling Man 2 Sport (Win)
shs0205a Llamedos Ffyrling Ffarthing Variation (Win)
shs0205b Llamedos Ffyrling Ffarthing Raindrop Sport (Win)
shs0206a Brassica Fifty Pence (Win)
shs0206b Brassica Fifty Pence Tilt Sport (Win)
shs0207a Seven Pence Revenue Post Mortem (Win)
shs0208a $1 Genua Swamp (Win)
shs0208b $1 Genua Swamp Tentacle Sport (Win)
shs0209a Fools' Guild One Quarter Farthing (Win)
shs0209b Fools' Guild One Quarter Farthing Bell Sport (Win)
shs0210a Assassins' Guild Twenty Pence (Win)
shs0210b Assassins' Guild Twenty Pence P Sport (Win)
shs0210c Assassins' Guild Twenty Pence Blurred Imperfection (Win)
shs0211a $1 Clacks Post Paid Lancre Brown (Win)
shs0213a Penny Patrician Moves (Win)
shs0213b Penny Patrician Moves Open Mouth Sport (Win)
shs0213c Penny Patrician Moves Yawn Sport (Win)
shs0214a $1 Clacks Post Paid Pseudopolis Green (Win)
shs0216a $1 Hippo Commemorative (Win)
shs0216b $1 Hippo Commemorative Flag Sport (Win)
shs0216c $1 Hippo Commemorative Light Variation (Win)
shs0217a $1 Clacks Post Paid Pseudopolis Lilac (Win)
shs0220a Penny Patrician Sixth Anniversary (Win)
shs0221a $1 Clacks Post Paid Koom Valley (Win)
shs0221b $1 Clacks Post Paid Koom Valley Axe Sport (Win)
shs0222a Farthing Transformation 1 Variation (Win)
shs0222b Farthing Transformation 2 Variation (Win)
shs0222c Farthing Transformation 3 Variation (Win)
shs0222d Farthing Transformation 4 Variation (Win)
shs0222e Farthing Transformation 5 Variation (Win)
shs0222f Farthing Transformation 6 Variation (Win)
shs0223a Penny Transformation 1 Variation (Win)
shs0223b Penny Transformation 2 Variation (Win)
shs0223c Penny Transformation 3 Variation (Win)
shs0223d Penny Transformation 4 Variation (Win)
shs0223e Penny Transformation 5 Variation (Win)
shs0225a Unseen University Farthing Old Tom (Win)
shs0225b Unseen University Farthing Old Tom Crack Sport (Win)
shs0226a Unseen University Penny Hex (Win)
shs0226b Unseen University Penny Hex Bear Sport (Win)
shs0227a Unseen University Penny Farthing Organ (Win)
shs0227b Unseen University Penny Farthing Organ Librarian Sport (Win)
shs0228a Post Office Half Penny Special Issue (Mach)
shs0229a Uberwald Ten Bizot (Win)
shs0229b Uberwald Ten Bizot Trumpet Sport (Win)
shs0230a Post Office Half Penny 'Foxy' Variant (Win)
shs0231a $2 Merchants' Guild Civic (Win)
shs0232a $2 Merchants' Guild Morporkia (Win)
shs0232b $2 Merchants' Guild Morporkia Tooth Sport (Win)
shs0233a Ramtop Regional Post Summer (Win)
shs0233b Ramtop Regional Post Summer Blue Sport (Win)
shs0234a Ramtop Regional Post Winter (Win)
shs0234b Ramtop Regional Post Winter Orange Sport (Win)
shs0235a $5 Hubward Gate (Win)
shs0236a Hogswatch Boar (Win)
shs0237a $1 Tower of Art Festive (Win)
shs0237b $1 Tower of Art Great Freeze Variation (Win)
shs0238a Post Office Half Penny Red (Win)
shs0238b Post Office Half Penny Red motto Sport (Win)
shs0239a Penny Patrician Black (Win)
shs0239b Penny Patrician Black V Sport (Win)
shs0239c Festive Bearded Variation (Win)
shs0239d Festive Snowfall Variation (Win)
shs0239e Festive One Piggy Variation (Win)
shs0239f Festive Hoodie Variation (Win)
shs0239g Festive Bobble Hat Variation (Win)
shs0240a Ankh Two Pence Red (Win)
shs0240b Ankh Two Pence Red Postage Sport (Win)
