Revised Trading and Copyright Guidelines

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Revised Trading and Copyright Guidelines

Postby Darren » Tue Feb 28, 2006 11:54 am

1. If you have something to sell/swap/trade please post the advertisement in the Trading Forum only, in the appropriate thread there.

2. Only mods and admin can start new threads in the Trading Forum

3. Trading Forum posts may contain one or more images and/or links to other websites

4. Discussion of trading/sales/auctions is permitted, but the post should not contain a link to said item, unless it is only available at a fixed retail price, preferably in multiple quantities and that the trade or sale does not involve any gain by you or a company owned by you or a friend/relative.

5. Posts relating to your own items should be in the trading forum, in the appropriate section. Posts by approved sellers should be in the marketplace section. New threads started by members to advertise their own sales in the wrong forum will be moved to the appropriate thread in the Trading section and members will be notified by pm.

6. A link to the Trading Forum or other auction websites in your signature to advertise your sales is permitted, graphics are not.

7. You are reminded that unless you have totally created the item you are advertising, copyright permission will need to be sought from the owner. This also applies to all discworld stamp related products and discworld artwork for example.

8. Posts seen to be infringing copyright and trading guidelines will be removed and the author will be sent a pm to explain why and to ask them to desist.

9. Lastly, if you're in doubt about where (or indeed if) something should be posted here, ask one of the moderators. We're here to help and make this site run as smoothly as possible.

These revised guidelines have been drawn up by the forum moderators and approved by the administration. This thread has been locked but a discussion thread can be found here should you wish to give inputs or make comments.
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