Discworld Stamps to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

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Discworld Stamps to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby Darren » Sat Jan 16, 2010 02:18 pm

This list is for people to advertise the stamps, sports, specials, FDCs and sheets which they have to trade, and to list items that they may be searching for.

Please keep your listing simple and up to date, ideally using a format such as offer/want, or got/need (or suchlike). Trade is between private individuals, and is not guaranteed or overseen by the Cunning Artificer or anyone else here - caveat emptor and all that. And please remember once you've made your trade, update your thread entries and post feedback on the trading feedback thread.

Any other postings into this thread, including discussions and digressions, will be removed without notice.
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Re: Discworld Stamps to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby Murgatroyd » Sun Jan 17, 2010 05:33 am

Hello All,
In addition to the items listed below I'd really like to buy any old intact unopened LBE's. I realise that's a bit like casually announcing that any spare Holy Grails would be most acceptable... but if you don't ask, you seldom get...
As I'm living on a retirement income, which fluctuates, I may not always be able to immediately afford to buy expensive items, (If they're really expensive I may not be able to afford them at all ).

I also have my famous "Loko Parcels" and sheets of my "Igor to Igor - Parcel post" stamps, (Which have been treated to be florescent and glow in the dark!). These items are not for sale. They can however be traded for items that I need to fill holes in my collection. If you would just like one of the Loko stamps to add to your collection, send me a SAE and I'll send you one of my Loko LBE's (While stocks last of course).

Stamps Wanted
Widow's Mite Booklets : Green, Brick red (?), Purple (?).
25P Sto Lat Parasol Backprint Beige background Variant
$5 Blue Triangle Sport Bath perf
$5 Blue Triangle Sport Wincanton perf
$1 Bank Triangle Sport
$5 Hubwards Gate Triangle Sport
$5 Least Gate Triangle Sport
$5 River Gate Triangle sport
$5 Patricians Palace Triangle Sport
$5 Small Gods Triangle Sport
Penny Patrician Civic "Twisted V" Sport
$1 Tower of Art Green Year 1 Falling Man Bath Perforation
$1 Tower of Art Year 1 Open Door Sport
$1 Tower of Art Seagull sequence Imp (On mail fine)
2P Postage Due "Tilted 2" green Sport
Assassins 3 Pence Ooops (Zombie poison back stamped on 3 pence by mistake)
Seamstress 1 Farthing post Paid Sport
Seamstress 2P Pink Ink Sport
Seamstress 2P Pink Raindrop Sport
Seamstress 2P Pink Diamond Sport
Sto Helit 1P Boars head Larger Bolder version.
Sto Helit Green Susan Sports
Hogswatch Year 5 Triptych Sport (All 3 Pieces)
Hogswatch Year 5 Triptych (Joined)
Hogswatch Year 5 Triptych Sport (Joined)
Hogswatch Year 2 Stippled sleigh sport
Alchemists Lead stamp
10 Wal Purple Black eyed Offler Imp (On mail fine!)
YOTSI Lilac Patrician "Blank" sport
Sto planes 1P Sport
$1 Tower of Art Year of the Spinning mouse Sport Red border reprint - Will exchange for Brown border (first printing) version.
3P Paid Grand Trunk AM revenue (From some Worm herder sets)
Watch house brown sport
Hall of Faces 1 Penny Bouncy Normo
Hall of Faces 1 Penny Clapstick Jack
Hall of Faces 1 Penny Mr Donko
Half Penny Post Office sport
Penny Patrician Sport
10P Morporkia Sport
Pride of Ankh Morpork Sport
Seamstress KLATCH Sport
Big Cabbage Half Penny Sport
Queen Magrat 3 Pence Sport
King Verence II 3 Pence Sport
Octarine Grass Country Sport
$1 Clacks Mail
12P Thieves Guild J Boggis Sport
4P Petty theft Sport

2018 Wanted

1/2P Post office Sport
Penny Patrician Sport
2P AM coat of Arms Sport
5P Morporkia Sport
10P Morporkia Sport
TOA Lobster Sport
Tsort 1/2 Drachma Sport
Tsort 1 Drachma Sport
Djelibeybi 1 Talent Sport
The Chalk Farthing Barons Castle Sport
The Chalk Farthing Horse & Hare Sport
Unseen University Farthing Sport
Unseen University Penny Sport
Unseen University Penny Farthing Sport
Pseudopolis yard watch house 4P Sport
Borogrovia Cheesemongers Thrupenny Sport
Quirm 4P Sport

Emberellas Wanted
Island Nation 1P Blue Hermit Crab
South Pelagic Protectorate
Port Mercia 1P
DW Convention South Africa 2011
Terry Thomas (Tiger Stu) 2009
Che Chivera 2009
Stanley Gibbons 2006
UK Convention 2006 Fools Guild Purple
Convention South Africa 2011
P G Woodhouse 2011
Wincanton Memorial Appeal 2006
Post Early for Hogswatch
Glo m of Nit
Om Motto: Only Om is perfect and it is a blessing not to point out spelling mistakes
Om sport motto: "See not the sinful and be blind in their sight"
"Don't be a Sucker" Uberwald League of Temperance motto from the LBE of the same name.
Wincanton Memorial Appeal 2006
Wadfest Sir Waddington Facing Other Way Flower reversed
Wadfest Sir Waddington Different Colours
Dirigible 1P
Dirigible 1P Sport
NADW con Tillson Variant
Dislexic Historical society Bayeux Topiary Sport
Nullus Anxietas Sport
Red Madison Sport
Purple Bernard
Purple Bernard Sport
Scheibenwelt Convention Sport
Irish Discworld Con Sport 2013
Joseph Hoggett 1st
Alf Nobbs (No relation) 1st.
Lancre Honey bee
Wincanton Crusty Bee
Wincanton Cider Bee

Sheets Wanted :
Musicians Guild 3P
Seamstress 2P Pink Ink Sport sheet
Seamstress 2P Plum Ink Sport sheet
Seamstress 4P horizontal Golden Variant
Lancre, Pseudopolis, and Koom Valley Clax sheets
6th Birthday Patrician
Assassins Postage Paid
Assassins 3P with inverted stamp
Sir Rolande De Colline Blue $2
Sir Rolande De Colline Red $2
Sto Helit 1P Larger / darker print Variation - Will trade for Smaller / paler print variation sheet
Brown TOA
Hogswatch Y1 Portrait or Landscape
Sto Lat 25P Parasol Back Print Green background Variant
Bad Blintz 50 Bizot Booklet Overprinted 3 Zlobenian Zloty With the Round Overprint.
Purple Bernard
Solid Jackson Merchant Voucher
Thieves Guild 4P Approval Sheet 2010
St Hilary 1P
St Hilary 2P
Seamstress Guild 1P YOTSI
YOTP 50P Cabbage sheet,
YOTP A4 10P Morporkia Green (perf or imp) (Digital print?)
Red Madison
DW convention 2010 Knotwork sheet
Golem Trust Mini Sheet
YOTSI Specimen Sheets 1/2P, 2P, 5P, 10P, TOA.
Also any Prize Sheets, or limited edition sheets or mini sheets that I don't have...