shs0240c Ankh Two Pence Red Linsley Sport (Win)
shs0241a Morporkia Five Pence Green (Win)
shs0241b Morporkia Five Pence Green Mantle Sport (Win)
shs0242a Morporkia Ten Pence Brown (Win)
shs0242b Morporkia Ten Pence Brown Trident Sport (Win)
shs0243a $1 Tower of Art (Win)
shs0243c $1 Tower of Art Falling 2 Sport (Win)
shs0244a Seamstress Three Penny Corset (Win)
shs0244b Seamstress Three Penny Corset Stitch Sport (Win)
shs0245a Cabbage Field Fifty Pence (Win)
shs0245b Cabbage Field Fifty Pence Tower Sport (Win)
shs0246a One Elim Red (Win)
shs0246b One Elim Red Whirled Sport (Win)
shs0247a Beggars' Guild Hatched Variation (Win)
shs0247b Beggars' Guild Rectangle Variation (Win)
shs0247c Beggars' Guild Perforated Variation (Win)
shs0247d Beggars' Guild Cornered Variation (Win)
shs0247e Beggars' Guild Art Deco Variation (Win)
shs0248a Quirm Five Pence (Win)
shs0248b Quirm Five Pence smile Sport (Win)
shs0249a Lancre Kingdom Five Pence (Win)
shs0250a Howondaland 50 Wichit Bead (Win)
shs0250b Howondaland 50 Wichit Bead Sport (Win)
shs0251a Omnian One Obal (Win)
shs0251b Omnian One Obal Turtle Variation (Win)
shs0252a $1 Explorer - Guy de Yoyo (Win)
shs0252b $1 Explorer - Guy de Yoyo hippos Sport (Win)
shs0253a Thieves' Guild Five pence (Win)
shs0253b Thieves' Guild Five pence coin Sport (Win)
shs0254a $3 Great Inventors - Leonard of Quirm (Win)
shs0254b $3 Great Inventors - Leonard DA Quirm Sport (Win)
shs0255a $3 Great Inventors - B S Johnson (Win)
shs0255b $3 Great Inventors - B S Johnson sporting Sport (Win)
shs0257a Klatch Two Wol (Win)
shs0257b Klatch Two Wol Beak Sport (Win)
shs0259a $5 Great Inventors Double Header (Win)
shs0260a Seven Pence Wonderful Fanny (Win)
shs0260b Seven Pence Wonderful Fanny P Sport (Win)
shs0261a Three Pence Roberta E Biscuit (Win)
shs0261b Three Pence Roberta E Biscuit P Sport (Win)
shs0262a $1 Unseen Hogswatch (Win)
shs0262b $1 Unseen Hogswatch Freeze Sport (Win)
shs0262c $1 Unseen Hogswatch Snowball Imperfection (Win)
shs0263a Hogswatch Fifty Pence Hogfather (Win)
shs0264a Post Office Half Penny (Win)
shs0264b Post Office Half Penny Open Door Sport (Win)
shs0264c Post Office Half Penny Specimen Variation (Win)
shs0265a Penny Patrician Black (Win)
shs0265b Penny Patrician Black kippah Sport (Win)
shs0265c Penny Patrician Black Specimen Variation (Win)
shs0266a Ankh Two Pence (Win)
shs0266b Ankh Two Pence Ankh Sport (Win)
shs0266c Ankh Two Pence Specimen Variation (Win)
shs0267a Morporkia Five Pence Red (Win)
shs0267b Morporkia Five Pence Red Swirls Sport (Win)
shs0267c Morporkia Five Pence Red Specimen Variation (Win)
shs0268a Morporkia Ten Pence Blue (Win)
shs0268b Morporkia Ten Pence Blue AA Sport (Win)
shs0268c Morporkia Ten Pence Blue Specimen Variation (Win)
shs0269a $1 Tower of Art (Win)
shs0269b $1 Tower of Art Switch Sport (Win)
shs0269c $1 Tower of Art Falling Man 1 Sport (Win)
shs0269d $1 Tower of Art Falling Man 2 Sport (Win)
shs0269e $1 Tower of Art Specimen Overprint (Win)
shs0271a Gamblers' Guild Six Pence Snake-Eyes Variation (Win)
shs0271b Gamblers' Guild Six Pence One Four Variation (Win)
shs0271c Gamblers' Guild Six Pence Two Three Variation (Win)
shs0271d Gamblers' Guild Six Pence Three Four Variation (Win)
