Corners and franks to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Just like a swap-shop, but without the jumpers (usually).

Corners and franks to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby Darren » Sat Jan 16, 2010 02:22 pm

This thread is specifically for the trading of stamp sheet corners and franked stamps.

Please keep your listing simple and up to date, ideally using a format such as offer/want, or got/need (or suchlike). Trade is between private individuals, and is not guaranteed or overseen by the Cunning Artificer or anyone else here - caveat emptor and all that. And please remember once you've made your trade, update your thread entries and post feedback on the trading feedback thread.

Any other postings into this thread, including discussions and digressions, will be removed without notice.
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Re: Corners and franks to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby bezam » Fri Jan 29, 2010 04:28 pm

Swaps is best please!

(* = offer made/trade in progress/mulling it over)

Corners needed

(new needs in indigo)

FULL OF OM'S BLESSINGS LBE REQUIRED!! (empty is fine :wink:)

3p Hogswatch 2004 : BR
$5 Lawyers (original version)[/b : TR
[b]1 Talon
: TL
$1 Clacks Post Paid Lancre Brown : TR
$1Clacks Post Paid Pseudopolis Green : BL
$1 Clacks Post Paid Pseudopolis Lilac : TR, BR
UU Penny Farthing Organ : TL
$2 Merchants Guild Civic (blue) : TL
Hogswatch Boar : TR, BL, BR
One Elim Red : BR
$3 Great Inventors BS Johnson : BL
Klatch 2 Wol : TR, BL, BR
$1 TOA (YOSI) : TL, TR, BL, BR
Three Pence Mr Shine : TR, BL, BR
Penny Patrician Lilac (YOSI) : TR, BR
Agatean Empire Half Rhinu : TR
Omnian Quisition One Obal : TR, BL
1p Patrician (YOFA) : TL, TR
2p Ankh (YOFA) : TL, BR
Morpork 5p (YOFA) : TR, BR
$1 TOA (YOFA) : BL, BE
Fourecks Three Squid : TR, BL, BR
Golem Trust 5p : TL
Bloodaxe & Ironhammer 4p : TL, BL

Corners to trade

Ask & I shall look - it may take a while to list them all!
If it's a normal corner, then I'll look for 2 commons to trade for it; if it's a sport corner then I'll trade for an LBE
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Re: Corners and franks to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby Lazzagami » Tue Feb 09, 2010 12:18 pm

Corners Wanted with good perfs

Igor Hogswatch Bottom Right Corner PLEASE!

2012 Specimen corners
$1 Toa - TR
1/2p - BL
2p - BL

2013 Specimen corners
$1 Toa - TL - TR - BL - BR
1/2p - BR
1p - TR
2p -TL
5p - BR
10p - TL

TL & TR of the Bernard's Heart stamp 2011 !

More Fool You - Bottom Right corner PLEASE!


Any corners of the 1p & 4p postage due?
and the 2 1/2p surcharge TR and BR corners[/color]

3p postage due - Bottom right

[b]let me know what you have & I'll make you an offer you can´t refuse,
and don't be afraid to ask, I've got way to many corners to try and list,
but am happy to see if I have what you are after.

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Re: Corners and franks to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby Skaven » Thu Jul 29, 2010 06:00 pm

I don't collect corners myself, but if I have anything you need I do have a significant wants list here in My Stamp Trades and am willing to swap for things from there :)

Half Penny P.O. Red - TR, BL.
Half Penny P.O. Red - TL Block of 4
Penny Patrician - TL, TR, BL, BR.
2p Ankh Plum - TL, TR, BL, BR.
5p Morporkia Blue - TR, BR
10 Morporkia Green - BR
$1 Tower of Art - TL

Penny Patricain - TR
5p Morporkia Orange - TL
5p Morporkia Orange - BL (AM Frank)
10p Morporkia Purple - TL, BL.
Merchants Farthing - BL (1/4d pointing into corner)
Merchants Fifty Pence - BR
One Penny Duty Paid - TL
Half Penny P.O. Gold - TL
Twoshirts Tuppence - TR
Purple Pain of Pain - BR
Assassins Three Pence - BR

$1 Tower of Art - BL
Lancre One Penny Verence II - BR
Sto Helit 5p Susan - TR
Unseen University Farthing - TL, TR. BR
Unseen University Farthing - BR (horizontal joined pair)
Unseen University One Penny - TR
Bad Blintz 1 Bizot - TR
Bad Blintz 5 Bizot - TL, TR
Bad Blintz ThePact 100 Bizot - TR

2p Seamstress plum - TL
Half Penny P.O. Ocre - BR
Bonk 120 Bizot Bat Brown - TL
$5 Genua - TL, BR
Cabbage Field 25p - BL

Half Penny P.O. Violet - TR
Penny Patrician - TL, TR, BL
5p Morporkia Marron - BL
10p Morporkia Grey - BL
Sto Helit 4p Susan - TL, TR, BL
Assassins 2p Wiggy Charlie - TR (patricians head pointing into corner)
Watch House Seventy Five Pence - BL
Seamstress 4p Horizontal - TR
Sto Helit Penny Boar's Head - BL