Other Items Wanted :
Harper Collins LBE
Seamstress Guild Stickers
Assassins Zombie letters (All - Intact)
Dragons Sanctuary Letters 1,3,7 and 10 - Intact
Original $1 Bank Note with paw print on right hand side
"Used as Bedding by Hamsters" letter with contents
Alchemists Letter with lead stamp

Proof sheets:
Unseen University Penny Farthing
$5 Merchants Guild Without the words "By Appointment"
Thieves Guild 4P & 6P First Proof of Artwork (unreleased sports) Prize 2006
Hogswatch 2004 Special
Bloodaxe & Ironhammer Prize proof
Assassins Guild Archive (Mistake) SHP-0023-B

Any "one off" Proof Sheets

Other Items wanted:
Lord Downeys Mint Box/Tin
Sextons Snuff Tin
Seamstress's Writing Set (Pink Cardboard Box)

Newly Wanted: Magnetic artwork Stamps:
Merchant $5
Seamstress 2P Sport
Both Koom Valley stamps
Thieves Guild 6P
Hogswatch 2004
10P Red Morporkia
Block of 4 2P Red Patricians.
50P Cabbage Field
Flagrant Cabbage
Dwarves charging
Trolls charging
Teemer & Spools
TOA Pair

To Trade :

Retired Sports and rarities
Green Susan (Common, not sport!)
Half Penny Post Office YOTSI “Specimen” Sport ***
2P "Postage" Sport Year of the Complicated Monkey
10P Morporkia Year of the Complicated Monkey
1/2 P Post Office YOTHG Sport
Penny Patrician YOTHG Sport
Happy Goose 1$ TOA Splash Sport
Morporkia Y2 Red Cock up
Lancre Verence II 1P
Fools Guild Postage Paid Quarter Farthing Sport
Bonk Werewolf Transition 1
Unseen University Farthing sport (Old version)
Joseph Hoggett Football Sport
Match Ref Foootball Sport

Retired Commons:
1/2 Penny Post Office Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6
Penny Patrician Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6
Penny Patrician Blue 6th Birthday
The Patrician Moves (Strip of 2 or 3)
Ankh 2P Y1, Y2, Y4, Y5, Y6
Morporkia 5P Y1, Y2, Y4, Y5, Y6
Morporkia 10P Y1, Y2, Y4, Y5, Y6
Cabbage Field 25P Y3
Cabbage Field 50P Y2, Y5, Y6
Tower of Art Y1, Y2, Y3, Y5, Y6
Lancre $1 Post Paid Clax (Brown)
Psuedopolis $1 Post Paid Clax (Green)
Pseudopolis $1 Post Paid Clax (Lilac)
Koom Valley $1 Post Paid Clax (Red)
Prototype Ink Stamp
2 1/2 P Surcharge Postage Light Green
UU 4X Overprint - Corners Available
Fools Guild Postage Paid Quarter Farthing
Bernard Birthday Shield
Blue Bernard
Smokeless Wahoonie
Irish Convention
2 1/2 % Virtual Added Tax
1P Duty Paid
1P Postage Due
2P Postage Due (Light Green)
3P Postage Due
Hogswatch 2006 2 1/2P
Hogswatch 2006 5P
Hogswatch 2007 3P
Hogswatch 2007 50P
Thieves Guild 4P Second issue
Thieves Guild 5P
Thieves Guild 7P
Seamstress Pink 2P
Merchant Farthing
Merchant Penny Farthing
Merchant 2P Greengrocers
Merchant 3P
Merchant 50P
Assassins Three Pence
Watch House 75P
Dysk $2
Zlobenia 1 Zloty
Ankh Morpork 1/2 Penny Y2 Gold Block of 5 Franked with Corner Selvage (Bottom Left)
Penny Patrician Y2 Horizontal Strip of 5 with Selvage at each End
Hogswatch 2010

2$ Merchants Guild Sport
10 Bizot Uberwald Sport
UU Farthing "Old Tom" Sport
UU Penny Sport
New UU Penny Farthing Sport (Closed door)
Assassins Guild 20P Guild House Vanity issue "Dropped P" sport
1/2 P Engravers Guild Sport
Genua 1 cent Headless Chicken
Genua 1$ New sport
Ramtops Winter Sport
Sto Helit 4P sport
Musicians Guild Sport
Seamstress Corset Sport

Elim Sport
Quirm 5P Sport
BS Johnson "Sporting Engine" Sport
The Hippo Sport
1/2P Post Office Sport YOTSI
5P Morporkia Border Sport TOTSI
Aniger 3P Votive Issue Sport YOTSI
Agartian Half Rhinu Half Bell Variant YOTS

Other Items to trade:

120 Bizot Bonk sheet
Mint Clax letter

I also have spares of Journals 7(2 of) and 9. These no longer have their free stamps with them, and may be missing other inserts.
*** = Trade in progress
Edited and updated 15/10/2018 - This post has been regularly updated and is still current, However I'm in the middle of a couple of trades, and soon some items on my "To Trade" list may be unavailable. I may also soon have a few items on my "Wants list". I'll update my list as soon as the current trades are completed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Re: Discworld Stamps to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby wilfred » Tue Jan 19, 2010 12:52 am


Year 6 stamps:
Lancre Clacks postage sport
Seamstress minisheet (prize) with sport
Uberwald prize sheet
2011, Year Of The Complicated Monkey:
Beggars Guild prize sheet with stamps on the back, I have a spare without the coloured stamps to trade
Scheibenwelt convention sport


******* 'SPECIMEN' prize sheets, I have the 2p, AM 5p and $1 TOA, will pay a good price for any others

green rat stamp sport(crinkly )
Assassins Postage Paid whiteback
Assassins Antidote whiteback (tail of vine near dagger missing)
Green TOA open door sport
dirigible stamp common & sport
Wren Stamp sports (colour variations)
Wadfest 2006 colour variations, white perfs
Convention Committee stamp (2006, with the white mask)
Hogswatch, the perforated center piece of the sport, will trade (1P duty paid sport anyone?) or pay cash or any combination


Puck of Pook's Hill FDC
Wincanton memorial appeal 2006
full sheet smoking wahoonie
Owlswick 1/2p Post Office forgeries (block of 4 minisheet, perforated)
any special rare (prize) sheets
OM sports sheet (turtle), have some prize sheets to swap or pay cash
Scheibenwelt Convention Envelope, German version

I will trade, pay cash or LBE's or anything from the shop, if you have anything please PM me :D



Riverboat Post 7p sport
Riverboat Post 3p sport
Fools Guild 4 pence sport
Thieves guild 5p sport
AM 50p horse sport
3p mister shine sport
2012 TOA top mirrored 'specimen' sport
Blind Io sport
one elim blue sport