shs0271e Gamblers' Guild Six Pence Five Two Variation (Win)
shs0271f Gamblers' Guild Six Pence High-Roller Sport (Win)
shs0272a Cabbage Fields Fifty Pence (Win)
shs0273a Fools Four Pence Postage Due (Win)
shs0274a Ramtop Regional Post Spring (Win)
shs0274b Ramtop Regional Post Spring Burgundy Sport (Win)
shs0275a Ramtop Regional Post Autumn (Win)
shs0275b Ramtop Regional Post Autumn Green Sport (Win)
shs0276a Three Pence Mr Shine (Win)
shs0277a One Elim Blue (Win)
shs0277b One Elim Blue Whirled Sport (Win)
shs0279a Five Pence Second Inception (Win)
shs0280a Penny Patrician Lilac (Win)
shs0280b Penny Patrician Lilac 25 Sport (Win)
shs0281a Blind Io Five Pence (Win)
shs0281b Blind Io Five Pence Eyes Sport (Win)
shs0283a Seamstress Guild Tuppenny Upright (Win)
shs0283b Seamstress Guild Tuppenny Upright Heart Sport (Win)
shs0284a Aniger Three Pence Votive (Win)
shs0284b Aniger Three Pence Votive Cat Sport (Win)
shs0285a Unseen University Farthing (Win)
shs0285b Unseen University Farthing Wink Sport (Win)
shs0286a Unseen University Penny Farthing (Win)
shs0286b Unseen University Penny Farthing Shut Sport (Win)
shs0287a $5 Least Gate Triangle (Win)
shs0288a Agatean Empire Half-Rhinu (Win)
shs0288b Agatean Empire Half-Rhinu Red Sport (Win)
shs0289a Quisition One Obol (Win)
shs0290a Llamedos Ffyrling (Win)
shs0290b Llamedos Ffyrling Knot Sport (Win)
shs0291a Mister Tiddles Five Pence (Win)
shs0292a Dollar Civic (Win)
shs0292c Dollar Civic Dragon Sport (Win)
shs0292d Dollar Civic Women Sport (Win)
shs0292e Dollar Civic Clax Sport (Win)
shs0293a Hogswatch Castle of Bones (Win)
shs0293b Hogswatch Castle of Bones Hogfather Sport (Win)
shs0294a Portal Properties $1 Duty Paid (Win)
shs0295a Post Office Half Penny Green (Win)
shs0295b Post Office Half Penny Green Open Door Sport (Win)
shs0295f Post Office Half Penny Specimen Overprint (Win)
shs0295g Post Office Half Penny Specimen Door Sport (Win)
shs0295h Post Office Half Penny Specimen Inverted Overprint (Win)
shs0296a Penny Patrician (Win)
shs0296b Penny Patrician Mirror Sport (Win)
shs0296c Penny Patrician Specimen Overprint (Win)
shs0297a Ankh Two Pence (Win)
shs0297c Ankh Two Pence Specimen Overprint (Win)
shs0298a Morporkia Five Pence (Win)
shs0298b Morporkia Five Pence Shield Sport (Win)
shs0298c Morporkia Five Pence Specimen Overprint (Win)
shs0299a Morporkia Ten Pence (Win)
shs0299c Morpork Ten Pence Specimen Overprint (Win)
shs0299d Morporkia Ten Pence Twist Specimen Sport (Win)
shs0300a $1 Tower of Art (Win)
shs0300c $1 Tower of Art Time Wobble Sport (Win)
shs0300d $1 Tower of Art Shard Sport (Win)
shs0300e $1 Tower of Art Andrea Sport (Win)
shs0300f $1 Tower of Art Specimen Overprint (Win)
shs0300g $1 Tower of Art Falling Man Specimen Sport (Win)
shs0301a Frog Ascendant Three Pence (Win)
shs0302a Cabbage Fields Fifty Pence (Win)
shs0302b Cabbage Fields Fifty Pence Cabbage Head Sport (Win)
shs0302c Cabbage Fields Fifty Pence Specimen Overprint (Win)
shs0303a Fourecks Three Squid (Win)
shs0303b Fourecks Three Squid Rincewind Sport (Win)
shs0305a Müning Sloshi Festival 2 Bizot (Win)
shs0306a Müning Sloshi Festival 5 Bizot (Win)
shs0308a Bloodaxe and Hammer Four Pence (Win)
shs0308b Bloodaxe and Hammer Four Pence Rose Sport (Win)