2p Ankh Plum - BR
3p Postage Due - BL
$1 Tower of Art - BR
Bad Blintz 5 Bizot Rathaus - TL, TR
Engravers Half Penny - TR
$1 Explorer Llamedos Jones - TL, TR, BL, BR
$1 Explorer Sir Roderick - TR
$1 Explorer Lady Alice - TL, TR, BL, BR
50p Foot the Ball Ridcully - TL, TR
50p Foot the Ball Match Ref - BL, BR
Thieves 4p - TL, TR, BR
Alchemists Penny Farthing - BL, BR
Sto Lat 2p - BL
$5 Genua - TR, BR

Musicians 2p -TL, TR, BR
Half Penny P.O. Red - TL, BL, BR
Half Penny P.O. Red (new ink) - TR
Penny Patrician - TL, TR, BL, BR
Penny Patrician (new ink) - BL
2p Ankh - TL, TR, BL, BR
5p Morporkia - TL, TR
10p Morporkia - TL, BL, BR
$1 Genua - TR, BR, BL
$1 Tower of Art - TL, TR
50p Brassica - TL, BR
Llamedos Ffyrling Farthing - TL, TR,BL, BR
20p Assassins - TL, BL
$1 Hippo Commemorative - TL, TR, BL
Stamps 6th Anniversary - TL
6th Birthday Patrician - TL
Unseen University Farthing - TL, BL
Unseen University One Penny - BR
Unseen University Penny Farthing - TR, BL
DW Con Uberwald - TR
Uberwald 10 Bizot - TL, TR, BL, BR
$2 Merchants' Guild Morporkia - TR, BL
Ramtops Summer/Winter verticle pair - TL
Ramtops Winter/Summer verticle pair - BL
Ramtops Summer/Winter horizontal pair - TL
Ramtops Winter - BL
Hogswatch 2010 - TR, BL, BR

2011 Year of the Constipated Monkey
Half Penny P.O. - TR, BR
Penny Patrcian - TR, TL
2p Ankh - TL, TR, BR
10p Morporkia - TR, BR
Seamstress 3p Corset - TR
The Bernards Heart stamp - BL
50p Cabbage - TR, BL, BR
One Elim - TR
5p Thieves Gulid - BL
$3 Great Inventors - B S Johnson - TL

* Trade in progress

Last Updated 8th December 2011
New trades
Still got those pesky gaps to fill? See if I have what your looking for in My Stamp Trades
Missing that certain edge? Why not see if I can help you obtain it with My Corner Trades
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Re: Corners and franks to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby barber80 » Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:49 pm

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Re: Corners and franks to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby gdit » Mon Jul 14, 2014 07:34 am

I tend to stick to non-selvage stamps myself so I thought I’d offer what I’ve got in the way of corners and franks up to those who have an interest in them. Willing to trade for swaps or paypal, my wishlist is on the main stamp trading forum.

Have to trade
Unseen University Penny (SHS-AM0072-Ae) with what appears to be a brownish colour Unseen University frank (FRG-0005a) partial.
Unseen University Penny Farthing (SHS-AM0073-Ae) with purple All Fool's Day (FRW-0010a) frank partial.

Klatch Two Wol (SHS-KL0257) - x1 (Unless I’m missing something all corners appear to be rotated into identicalness)

2012 Second Inception
Morpork Five Pence Red (SHS-AM0267) - 2 BL
Morpork Ten Pence Blue (SHS-AM0268) - 1 TR
Ramtop Regional Post Autumn (SHS-RT0275) - 1 TR
One Elim Blue (SHS-AM0277) - 1 BR
Seamstress Guild Tuppenny Upright (SHS-AM0283) - 1 TR
Unseen University Farthing (SHS-AM0285) - 1 TL, 1 BR

2013 - Frog Ascendant
Half Penny Green (SHS-AM0295) - 1 TR
Fourecks Three Squid (SHS-XX0303-Aw) - 1 BL,
Bloodaxe & Ironhammer (SHS-AM0308) - 2 TR,
$1 Guild of Lawyers (SHS-AM0315) - 1 BR,

2014 - Reciprocating Llama
Ankh 2 pence (SHS-AM0327) - 2 TR,
Fools Guild 10 pence (SHS-AM0336) - 1 TL, 1 TR, 1 BR,
Lancre Castle 3 pence (SHS-LA0340) - 1 BL
4p Vetinari - 1 TL
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Re: Corners and franks to trade - NO DIGRESSIONS

Postby Snufkin » Sun Nov 02, 2014 10:01 pm

Hey guys, recently started collecting, but I've got a few corners to trade already.

Iron Girder No 1 TL, BL
Post Office ½p Burgundy BR, TR
Penny Patrician BL
Vetinari 4p TL
Assassins' Guild 3p Silver BL
Genua 2c Ella TL
Uberwald 30 bizot TR, TL
Uberwald 60 bizot BR
Guild of Historians Three Pence TR
Lancre Castle Three Pence TR
Great Artworks Man with Dog TR, BR
The Chalk One Farthing BR

Have a trading page, but I'm looking for a lot of stuff from 2013 back.
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