TOA falling man 1
TOA Falling Man 2
TOA splash

Ueberwalt trunk sport
Penny Patrician V-sport
Hogswatch 50p death sport
Red Madison
Om turtle sport
NEW 2012:
Gamblers Guild 1,1 - 1,4 - 2,3 and 2,5
Fools Guild 4 p sport, upside down 4
AM 1/2 p. post office open door sport

year of the happy goose:
UU penny farthing sport (Organplayer)
UU farthing sport (old tom)
post office 2p sport
musician's guild two pence sport
fools guild bell sport
Bank triangle common
penny black sport
Hippo sport

TOA festive tower, both versions
1/2 p post office sport
2p sport
fifty pence postage paid sport
AM 5p sport
AM 10p sport
Llamedos Ffyrling sport
patrician movie strip
$5 triangle Hubward gate
Genua $1 sport

Smoking Gnu
Kill the clacks (scissors)

several complete sets of new rat stamps (green)
Bonk 1 bizlot transitions all, only trading the whole set

Bad Blintz 1b rat widdle stamp
Bad Blintz 100b (missing rat)
Bad Blintz funf bizoten sport (little flag on top of building)

AM 1/2p post office red Shades Surcharge
AM year 4 2p brown (inverted curls), paired with common

Penny Patrician digital print
Penny Patrician smudged face

Unseen University one penny sport (mirrored library)
Unseen University one farthing sport (reversed text)

Thieves Guild 7 pence two coins missing
Merchants Guild 50p 1/2 dullar sport
Merchants Guild 'threepence' sport (no space)

TOA 2009 sports 1,2,4
TOA 2008 mirrored building
TOA splash version one
TOA 50p Owlswick forgery

Hogswatch 2008 sport single stamp
Hogswatch 2009 sport single stamp
Djelibeybi 1t sport single
Sto Helit 4p sport, paired with common
Sto Helit 1p wonky p sport
Sto Helit 1p belly button sport

Sto Lat 25p sport
Sto Lat 2 p "closed gate' sport
AM new triangle (bank triangle,not the sport)

Lady Alice Venturi sport
Llamedos Jones sport

match Referee sport
Ridcully sport
Joseph Hoggett sport

2010 Assassins' Guild sport

Twoshirts 2p sport
AM 25p Cabbage field purple reversed buildings
AM 25p field of cabbages sport, quarter franked

Blue Bernard single stamp, mint

empty dragon sanctuary envelope #3

**new** red madison

Preferable trading with wants, else cash(paypal). Please PM me if there is anything you want
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Still looking for the Hogswatch bathtowel middle sport and perforated common/sport!
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Re: Discworld Stamps to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby Death » Wed Jan 20, 2010 08:35 pm

Hi there,

Right, been sorting, these things are for sale!

Year of the Reversed Ptarmigan 'The Lawyer's Guild' (withdrawn) Stamp sheet! (full sheet)Sold
Year of the Prawn Wincanton Wrinkly and a Blue Bernard! (2 single stamps)
2 full sheets of Nullus Anxietas 2007 Convention stamps perfed! (full sheet)1 Sold
As above Convention stamp sheet, but unperforated! (full sheet)Sold
Full set of 'Worm Herders' with seperate stamps
Great Inventors of Ankh-Morpork Sport FDC
UU Hogswatch sheet Year of the Complicated MonkeySold
I also have Journals 1 to 26! There are NO stamps with them though!
Must have a sort and list everything!!

Well that is a start, I will go on as I sort them out! Hopefully will be adding to this list over the next few days! :sunny: :bounce:
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Re: Discworld Stamps to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby barber80 » Thu Jan 28, 2010 09:43 pm

Please remove post. Thanks
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Re: Discworld Stamps to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby Kelshandra » Thu Jul 07, 2011 12:16 am

NEW! I just won a Musician Guild SPORT FDC but I don't collect covers! I have not claimed them yet and thought if anyone is interested in a trade for stamps or cash I can arrange for the shop to send it to you directly (and post you the ticket as a bonus if you wish as well). If I don't hear anything, I'll claim them and put them up on the bay of e... eventually anyway!

Stamps wanted (some are more realistic than others but I list them here for the sake of completion!)
Year 1- 2005 ish
Bath perforated Post office Red
Bath perforated 5P Morporkia Blue
Bath perforated 10P Morporkia Green
Falling man sport two horizontal birds
ANY stamp with a whole, clear Zlobenian frank

Year 2- 2006ish
Sto Lat 10P- darker clouds (Aw)
Clean ear Patrician
Lancre 1 Ogg
Green Susan sport
Fool's Guild Post Paid blue variation

Year 3- 2007
$2 Sir Rolande Blue sport (swapped eyepatch)
Bonk 100 sport
Seamstress plum with missing corner
Bonk 1 bizot sport variation 2 'blue crouch, by Steeljam's catalogue; Variation 5- blue howl
Lawyers' guild sport (well both but I figure I have more luck getting the reprint!)
Discworld jamdoree 6d sport
Jamboree One shilling sport stamp (colours swapped)
Six Pence Duty Paid
Cabbage Field 25P sport
Hogswatch 50P sport
Owlswick Jenkins forgeries
9p duty paid

Year 4 2008 Wanted list

Owlswick TOA forgery
Klatch 10 wol sport
Sto Helit 1p tilted p sport
Sto Helit 1p inverted rivet sport
Djelibeby 5Pt sport- left facing bird (Bw)
Djelibeybi 5Pt sport- dot dash dot (Cw)
1p postage due black sport SHS-AM0145-Bw
Seamstress 4p horizontal filled leaf sport SHS-AM0151-Bw
Assassin 2p sport wriggly charlie sport
Assassin 3p sport numbers swapped
Hogswatch triplets (not joined, just left and middle sections)

Year 8 (2012, Year of the Second Inception) Updated now I have my album done for the year!
Specimen sports
Definative sports (all)
$5 least Gate (common although if you were giving away a sport... :wink: )
Aniger sport
Gamblers- any but 6,1
Seamstress 1p
Seamstress 2p sport
Fools guild 4p postage due sport
Sir Charles Lavetory, common and sport
Mr Tiddles, common and sport
Civic, woman and clax tower
UU Penny farthing sport
Spring/autumn sports
Hogswatch minisheet
Hogswatch sport
Ommnian common and sport

Year 9 (2013, Year of the Frog ascendent) Updated now I have my album done for the year!
Specimen sports
Definative sports- all but 50p
Bloodaxe and ironhammer sport
Hogswatch sports(both)
Year of the frog ascendent
Hogswatch minisheet

Year 10 (2014, Year of the Reciprocating Llama)

AM TOA sport

Year 12 (2016)

llamedos sport

Sheets available
Pain of Pain rainbow sheet

Stamps To trade
And some of the rarer stamps (generally I have all commons from these eras as well):
Year 1
Mis perf TOA Year 1 common
Duty Paid green