shs0309a Golem Trust Five Pence (Win)
shs0309b Golem Trust Five Pence Red Eye Sport (Win)
shs0310a Glorious 25th Lilac Penny Patrician (Win)
shs0312a Guild of Historians Three Pence (Win)
shs0312b Guild of Historians Three Pence Glow Sport (Win)
shs0313a Sixpence Duty Paid (Win)
shs0314a Guild of Lawyers Fifty Pence (Win)
shs0314b Guild of Lawyers Fifty Pence Comma Sport (Win)
shs0315a $1 Guild of Lawyers (Win)
shs0315b $1 Guild of Lawyers Hanging Man Sport (Win)
shs0317a NoThingFjord Sea Mail Two Crognae (Win)
shs0317b NoThingFjord Sea Mail Two Crognae Sink Sport (Win)
shs0320a $5 River Gate Blue Triangle (Win)
shs0321a Iron Girder No 1 (Win)
shs0321b Iron Girder No 1 return Sport (Win)
shs0322a Hogswatch Festive Fifty Pence (Win)
shs0322b Hogswatch Festive Fifty Pence Wine Sport (Win)
shs0323a $1 Hogfather (Win)
shs0323b $1 Hogfather Hat Sport (Win)
shs0325a Post Office Half Penny Burgundy (Win)
shs0326a Penny Patrician (Win)
shs0327a Ankh Two Pence (Win)
shs0327b Ankh Two Pence Inverted Sport (Win)
shs0328a Morporkia Five Pence (Win)
shs0329a Morporkia Ten Pence (Win)
shs0329b Morporkia Ten Pence Job Sport (Win)
shs0330a $1 Tower of Art (Win)
shs0330b $1 Tower of Art Inverted Sport (Win)
shs0331a Cabbage Fields Fifty Pence (Win)
shs0331b Cabbage Fields Fifty Pence Tornado Sport (Win)
shs0332a Penny Sprout (Win)
shs0332b Penny Sprout Slug Sport (Win)
shs0333a Uberwald 60 bizot (Win)
shs0333b Uberwald 60 bizot beheaded Sport (Win)
shs0334a Uberwald 30 Bizot (Win)
shs0334b Uberwald 30 Bizot Rhys Sport (Win)
shs0336a Fools' Guild Ten Pence (Win)
shs0336b Fools' Guild Ten Pence Flag Sport (Win)
shs0338a Assassins' Guild Three Pence Silver (Win)
shs0339a Genua Two Cents Ella (Win)
shs0339b Genua Two Cents Ella reflection Sport (Win)
shs0340a Lancre Castle Three Pence (Win)
shs0340b Lancre Castle Three Pence ruin Sport (Win)
shs0341a One Penny Protective (Win)
shs0342a Thieves' Guild Three Pence (Win)
shs0342b Thieves' Guild Three Pence Coins Sport (Win)
shs0351a Vetinari Four Pence (Win)
shs0351b Vetinari Four Pence Plain Sport (Win)
shs0352a One Penny Moist Orange Variation (Win)
shs0352b One Penny Moist Forest Green Variation (Win)
shs0352c One Penny Moist Purple Variation (Win)
shs0352d One Penny Moist Mauve Variation (Win)
shs0352e One Penny Moist Olive Green Variation (Win)
shs0352f One Penny Moist Rust Variation (Win)
shs0352g One Penny Moist Turquoise Variation (Win)
shs0352h One Penny Moist Indigo Variation (Win)
shs0352i One Penny Moist Apple Green Variation (Win)
shs0352j One Penny Moist Slate Variation (Win)
shs0353a Great Artworks Man with Dog Six Pence (Win)
shs0354a Merchants' Guild Two Pence (Win)
shs0354b Merchants' Guild Two Pence Swapped Sport (Win)
shs0355a Post Office - A Difficult Appointment Variation (Win)
shs0355b Post Office - First Sto Lat Express Variation (Win)
shs0355c Post Office - Great Fire of AMPO Variation (Win)
shs0355d Post Office - Great Race to Genua Variation (Win)
shs0355e Post Office - Great Fire Mister Gryle Sport (Win)
shs0356a The Chalk One Farthing (Win)
shs0356b The Chalk One Farthing Bottle Sport (Win)
shs0358a Seamstress One Penny Upstanding (Win)
shs0358b Seamstress One Penny Upstanding Red Sport (Win)
shs0359a Fairytale of Ankh-Morpork Hogfather Variation (Win)
