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Postby Darren » Fri May 20, 2005 05:51 am

By request, this thread has been created for forum members to centrally list their eBay auctions. Given some of the previous problems with such posts,
please observe the following guidelines:
  • Please list only your own items, not other peoples. Special exceptions may be made for charity items and the like, but please PM a mod and let us know.
  • Include a URL link to the items page, for easy access. For those selling multiple items, it is best to link to your "view sellers other items" page.
  • Include the end date/time of the listing.
  • Once the item has ended, please edit the thread and indicate it is to be deleted. Any post here which is over 10-days old will be removed (except this one!).
  • You are welcome to include details (starting price, brief description etc), but please no images or cut/pastes of the whole item text. Keep it brief and quick, so this thread doesn't take hours to load or read!
  • Please only post links to this thread. Do not digress into discussions or use it for feedback etc. There are other threads for that. Any such posts will be removed.
As with the other trading threads, please note that the administrators or moderators take no responsibility for anyone elses eBay listings, nor is this thread an endorsement or recommendation of these items. It is just done as a public service :)

Please put end dates and times in your posts, so we know when they have ended and can be removed from the list.

Otherwise we may have posts removed in error before their related auctions have finished.

Thank you :)
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Discworld Stamps to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby shambles » Sun Jul 31, 2016 06:14 pm

Hello Folks

I am back again in action with 18 lovely lots on ebay for your edification. Thank you to those who have already bid. I am only open for 7 days. :D
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Postby ange1in3 » Mon Jan 30, 2017 03:02 pm

As promised in another thread.. here's my eBay update!

This month is LBE month. Below is a list of those that I"m selling it includes two of the numbered 2nd anniversary LBE. As a little extra, I will be including 4 stamps with each envelope purchased. The four stamps are guaranteed to be from 2004 - 2006 and maybe from the first few months of 2007 which seems to have been the last month that I bought one.

In date Order -


The Stanley Howler
Hogswatch 2004


Discworld Cinderella
City Watch Society
City Watch GCTS
$5 blue half cabbage green.
Halloween - Society issue
The Winter Warmer


City and Guilds
Second Anniversary 104
Second Anniversary 953
Jolly Holiday edition
The Wadfest 2006
Jolly Hogswatch


Spring Daffodil

All listing start at £0.50 and I will be combining postage for anyone who buys more than one. Listings go live tonight and will end in 10 days time. Any questions please do ask!

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Postby Librarians Apprentice » Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:13 am


What with the next Convention being less than a year away, I've put my back into the scanning and posting - I'm selling rarities, sports and sheets this time around. Anyone whose birthday / anniversary / payday is coming up - fell free to buy yourself, or tell a friend / family member / spouse...

Check out my "stores" while you're there - I don't give discounts for auctions, but I will happily do so for the Buy It Now items if you mention you're from here :thumbl:
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