Year 2
Fools Guild Post Paid purple version (from Jolly Japes pack)- broke sheet for stamp so corners available to early birds, 7 left
Red Patrician 2P (franked)
AM Post office gold sport
Sto Lat 10P- lighter clouds
Thieves guild original common 4P &6p
Blue Bernard- one mint, one soaked off an envelope
Australian Discworld convention 2007
Fools Guild Little Sticky bits- I broke up a sheet for the stamp so all corners and edges available, first come first served
Bad Blintz Rat stamp- candle

Stanley Gibbons Cinderella (1 of 300) with 150th issue of magazine if requested

Year 3
2p Front gummed Ankh
5P Front gummed Ankh
AM 2p Ankh sport
$2 Dysk sport
Thieves guild Five Pence one missing coin sport
Bonk 1 bizot sport variations 3 (Dw) and 6 (Gw)

Year 4 (2008)
Penny Patrician Blooming SHS-AM0123-Bw
2P Ankh sepia sport
TOA Mirrored buildings SHS-AM0127-Cw
S2 Dysk Sport SHS-AM0147-Bw
1t Djelibeybi sport (two humped camel)

Year 9 (2013)
Guild of Lawyers $1 sport

Year 10 (2014)

Genua 2c Ella sport
Great artworks Man with (out) dog sport
Hogswatch sports* Including Set of four, sports joined with the respective commons to form the complete picture*
Fools guild 10p
Thieves guild 3p sport
of Rhino that has been mis-perforated along the first column of stamps
Vetinari 4p no V sport SHS-AM0351-Bw

Year 11 (2015)
AM 2P sport
Borgravia sport
Temperence League sport
chalk sport

Year 12 (2016)
Ohulan cutash closed gate sport
Cruel and unusal sports

Year 13 (2017)
Tower of art sport

Updated 17-1-18
The Geeky Goblin My irregular crafting inspirations
Currently working on the 2010 and 2018 Yearbooks- 2017 is ready to go!
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Discworld Stamps to trade

Postby AshloreDarkShadow » Mon Jul 11, 2011 06:13 pm



Ankh Morpork
:D 5p Blue - Bath Perf
:D 10p Green - Bath Perf
:lol: $5 Brass Bridge Sport - well any triangle sport to be honest...
:lol: 50p Cabbage Green Skunk Stamp
:D Penny Patrician Civic - Sport
:lol: $1 TOA Falling Man - 1 Upper Bird Horizontal
:lol: $1 TOA Falling Man - 2 Upper Birds Horizontal
:lol: $1 TOA Splash - New
:lol: $1 TOA Weathervane
:lol: $1 TOA Open Doors

:D 2p Patrician Red - unfranked
:D Penny Patrician Green East Knoyle - unfranked
:D 1/2p Red Owlswick '4'
:lol: Vetinari Certificate Stamp
:) TOA - 2012 Falling Man II (middle)
:) 2012 Specimen Sports for all but Penny Patrician
:) 2012 Triangle - Least Gate
:) 25th May Patrician - Blanks
:) 25th May Patrician - Perf'd

:) 2013 Triangle - River Gate
:) 2014 5p
:) 2014 TOA
:) Multi-Coloured Moists - Complete Sheet - Singles Light Blue & Black
:) 2015 2p
:) 2015 TOA
:) 2015 Triangle - Patrician Palace
:) 2016 Triangle - Temple of Small Gods
:) Vimes
:) Vimes - Blue
:) 1p - 177
:) Treacle Mine Watch House 3p
:) 2016 - 1/2p / 10p /50p / TOA
:) 2017 - 2p / 5p / 10p / TOA

Guild Stamps
:lol: Assassins Postage Paid - White Back
:lol: 6p Thieves Guild Old Sport
:lol: 2p Seamstress Missing Corner
:lol: 2p Seamstress Plum - Corner Sport
:D $5 Lawyers Guild original Sport
:) Blue Fools Guild
:D XXXX U.U.Overprint
:) 1/4 Seamstress - Stars
:) 1p Seamstress - Wonky P
:) Sir Charles - &
:) 2014 Thieves 3p
:) 2016 Assassins 3p Wink
:) 2015 UU Farthing
:) 2015 UU Penny
:) 2015 UU Penny Farthing
:) 2017 UU Penny's

Muning - Blue 2

Regional Stamps
:lol: $1 Lancre Ogg
:lol: Sto-Helit Green Susan - Sport
:) Psuedopolis clacks sport
:) New Genua 1$ "Specimen" overprint
:) Lancre 5p
:) Diamond King - Inverted
:) Genua 2 cents
:) Sto Plains - 1p Beer
:) Borogravia - H
:) XXXX One Squid
:) Krull
:) Klatch 2 Wol
:) Llamedos
:) Ohulan Cutash
:) Penny Sprout

Hogswatch Stamps
:D 50p Hogswatch Patrician reversed Head (Have a partial frank on mine)
:) 5p Hogswatch Bath Towel - Right Hand piece (Non-Sport)
:) 5p Hogswatch Bath Towel - All sport pieces
:) 50p Hogswatch 2013
:) $1 Hogswatch 2013
:) 50p Hogswatch 2014 - Librarian
:) 50p Hogswatch 2016 - Yellow Snow / Candy Cane
:) 1p Hogfather 2016 - reverse
:) 50p Hogswatch 2014 - Winter Cabbage Field

Quisition One Obol - Thumbscrew
Quisition One Obol - Various colours from LBE Sheet

Duty Paid+
:D 1p Postage Due - Sport
:D 2p Postage Due - Wonky 2
:D 2.1/2 VAT Stamp % Sport

:D 1 Shilling Jamboree Floorboard Sport
:) Jamboree 6D - Colour swap sport
:D Mad Flatalists Stamp
:D Balloon Stamp
:) Tilson sport
:D Twinning Stamp/s
:) Madison Black sport
:) German Con Stamp sport
:) American 2013 Con Sport

LBE Clacks Stamps - I have the sheet, but want the LBE versions.
:) Smoking Gnu
:) God save the clacks

LBE Street names - Again I have the sheet, but want the lighter LBE versions
:) Kicklebury Street
:) Moon Pond Lane
:) The Ridings
:) Cable Street
:) Hen & Chickens Field

No doubt missed loads :wink:
ie everythink from the latest Stamp releases... :?