shs0359b Fairytale of Ankh-Morpork University Variation (Win)
shs0359c Fairytale of Ankh-Morpork Wassail Variation (Win)
shs0359d Fairytale of Ankh-Morpork Wizards Variation (Win)
shs0359e Fairytale of Ankh-Morpork Death of Rats Sport (Win)
shs0359f Fairytale of Ankh-Morpork Banana Daiquiri Sport (Win)
shs0360a Winter Cabbage Fields (Win)
shs0360b Winter Cabbage Fields Decapitated Sport (Win)
shs0362a Post Office Half Penny Blue (Win)
shs0362b Post Office Half Penny Blue Dome Sport (Win)
shs0363a Penny Patrician Sinister (Win)
shs0363b Penny Patrician Sinister moustache Sport (Win)
shs0364a Ankh Two Pence Green (Win)
shs0364b Ankh Two Pence Green Flip Sport (Win)
shs0365a Morporkia Five Pence Olives (Win)
shs0365b Morporkia Five Pence Olives Smiley Sport (Win)
shs0366a Morporkia Ten Pence Purple (Win)
shs0366b Morporkia Ten Pence Purple Churchill Sport (Win)
shs0367a $1 Tower of Art (Win)
shs0367c $1 Tower of Art reprint Variation (Win)
shs0368a Cabbage Fields Fifty Pence (Win)
shs0369a Sto Plains One Pence (Win)
shs0370a $1 Sir Samuel Vimes (Win)
shs0370c $1 Sir Samuel Vimes Blue (Win)
shs0370d $1 Sir Samuel Vimes Dark Blue Sport (Win)
shs0371a Penny Copper (Win)
shs0371b Penny Copper 177 Sport (Win)
shs0372a $5 Patrician Palace Triangle (Win)
shs0373a Doctor Whiteface 3p (Win)
shs0373b Doctor Whiteface 3p Schnozzle Sport (Win)
shs0374a Sgt John Keel 25 pence (Win)
shs0375a Treacle Mine Road Watch House 3p (Win)
shs0375b Treacle Mine Road Watch House Flip Sport (Win)
shs0375c Treacle Mine Road Watch House Brown Variation (Win)
shs0375d Treacle Mine Road Watch House Brown Flip Sport (Win)
shs0377a Borogravia Three Pence (Win)
shs0377b Borogravia Three Pence Bernard Sport (Win)
shs0377c Borogravia Three Pence Overprint Overprint (Win)
shs0378a Glory To Zlobenia Two Zloty (Win)
shs0378b Glory To Zlobenia Two Zloty Shoe Sport (Win)
shs0378c Glory To Bororavia 1 penny Overprint (Win)
shs0379a League of Temperance (Win)
shs0379b League of Temperance Not Vun Drop Sport (Win)
shs0380a Lancre Castle Six Pence (Win)
shs0380b Lancre Castle Six Pence Esme Sport (Win)
shs0382a Krull One Flot (Win)
shs0382b Krull One Flot No Stars Sport (Win)
shs0383a Clacks Delivery Three Pence (Win)
shs0384a Octavo One Farthing (Win)
shs0384b Octavo One Farthing Unlocked Sport (Win)
shs0385a High Energy One Penny (Win)
shs0385b High Energy One Penny Turned Sport (Win)
shs0386a Library Penny Farthing (Win)
shs0386b Library Penny Farthing Banana Sport (Win)
shs0387a Sixpence Duty Paid Blue (Win)
shs0388a Sunshine Sanctuary Sausages Variation (Win)
shs0388b Sunshine Sanctuary Sausages sport Sport (Win)
shs0388c Sunshine Sanctuary Hat Variation (Win)
shs0388d Sunshine Sanctuary Hat sport Sport (Win)
shs0388e Sunshine Sanctuary Stocking Variation (Win)
shs0388f Sunshine Sanctuary Stocking sport Sport (Win)
shs0389a Hogswatch Delivery One Penny (Win)
shs0390a Post Office Half Penny Burgundy (Win)
shs0390b Post Office Half Penny Burgundy chimney Sport (Win)
shs0390c Post Office Half Penny Burgundy Brick Sport (Win)
shs0391a Penny Patrician Panda (Win)
shs0391b Penny Patrician Panda Flip Sport (Win)
shs0392a Ankh Two Pence Blue (Win)
shs0392b Ankh Two Pence Blue Janus Sport (Win)
shs0393a Morporkia Five Pence Green (Win)
shs0393b Morporkia Five Pence Green Anoia Sport (Win)
shs0394a Morporkia Ten Pence Violet (Win)
shs0394b Morporkia Ten Pence Violet Bibulous Sport (Win)
shs0395a $1 Tower of Art (Win)
shs0395b $1 Tower of Art Phantom Sport (Win)
shs0396a Cabbage Fields Fifty Pence (Win)
shs0396b Cabbage Fields Fifty Pence Post Sport (Win)
shs0397a Assassins' Guild Three Pence (Win)
shs0397b Assassins' Guild Three Pence Wink Sport (Win)
shs0398a Llamedos Ffyrling (Win)
shs0398b Llamedos Ffyrling Lintel Sport (Win)
shs0399a La Sorbumme One Penny (Win)
shs0400a C&UG Cori Celesti (Win)
shs0400b C&UG Leshp (Win)
shs0400c C&UG Wyrmberg (Win)
shs0400d C&UG Fat Geyser (Win)
shs0400e C&UG Cori Celesti Stars Sport (Win)
shs0400f C&UG Leshp Sunk Sport (Win)
shs0400g C&UG Wyrmberg Dragon Sport (Win)
shs0400h C&UG Fat Geysers Sport (Win)
shs0401a Treacle Mine Road Lilac (Win)
shs0401b Treacle Mine Road Lilac Sport Sport (Win)
shs0402a Ohulan Cutash One Crown (Win)
shs0402b Ohulan Cutash One Crown Closed Sport (Win)
shs0403a Royal Bank of Ankh-Morpork Fusspot (Win)
shs0403b Royal Bank of Ankh-Morpork Bank (Win)
shs0403c Royal Bank of Ankh-Morpork tongue Sport (Win)
shs0403d Royal Bank of Ankh-Morpork walkies Sport (Win)
shs0404a Iron Girder No 1 Engine Variation (Win)
shs0404b First Class Carriage Variation (Win)
shs0404c Second Class Carriage Variation (Win)
shs0404d Black Ribboner Carriage Variation (Win)
shs0404e 2 Tier Dwarf Carriage Variation (Win)
shs0404f Open-top Troll Carriage Variation (Win)
shs0404g Open Freight Carriage Variation (Win)
shs0405a Musicians' Guild One Penny (Win)
shs0405b Musicians' Guild Lazy Clef Sport (Win)
shs0406a Musicians' Guild Three Pence (Win)
shs0406b Musicians' Guild Three Pence Unbeaten Sport (Win)
shs0407a Temple of Small Gods (Win)
shs0408a Alchemists' Guild 3p (Win)
shs0408b Alchemists' Guild 3p Exploded Sport (Win)
shs0409a Soul Cake Duck 1p (Win)
shs0409b What Duck? Sport (Win)
shs0410a Discworld Diamond Dollar Aerial (Win)
shs0410b Discworld Diamond Dollar Great A'Tuin (Win)
shs0410c Discworld Aerial Brinsert Sport (Win)
shs0410d Great A'Tuin moon Sport (Win)
shs0411a Hogfather One Penny (Win)
shs0411b Hogfather One Penny Janus Sport (Win)
shs0412a Hogfather 50p (Win)
shs0412b Christmas Tree 50p (Win)
shs0412c Alice Band 50p (Win)
shs0412d Widdle 50p Sport (Win)
shs0412e Sans Star 50p Sport (Win)
shs0412f Candy Cane 50p Sport (Win)
shs0413b Post Office Half Penny Blue Floor Sport (Win)
shs0414a Penny Patrician Artichoke (Win)
shs0414b Penny Patrician Artichoke Hatless Sport (Win)
shs0415a Ankh Two Pence Green (Win)
shs0415b Ankh Two Pence Green Paid Sport (Win)
shs0416a Morporkia Five Pence Amber (Win)
shs0416b Morpork Five Pence Amber Shades Sport (Win)
shs0417a Morporkia Ten Pence Blue (Win)
shs0417b Morporkia Ten Pence Blue P Sport (Win)
shs0418a $1 Tower of Art (Win)
shs0418b $1 Tower of Art No Entry Sport (Win)
shs0419a Cabbage Fields Fifty Pence (Win)
shs0419b Cabbage Fields Fifty Pence Artichoke Sport (Win)
shs0420a SWALK 2p (Win)
shs0420b KLATCH 2p Sport (Win)
shs0421a Prid of Ankh-Morpork (Win)
shs0421b Pride of Ankh-Morpork Sport (Win)
shs0422a Airmail (Win)
shs0422b Airmail flurry Sport (Win)
shs0423a Bazingo (Win)