Also started picking up any other stamp related items -
FDCs / Consulate Envelopes / Proofs + maybe looking at sheets...
As I'm stuck getting hold of the older singles... in trades/ebay or at a price I can afford...
So started on other area's now :D

For Trade

Penny Pat - Gum Face
5p - Gum Face
Patrician - Digital Print
Patrician - Blooming Rose
TOA Splash
10p - 2009 - Missing prong
1p - 2009 - Penny Patrician
50p Cabbage field - 2009
1p - 2010 - Penny Patrician
10p - Net Sport
TOA - Splash YotHG
5p YotCM
10p YotCM
1p 2011 Penny Patrician
Lilac Patrician
2013 Penny Patrician
25th May Pat sport
BloodAxe Rose
5p Iron Girder

UU - Farthing - Original
UU - Penny TeddyBear
Assassin Aid
Seamstress - Hearts and Crosses
$1 - Guild - Dragon on Tower
$1 - Guild - Women on Tower
Gambler 6+1
Seamstress 2p TopRight Heart

1 Bizlot Blue - Transformation 1
1 Bizlot Blue - Transformation 6

2b Bad Blintz - Missing z tail
10b Bad Blintz
Sto-Helit - Wonky P
Sto-Helit - 4p Hair
Genua - Headless Chicken
Genua - $5 4 Windows
Llamedos 1/4 ffyrling
Sto-Lat 2p - Gate
TwoShirts 2p - Beard swap
Fourecks - Running man

2008 Hogswatch 5p Sport
2011 - $1 Snowball
Blind IO

Match Ref
Joseph Hoggett

CM, - Sent to Cara GA, - Sent to Gavin JH - Sent to Jim.and, JT, Sent to pighooey
KL-Sent to Bwana Mrefu, KR-Sent to KarenJo NC, R VB - Archiewood
To trade for one of the initialled stamps all I need is your address and the right initials ;)

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Re: Discworld Stamps to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby phalarope » Mon Sep 26, 2011 10:06 pm

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Re: Discworld Stamps to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby noggin » Sat Jan 21, 2012 12:50 am



Koom Valley Clacks sport

Hubwards Gate blue triangle sport (or any triangle sport)

Sir Rolande de Colline $2 sport
Owlswick Red 1/2p Forgery (all, any)
Hogswatch 2008 middle part (not sport)
Thieves original 4p & 6p sports


Sto Lat 10p small hill dark sky


Omnian One Obal Turtle

Festive Patricians
Bearded, Snowfall, Piggy & Bobble Hat

The Wonderful Fanny sport
Leonard DA Quirm
B.S. Johnson Postal Sporting Engine
Guy de Yoyo sport
Quirm 5p Smile sport
Unseen Hogswatch Frozen sport (need 50p Death sport)
Uberwald 2010 Convention Sport
Penny Patrician sport
2p Red Linsley sport (missing letters) will swop for Postage sport
5p sport
10p stort
50p Clacks Tower sport

Assassins' 20p sport
Uberwald Trumpet sport
$2 Merchants' Guild Tooth sport
$5 Genua Window sport

Ridcully sport
Hoggett sport
Match Ref sports
Sto Helit 1p Wonky P sport
Sto Helit 4p Hair sport
Bank Blue Triangle
Year 6
1/2p Window sport
Penny Patrician A sport
2p Coat of Arms sport
5p Morporkia sport
10p Net sport
Brasicca Fifty Pence sport
Fools Guild ¼d Postage Paid sport

Year 5
Y5 AM 2p sport
Y5 AM 5p Seated Patrician sport
Y5 AM 10p sport
Y5 Brassica Fifty Pence Trees sport

Bonk 1Bizlot transformations 1
Mint Asperger
Digital Patrician
1p Patrician Civic
1p Patrician Gris

Y4 1p Patrician Blurred Face sport
Y4 1p Patrician Racing Colours sport
Y4 1p Patrician Swopped Corners sport

Y3 TOA Darren & Noggin sports
Y3 ½p, 1p, 2p, 5p & 10p Gum on the front commons
Y3 2p Seamstress (plum) Valentines stamp (vertical perfs)

Y2 2p indigo (extra berries)
Y2 50p Field of Cabbages (Lovers)

2p Twoshirts original

2 bizot z sport
5 bizot missing dots sport
10 bizot sport
20 bizot sport
3p sport
5p Flag sport

1st Unseen Uni.
Farthing ne id sport
Penny sport
Penny Farthing sport

2nd Unseen Uni.
Old Tom sport
Lawyers' Guild 1p sport

Sto Lat 25p sport

Plus most discontinued commons.
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Re: Discworld Stamps to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby Muba » Sun Jan 22, 2012 04:54 pm

I have the following Sports available for trade or whatever.

updated 17/10/13
Ankh Morpork

Mr Shine
1 Elim Blue
YotCM Halfpenny
YotCM Two pence - both types
YotCM Ten Pence
YotSI Halfpenny door sport
$2 Civic
UA Ridcully
UA Dean
The Hippo
Mr Gryle
Vetinari Hoodie
Vwtinari 4p -new

YotSI 1¼p UU

Unseen University
Farthing Old Tom
Penny Hex

Thieves Guild 5 pence 2 coins missing
Fools Guild quarter farthing
Historians Guild

Forn parts
Bonk 1Bz Transformation 1
Uberwald Rhys
Ramtop Wintersmith
Ramtop Summer Lady
XXXX 5 squid
Agatean 1 Rhinu red
Agatean 1 Rhinu half bell
Genua tentacle stew
Wonderful Fanny P
Quirm 5p
Chalk Farthing -new
Borogravia - new

Mr Tiddles common
Mr Shine commom

Other sticky bits
DWCan 2010 uberwald
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Re: Discworld Stamps to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby Muba » Sun Jan 22, 2012 08:50 pm

The following are my general Wants - updated 29/10/14

Sto Helit Green Susan - the common

Ankh Morpork

YotP 5 pence Bath perfs
Yotp 10 pence Bath perfs
YotP $1 TOA Bath perfs
Sir Roland de Colline sport
Hogswatch 2009 missing acorns sport
2012 TOA ALL non sheet sports
5p Duty paid
6p Duty paid
3p Postage due sport

Unseen University
Bugarup XXXX sport

Seamstress 2p pink misprint
Seamstress 2p plum misprint
Seamstress 2p winking dove sport
Lawyers original $5 sport
Thieves 4p and 6p Original sports
Thieves 5p colour trial sport

Forn parts
Sto Lat 2p smaller size variation
Bonk 1Bz 2nd and 7th transformation
Bonk 100 Bz sport

Other sticky bits
Black Madison sport
Vote Bum
Jamboree 6d sport
Jamboree 1/- floorboard sport
Jamboree 1/- sheet sport
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Re: Discworld Stamps to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby Setsuko » Sun May 13, 2012 01:31 pm

Please have a look at my list, even if you don't want anything that I've got available to trade, as I'm willing to pay cash via paypal. I also have spare GCTS.

'Wants' List:

Official Discworld Stamps:

AMPO $1 Tower of Art (Green) All/any sports (except splash)

Seamstress Guild 2p Corner Misprint
Thieves Guild 4p Reprint - Sport
AMPO Penny Patrician - Sport (clean ear)
AMPO 5p Duty Paid

AMPO Customs Clearance Duty Paid (Cabbage Seed Stamp)
AMPO Penny Patrician Green (East Knoyles)

Bonk 120 Bizot Bat Purple - Sport
AMPO Penny Patrician - Sport (Alice)
AMPO 3p Commemorative Post Box
Thieves Guild 7p - Sport (one missing coin)
$2 Sir Rolande de Colline - Sport
Discworld Jamboree 6d - Sport
Discworld Jamboree 1s - Horsey, Floorboards, Trio & Trio Sport
Owlswick Jenkins Post Office Forgery - Variations 1, 2 & 4
Hogswatch 3p Post Box - Sport

AMPO $1 Tower of Art - Sport (Magic Water)
Klatch 10 Wol Phoenix - Sport
Guild of Heralds 3p - Sport
AM Consulate 2p Duty Paid
AM Post Paid
Djelibeybi 5 Ptascp - Both Sports
AM Consulate Excise Farthing Duty Paid
Sto Helit 1p Boar's Head - Stud Sport
$1 Clax (from GCTS)
1p Postage Due - Sport
2p Postage Due - Sport
$2 Dysk - Sport
75p Watch House - Sport

Initial Patrician - Sport (Pensive Hares)
AMPO $1 Tower of Art - Falling Man 1, Falling Man 4 & Splash
3p Postage Due - Sport
$1 Explorer Sir Roderick Purdeigh - Sport

Seamstress's Guild 'Virgin' 1p Postage Paid - Sport
$1 Clacks Postage Paid Lancre - Sport
$1 Clacks Postage Paid Psuedopolis Green - Sport
8p Pseudopolis AMPO 10p Overprint

Lancre Kingdom 5p - Sport

AMPO Specimen Sports - 1/2p, 2p, 5p & 10p
AMPO $1 Tower of Art - Parachute Sport
Penny Patrician Lilac - Sport (Blank Cartouches)
Omnian Quisition 1 Obol - Sport
Dollar Civic - 50ft Woman Sport

AMPO $1 Tower of Art – Wobble & Shard
Lawyers Fifty Pence - Sport
River Gate Blue Triangle - Common

Thieves' Guild 3p - Sport


Stamps on post to Wincanton (looking for either mint or used/on piece):
Da Vinci Cod
Seamstress 1p for a kiss (mint only)
Small Wincanton Airship Company
Ramoth Dragon of Pern
Do your bit vote 'bum'

Other Stamps and Labels:
Turtle Moves - B,C & Sport
Forum Stamp Year 3
7th Anniversary Red Bernard -Sport
North American Discworld Convention 2009 - Sport
North American Discworld Convention Madison 2011 - Sport (blink)
100th LBE Triangle - Sport
Street Names Labels (from GCTS)


Available for Trade:

2004 Assassins' Guild Postage Paid
2005 1/2p Post Office Gold
2005 AMPO 2p Indigo
2006 Unseen University Farthing
2006 Unseen University Penny
2006 6p Big Wahoonie (smokeless)
2007 Lawyers' Guild 1p
2009 Genua $5
2010 Musician's Guild 2p
2010 ½p Post Office Happy Goose
2010 $1 Hippo
2010 Assassins Guild 20p
2010 Uberwald 10 Bizot
2010 Merchants Guild $2 Morporkia
2010 Llamados Ffyrling Ffarthing
2010 Ramptops Regional Winter
2010 Ramptops Regional joined pair Summer & Winter
2010 $5 Hubwards Gate Triangle (Common)
2011 ½ Post Office Complicated Monkey
2011 AMPO 2p Complicated Monkey (upside down Postage)
2011 AMPO 2p Complicated Monkey (missing text in banner)
2011 AMPO 5p Complicated Monkey
2011 50p Cabbage Complicated Monkey
2011 Seamstress Guild 3p
2011 Wonderful Fanny 7p
2011 Roberta E Biscuit 3p
2011 Omnian1 Obal (Turtle)
2011 Quirm 5p
2011 Howandaland 50 Wichit Bead
2011 $3 Great Inventors Leonard of Quirm
2012 Penny Patrician
2012 ½p Post Office
2012 50p Cabbage Fields
2012 Ramtops Regional Post Autumn
2012 Ramtops Regional Post joined pair Autumn & Spring
2012 Least Gate Triangle (common)
2012 Llamedos Ffyrling
2012 Anginer 3p Votive
2012 Unseen University Farthing
2012 Unseen University Penny Farthing
2012 Agatean Empire Half-Rhinu Red
2012 Agatean Empire Half-Rhinu Prinkos (incomplete bells)
2012 Dollar Civic - Inverted
2012 Dollar Civic - Dragon
2012 Dollar Civic - Clax
2012 Post Early For Hogswatch
2013 Golem Trust Five Pence
2013 Guild of Historians Three Pence
2013 Hogswatch 50p
2013 Hogswatch joined pair of sports $1 & 50p
2014 AMPO 1/2p Burgandy
2014 Cabbage Fields 50p
2014 Sto Helit Penny Sprout
2014 Uberwald 60 Bizot
2014 Fools' Guild 10p
2014 Lancre Castle 3p
2014 Great Fire of AMPO (Mister Gryle)

Other Stamps and Labels:
2010 $5 Hubwards Gate Triangle
2012 Least Gate Triangle
Jean Luc Placard (mint from LBE)
Blue Bernard
Thieves Guild 4p & 6p original versions
Sto Lat 10p Light Skies
AMPO 50p 'Flagrant Cabbage' illustration checklist (giant stamp)
Lancre 1p Verence II
Lancre Kingdom 5p Postage
5p Postage Due
3p Postage Due
Pain of Pain Red (single stamp from rainbow sheet)
5th Anniversary Yellow Terry & Bernard
5th Anniversary Patrician
6th Anniversary Patrician
6th Anniversary Commemorative
7th Anniversary Red Bernard
100th LBE Triangle
Fools Guilld 1/4p Postage Paid
Fools Guild 4p Postage Due
Fools Guild sticky bit (the yellow one)
April Fool 2011
Gaspode 1st Class
$1 Lancre Clacks
$1 Psuedopolis Clacks
$1 Pseudopolis Clacks
$1 Koom Valley Clacks
Penny Prayer
Blue Bernard
6D Discworld Jamboree
DW Jamboree One Shiling: Legs, Insect, Flip & Wheelbarrow
Ankh Morpork Football Association One Penny Postage Paid
Seamstress 'Virgin' One Penny
The Year of the Happy Goose commemorative farthing
NADW Convention 2009
NADW Convention 2011 (Black Maddison)
Irish Convention 2009
Scheibenwelt Convention
7th Discworld Convention
2010 Uberwald DW Con
Amor Vincit Omnia label
2011 Festive Patrician - Bobble Hat
2012 Definitives Specimen stamps - full set
2008 2 1/2% Virtual Added Tax
2 1/2p Surcharge Postage
Hogswatch 2005-2011
TOA Festive and Great Freeze
The Shades 1st Class
$2 Merchants' Guild Civic