shs0423b Bouncy Normo (Win)
shs0423c Brother Upset (Win)
shs0423d Clapstick Jack (Win)
shs0423e Dr Whiteface (Win)
shs0423f Great Beano (Win)
shs0423g Mr Donko (Win)
shs0424a Patina 3p (Win)
shs0424b Patina 3p Backwards facing Sport (Win)
shs0425a Glorious 25th Three Pence (Win)
shs0426a Last Emperor 2 rhinu (Win)
shs0427a Fourecks 1 Squid (Win)
shs0427b Tie me kangaroo down Sport Sport (Win)
shs0428a Half Penny Big Cabbage (Win)
shs0428b Half Penny Big Red Cabbage Sport (Win)
shs0429a Octarine Grass Country 2p (Win)
shs0429b Octarine Grass Country Bill Doors Sport (Win)
shs0431a Magrat & Verence II six pence (Win)
shs0432a Queen Magrat three pence (Win)
shs0432b Verence II three pence (Win)
shs0432c Queen Magrat Witch Sport (Win)
shs0432d King Verence Fool Sport (Win)
shs0433a $1 Clacks Mail (Win)
shs0433b $1 Clacks Mail Black Sport (Win)
shs0434a Thieves' Guild Twelve Pence (Win)
shs0434b Thieves' Guild chain Sport (Win)
shs0435a Four Pence Petty Theft (Win)
shs0435b Four Pence Petty Theft white Sport (Win)
shs0436a Gouger (Win)
shs0436b Rooter (Win)
shs0436c Tusker (Win)
shs0436d Snouter (Win)
shs0436f Rudolf? Sport (Win)
shs0437a Hogfather One Penny (Win)
shs0437b Death One Penny Sport (Win)
shs0438a Post Office Half Penny burgundy (Win)
shs0438b Post Office Half Penny sport Sport (Win)
shs0439a Penny Patrician Lobster (Win)
shs0439b Penny Patrician prominere Sport (Win)
shs0440a Ankh Two Pence Green (Win)
shs0440b Ankh Two Pence Green Shield Sport (Win)
shs0441a Morporkia Five Pence (Win)
shs0441b Morporkia Five Pence lobster Sport (Win)
shs0442a Morporkia Ten Pence (Win)
shs0442b Morporkia Ten Pence cloak Sport (Win)
shs0443a $1 Tower of Art (Win)
shs0443b $1 Tower of Art lobster Sport (Win)
shs0444a Fifty Pence Cabbage Fields (Win)
shs0444b Fifty Pence Cabbage Fields Rotated Sport (Win)
shs0445a Tsort Half Drachma (Win)
shs0446a Tsort One Drachma (Win)
shs0446b Tsport One Drachma Sport (Win)
shs0447a Djelibeybi 1 Talent (Win)
shs0447b Djelibeybi 1 Talent Dogs Sport (Win)
shs0448a Queen Ptraci 5 ptascp (Win)
shs0448b Queen Ptraci 5 ptascp camel Sport (Win)
shs0449a Horse and Hare Farthing (Win)
shs0449b Horse Farthing Sport (Win)
shs0450a Baron's Castle Farthing (Win)
shs0450b Baron's Castle Farthing Boo Peep Sport (Win)
shs0451a Unseen University One Farthing (Win)
shs0451b Unseen University One Farthing Moon Sport (Win)
shs0452a Unseen University Penny (Win)
shs0452b Unseen University Penny Murgatroyd Sport (Win)
shs0453a Unseen University Penny Farthing (Win)
shs0453b Unseen University Penny Farthing Pot Sport (Win)
shs0454a Uberwald 30 Bizot (Win)
shs0454b Uberwald 30 Bizot pitchfork Sport (Win)
shs0455a 60 bizot vein Variation (Win)
shs0455b 60 bizot light Variation (Win)
shs0455c 60 bizot clot Variation (Win)
shs0455d 60 bizot sucker Variation (Win)
shs0455e 60 bizot positive Variation (Win)
shs0455f 60 bizot neck Variation (Win)
shs0455i 60 bizot fool Variation (Win)
shs0455j 60 bizot steaks Variation (Win)
shs0455k 60 bizot coffin Variation (Win)
shs0456a Pseudopolis Yard 4p (Win)
shs0456b Pseudopolis Yard Hurry Up Sport (Win)
shs0457a Borogravia Thrupenny Cheesemonger (Win)
shs0457b Borogravia Thrupenny Raclette Sport (Win)
shs0458a Hersheba 1 Dong (Win)