Seamstress Language of Love Valentine's Special complete with mint stamp
Solid Jackson GCTS envelope mint/complete with inserts and stamps
Pain of Pain Rainbow Sheet
Here be Dragons Rainbow Sheet
Church of Om Temple Appeal mint with inserts and stamps

Stamps on Post from Wincanton (all on pieces of envelope):
People's republic of Wincanton farm collective (with roundworld postmarks)
Dragon Sanctuary - Don't Let My Flame Go Out
People's republic of Wincanton July 2010
The Bayeux Topiary
The Last Cuppa
Situations Vaticant
Foul Ole Ron and Gaspode
Jean Luc Placard
St Sangria
St Dyspepsia
The Evolution of Gran
Bright Cider Life
Keep the Flame Alive
The Bucolic Plague

I also have a small supply of common stamps from 2004-2014 so if any new collectors have gaps then pm me and I may be able to help.
Thank you for looking at my trading post
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Re: Discworld Stamps to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby Tiger_Stew » Thu Dec 19, 2013 05:35 pm

Hi, I was after the following stamps

yotcm 2011
TOA Falling Man 1
TOA Falling Man 2
TOA Splash

YoTSM 2015
AM 5p Sport
AM 10p Sport

Will pay in swaps, cash or lbe's. Thanks.
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Re: Discworld Stamps to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby Pip » Thu Feb 27, 2014 05:00 pm

Hi guys, I have a list of the discworld stamps I have to trade and ones i'm looking for, obviously there are a few I will never have and or be able to afford but hey what's the point of having them all! All of these are the common (I use the word loosely) I haven't got to the sports collecting yet but do have quite a few sports now. I've only been collecting for a year but I think it is going well considering i have a small budget. I do have a few sports to trade and will list at the end. Please let me know if you have any of the following to trade or to sell, forgive me if I cannot afford some of them as I am aware they maybe out of my budget range!
Wants- singles/commons
Assasin’s guild postage paid
Red nose patrician
Five penny duty paid
Penny patrician campaign
Half farthing widow’s mite
Sto lat ten penny (dark skies)
$1 Lancre ogg
Six pence big wahooni
Bad blintz rat 1 raisin, 5 potato
Customs clearance duty paid
Cabbage seed substitute stamp
Penny patrician green
Fool’s guild post paid
Sto Helit five pence green
Bonk 1 bizot blue – Appeal, Jump, Howl,
One penny winged god commemorative
Three pence commemorative post box stamp
Early bird jamboree stamp
Pain of pain black
Six pence duty paid
The big cabbage commemorative stamp
Owlswick Jenkins red ha’penny forgery
Nine pence duty paid
Two pence duty paid
Ankh-morpork post paid
The Lambert Cordwainer commemorative
Farthing duty paid
One farthing postage due
$1 clax
The seamstress’ guild farthing postage paid
Penny prayer
Hogswatch triptych
Three farthings commemorative
Seven pence ha’penny duty paid
Tobacco and snuff seven pence duty paid
AMFA one penny postage paid
Thieves guild 4p blue
Seven pence revenue post mortem
$1 Clacks post paid Lancre blue
Eight pence Pseudopolis overprint
Unseen university farthing transformation
Unseen university penny transformation
Unseen university penny farthing transformation
Eleven pence revenue
Seamstress one penny
Five pence second inception

Sport wants.

TOA falling man, splash, weathervane,
BT sport
Assassins guild post paid White back, Antidote, Vine whiteback, 3p overprint
Assassins’ Guild Three Pence ungummed, Contract Renewal, Skull-back
Merchant Farthing overprint
Merchant Penny Farthing p
Merchant Three Pence space
Penny Civic V slant
Twoshirts Tuppence Swap
$5 Merchants’ Guild Special Top Hat
Seamstress’ Guild Two Pence Stars, misprint, Raindrop, Diamond, corner
Zlobenian One Zloty Black Foot
Penny Patrician Campaign Inverted
Thieves’ Guild Four Pence Paneless
Thieves’ Guild Six Pence Headless
Penny Patrician Black Clean Ear
Hogswatch Fifty Pence Words
Vetinari Pain of Pain Phosphor
Thieves’ Guild Four Pence Reprint Inversion
Thieves’ Guild Six Pence Reprint Headless
$1 Tower of Art Jenny
Sto Helit Five Pence Broach
Six Pence Big Wahoonie Smokeless, smoke
Bad Blintz Ten Bizot Lampless, shade, Underprint
Bad Blintz Twenty Bizot Clanger
Bad Blintz Fifty Bizot Flat L
Bad Blintz 100 Bizot Missing Rat
Bad Blintz Rat 1 raisin green
Bad Blintz Rat 5 potato green
Bad Blintz Rat 20 candle green
East Knoyle Patrician penny green missing full stop
Unseen University Penny Farthing Open Door
Fools’ Guild Post Paid Colour
Anoia One Penny Spatula
Hogswatch Tuppence Ha’penny Ice Rose snow
Hogswatch Five Penny Snowman Stars
Sto Helit Five Pence Green Inverted
The Seamstress’ Guild Two Pence Plum Wink
$1 Tower of Art - The ’Darren’, The ’Jonty’, The ’Noggin’
Bonk 100 Bizlot Red Bat pattern
Bonk 120 Bizlot Grape Bat inversion
Penny Patrician Black Alice
Morpork Five Pence Plum Dots
Morpork Ten Pence Brown P
$1 Genua word
$5 Genua Windows
Thieves’ Guild Five Pence Coin, Coins
Thieves’ Guild Seven Pence Coin, Coins
$2 Master of the Posts Patch
The Discworld Jamboree Six Penny 6D
The Jamboree One Shilling Wheelbarrow, Trio & Floorboards
The Jamboree One Shilling Trio sport
Lawyers’ Guild One Penny Shift
$5 Lawyer’s Guild Dome
$5 Lawyers’ Guild re-print Dome
Twoshirts Two Pence Green Folds
Cabbage Field Twenty-Five Pence Swap, Light
Sto Lat Two Pence Surprised
Sto Lat Twenty-Five Pence Coil
Owlswick Jenkins Red Ha’penny White, Framed, Motto, Complete
Hogswatch Three Pence Blood
Hogswatch Fifty pence Patrician, Horse, Stuck, Unstuck
Penny Patrician Black Blooming, Blurred,
$1 Tower of Art Mirror, Ankh
Klatch Ten Wol Phoenix Squint
Klatch Fifty Wol Flames
Guild of Heralds Three Pence Mirror
Four Pence Postage Due D
Djelibeybi Five Ptascp Bird, Dots
Djelibeybi One Talon Humps
Tsort One Drachma Dome
Sto Helit Penny Boar’s Head Slanted p, Inverted rivet
One Penny Postage Due Dot
$1 Mended Drum Tilt
$2 Dysk Mirror
The Seamstress’ Guild Farthing Postage Paid Stars
Fourecks Penny Overprint Mirrored
Assassins’ Guild Two Pence Stockings
Assassins’ Guild Shield Three Pence Swap
Watch House Seventy Five Pence Swapped
Hogswatch Bath Towel sport
Hogswatch Triptych sport
Hogswatch Left Segment Candle
Hogswatch Middle Segment Wink
Hogswatch Right Segment Potato
Two Pence Postage Due ’Skaven’
2.5% Virtual Added Tax Mirror
Initial Patrician Pensive Hare
Post Office Half Penny Red Tilt
Penny Patrician Black sport
Seated Patrician Five Pence Medallion
$1 Bank Blue Triangle Door
$1 Tower of Art Falling Man 1, Falling Man 2, Falling Man 3, Splash
Brassica Fifty Pence Trees
Sto Lat Five Pence Tower
Three Pence Postage Due p
Alchemists Penny Farthing Charity Finger
Alchemists Penny Farthing Lead
Bad Blintz Five Bizot Rathaus Flag
Twoshirts Two Pence Sign
One Penny Patrician Dot
$1 Explorer - Llamedos Jones Tilt
$1 Explorer - Lady Alice Venturi Phalus
$1 Explorer - Sir Roderick Purdeigh Parrot
Smoking Gnu Brassica Mafia!, Anarchy, Mail it, Mandrill, No Entry, Cut the Clacks, Blurred, Kill the Clacks, Pistols
Football Fifty Pence - Ridcully Tassel
AMPO Football Fifty Pence - Hoggett Bow
Thieves’ Guild Four Pence RV
$1 Hogswatch Acorn
Tuppence Ha’penny Surcharge Postage P
Seamstress ’Virgin’ One Penny P
Morporkia Five Pence Purple Dots
Morporkia Ten Pence Burgundy Net
$1 Tower of Art Falling Man 1, Falling Man 2, Splash
Brassica Fifty Pence Tilt
Fools’ Guild One Quarter Farthing Bell
$1 Clacks Post Paid Lancre Brown Vanes
$1 Clacks Post Paid Pseudopolis Green Flash
Penny Patrician Lilac O
$1 Clacks Post Paid Koom Valley Axe
Unseen University Farthing Transformations all of them
Unseen University Penny Transformations all of them
Unseen University Penny Farthing Transformation all of them
Unseen University Penny Farthing Organ Librarian
Post Office Half Penny ’Foxy’ Variant sport
$5 Hubward Gate Closed
Hogswatch Boar blood
$1 Tower of Art Festive
Ankh Two Pence Red Postage
Morporkia Five Pence Green Mantle
$1 Tower of Art Falling 1, Falling 2
Cabbage Field Fifty Pence Tower
One Elim Red Whirled
Beggars’ Guild Hatched, Perforated, Cornered, Art Deco
Quirm Five Pence smile
Lancre Kingdom Five Pence crown
Omnian One Obal Turtle
Klatch Two Wol Beak
$1 Unseen Hogswatch Freeze, Snowball
Post office half penny open door
Penny patrician black kippah
Morpork 10p Blue AA
TOA switch, falling man 1, falling man2
Cabbage fields 50p moist
Fools 4p postage dueinverted
3p Mr shine inverted
Penny patrician lilac 25, Salter, Salter 25, Blank Ian
Sir Charles Lavatory 4p Ampersand
Least gate BT sport
Quisition 1 Obal inverted, Blue, Flesh, Purple, Green, Beige, Violet, Yellow, Grey
Mr Tiddles 5p Tongue
Hogswatch Castle of Bones Hogfather
Portal Properties $1 Duty Paid Flip

Ankh 2p shield
TOA wobble, Andrea
Glorious 25th lilac penny patrician weave
Hogswatch festive 50p wineglass

For trades I have sports of:
Sto Helit penny boars head sport (smaller stamp)
Genua $5 sport
Joined half farthing Winter & Summer sport
10 bizot uberwald (upturned elephant trunk) sport
Leonard Da Quirm sport
7p Wonderful Fanny (filled in "p")
Aniger 3p sport (Cat with head chopped off)
Llamedos Ffyrling 1 Farthing knot sport
Half farthing Ramptop Spring sport (Red)
Civic dollar sports- Giant woman, Clacks tower & Dragon on tower
Agatean half Rhinu (half bell) sport
Seamstress Tupenny upright (heart) sport
1 Elim upside down sport
Nothingfjord 2 crognae sport (sinking ship)
Golem Trust 5 pence sport (Red eyes)
Guild of Lawyers 50 pence sport (appostrophy after "s")
Guild of Lawyers $1 sport (Hanging man)
TOA sport (falling man)
post office open door sport
Bloodaxe & Hammer sport (rose in mouth)
Iron girder sport
Guild of Historians 3p (glowing eyes) sport
Fourecks 3 squid sport (Rincewind running in background)
50p cabbage fields (tornado) sport
Half penny post office (Man on roof) sport
2p Ankh sport
5p morpork (d sport)
2p Ella sport
1p Penny sprout (slug)
2p merchants guild sport
Great fire of AMPO 3p golem sport
Dead letter (Reluctantly!)
Uberwald 30 bizot (Rhys sport)
3p Lancre Castle (falling rocks sport)
TOA upside down sport
Vetinari 6p man with dog sport

Also have Igor stampth!
Death by Igor
I owe Lawyers
Should have gone to specsavers
Leonard bloodaxe hippo
I can see my house from here
Igor 2 Igor
Hogswatch Igor stamp

I do have some multiples of earlier common stamps so please ask if you wish to know.
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Re: Discworld Stamps to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby ohdear » Wed Jul 09, 2014 07:44 pm

Hi Chaps

Looking for a Sto Lat Patrician Two Pence Blue

The 1p Patricians and derivatives are the only stamps I collect now... for various reasons.. so I will never get Cabbage stamps to swap, so need to buy

So very willing to buy Cabbage stamps ... name your price

Looking to Buy... or Trade (?)

Also from a previous posting

Need a sheet of Penny Patrician Black Issued in the Year of the Signifying Frog... will buy

Penny Patrician Black...The Year of the Three Roses
...Penny Patrician Black Swapped (The Rose and Letter cartouches have swapped so the roses are at the bottom.)

Penny Patrician Green... The Year of the Signifying Frog
...1 common stamp

Penny Patrician Black...The Year of the Happy Goose
...Sport Penny Patrician Black A
...Sheet of Black Reprint commons
...1 Black Reprint common
...Sport Penny Patrician Black A Reprint

Penny Patrician Lilac... The Year of the Happy Goose
...Sport Penny Patrician Lilac O

Need a sheet o fPenny Patrician Sixth Anniversary... The Year of the Happy Goose

Can Pay via Pay Pal.... Or it there is anything Pre 2009 you need ... let me know... Confining myself to a managable Patrician Set, so I will be, with regret, breaking most things up

Cheers ohdear... or nevermind as was... Paul
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