shs0458b Hersheba 1 Dong mirrored Sport (Win)
shs0459a Quirm Four Pence (Win)
shs0459b Quirm misqued Sport (Win)
shs0460a Young child (Win)
shs0460b Hogfather (Win)
shs0460c Young dwarf (Win)
shs0460d Young child apple Sport (Win)
shs0460e Hogfather Death letter Sport (Win)
shs0460f Dwarf axes Sport (Win)
shs0461a Post Office Half Penny Blue (Win)
shs0461b Post Office Half Penny Blue blank Sport (Win)
shs0462a Patrician Penny Skunk (Win)
shs0463a Ankh Two Pence Coffee (Win)
shs0463b Ankh Two Pence Coffee bricks Sport (Win)
shs0464a Morporkia Five Pence Latte (Win)
shs0464b Morporkia Five Pence Latte skunk Sport (Win)
shs0465a Morporkia Ten Pence Green (Win)
shs0465b Morporkia Ten Pence Green cape Sport (Win)
shs0466a $1 Tower of Art Crimson (Win)
shs0466b $1 Tower of Art Crimson skunk Sport (Win)
shs0467a Fifty Pence Cabbage Fields (Win)
shs0467b Fifty Pence Cabbage Fields skunk Sport (Win)
shs0468a $5 New Ankh Station (Win)
shs0469a BSJ Cruet Set (Win)
shs0469b BSJ Cruet Set Mirror Sport (Win)
shs0470a BSJ Empirical Crescent (Win)
shs0470b BSJ Empirical Crescent inside Sport (Win)
shs0471a Guild of Assassins 1p (Win)
shs0471b Guild of Assassins 1p shield Sport (Win)
shs0472a Guild of Seamstresses 1p (Win)
shs0472b Guild of Seamstresses 1p Star Sport (Win)
shs0473a Praise be unto Offler 5p (Win)
shs0473b Offler big banger Sport (Win)
shs0474a Anoia Five Pence (Win)
shs0474b Anoia Five Pence spoon Sport (Win)
shs0475a Fools' Guild One Penny (Win)
shs0475b Fools' Guild One Penny bell Sport (Win)
shs0476a Blind Io 5p (Win)
shs0476b Blind Io 5p Eyes Sport (Win)
shs0477a Thieves' Guild 1p (Win)
shs0477b Thieves' Guild 1p coins Sport (Win)
shs0478a Merchants' Guild 1p (Win)
shs0478b Merchants' Guild 1p ship Sport (Win)
shs0479a Lady Sybil Free Hospital 6p (Win)
shs0480a Moist von Lipwig 5p (Win)
shs0480b Moist von Lipwig 5p badge Sport (Win)
shs0481a Remember Koom Valley 3p (Win)
shs0481b Remember Koom Valley Horn Sport (Win)
shs0482a Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons 5p (Win)
shs0482b Sunshine Sanctuary smoking Sport (Win)
shs0483a Crumley's Hogswatch Elf (Win)
shs0483b Crumley's Hogfather (Win)
shs0483c Crumley's Grotto (Win)
shs0483d Crumley's Albert Elf Sport (Win)
shs0483e Crumley's Death Sport (Win)
shs0483f Crumley's Hogwatch 5p Sport (Win)
shs0484a Post Office Half Penny (Win)
shs0484b Post Office Half Penny open Sport (Win)
shs0485a Patrician One Penny (Win)
shs0485b Patrician One Penny unframed Sport (Win)
shs0486a Ankh Two Pence (Win)
shs0487a Morporkia Five Pence (Win)
shs0487b Morporkia Five Pence flip Sport (Win)
shs0488a Morporkia Ten Pence (Win)
shs0489a $1 Tower of Art power blue (Win)
shs0489b $1 Tower of Art birdless Sport (Win)
shs0490a Fifty Pence Cabbage Fields (Win)
shs0490b Fifty Pence Cabbage Fields moved Sport (Win)
shs0491a Lancre Farthing (Win)
shs0491b Lancre Farthing Sport (Win)
shs0492a Queen Blodwen (Win)
shs0492b Queen Blodwen makeup Sport (Win)
shs0493a The Wahoonie (Win)
shs0494a Quantum Weather Butterfly (Win)
shs0494b Quantum Weather Butterfly white Sport (Win)
shs0495a Curious Squid (Win)
shs0496a 5p Samuel Vimes (Win)
shs0497a 5p Samuel Vimes Lilac (Win)
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