Stamp FAQs and Useful Reference Information

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Stamp FAQs and Useful Reference Information

Postby Darren » Tue May 17, 2005 09:58 am

This thread will be used as a store for the various useful reference information on the stamps themselves. If someone posts something deemed useful to know, it may well get plundered and tucked away here for ease of finding. Items will be added as and when they appear, or alternatively you can PM me with such information and I will include it if it is appropriate.

In many cases further and more detailed informations can be found on Kelshandra's website. Where there is a specific page giving more details I will endeavor to include a link to it in the information. Consider it the full reference material (and highly recommended for visiting), with this being a quick reference guide only, and non-exhaustive in content.
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What are the Cabbage Green Stamp exchange rates?

Postby Darren » Tue May 17, 2005 10:01 am

Here's the Green Cabbage stamp exchange rate, with each of the following amounts of commons equal to one Green Cabbage Stamp, alongside the value of those commons if bought direct through the website.

The packing list (which details the trading rates too) can be downloaded here from the website, but the list is reproduced below for quick reference (how many of each per 1CGTS):

  • 16 AM half penny ochre
  • 16 1p Patrician (owl/ankh)
  • 10 2p Ankh green
  • 6 5p Morporkia plum
  • 6 10p Morporkia brown
  • 3 $1 Tower of Art (fountain)
  • 10 Cabbage Field 25p
  • 4 Contract Assassin (diamond)
  • 10 Seamstress plum
  • 8 Thieves Guild 5p
  • 8 Thieves Guild 7p
  • 8 Merchants (Greengrocers)
  • 10 Sto Lat 1p
  • 8 Sto Lat 2p
  • 7 Sto Lat 25p
  • 10 Sto Helit 5p
  • 15 Bad Blintz 1 bizot
  • 15 Bad Blintz 2 bizot
  • 15 Bad Blintz 5 bizot
  • 6 Bad Blintz 10 bizot
  • 6 Bad Blintz 20 bizot
  • 4 Bad Blintz 50 bizot
  • 3 Bad Blintz 100 bizot
  • 10 Unseen University farthing
  • 4 Unseen University penny
  • 3 Unseen University penny farthing
  • 7 Bonk 1 bizlot
  • 7 Bonk 100 bizlot
  • 7 Bonk 120 bizlot
  • 15 Genua 1 cent
  • 7 Genua 1 dollar
  • 3 Genua 5 dollar
  • 15 Lawyers Guild 1 penny
  • 3 Lawyers Guild 5 dollars
  • 8 Two Shirts 2p

Any stamps not listed and prior to those above have been retired and are no longer redeemable for trading stamps, and any stamp not listed but newer than the above have yet to be assigned a trading value.

With thanks to Frank the Younger for the prompt that this needed renewing, and Hilary for arranging the details and the downloadable list.
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What are the (7+1) zombie cover addresses?

Postby Darren » Tue May 17, 2005 10:12 am

The addresses of the Assassins FDCs are as follows:

1) The Patrician
H. Vetanari Esq
Ruler of

2) Lord Havelock

3) M. Von Lipwig Esq.
The Post Office

4) M. Von Lipwig
The Post Office

5) Sir Samuel Vimes
The Watch House

6) Dr Whiteface
The Fools Guild
Widdershins Broadway

7) Mr R Shoew
The Fresh Start Club
668 Elm Street

8) Mr Slant,
Embankment Chambers
The Guild of Lawyers
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How many different LBE designs are there?

Postby Darren » Tue May 17, 2005 10:33 am

Currently there are a large number of basic designs of LBEs in existence (excluding those created for Society events, and the Harper-Collins LBE):
  1. The Stamp Catalogue.
  2. Assorted Discworld Stamps, Franked and Un-Franked.
  3. The Hogswatch Special.
  4. Discworld Cinderellas.
  5. Thieves Guild Exempt - Duty Paid.
  6. The Twoshirts Cabbage Macerating Festival.
  7. The "Watch" LBE - featuring Colin Edwards. (Known to come in two varieties).
  8. The 1st Anniversary LBE (available for 1-day only).
  9. The Clarecraft 2005 LBE (limited to 1000).
  10. Thieves Guild Exempt - Duty Paid. Second version, with different text font.
  11. City Watch (Colin Edwards) - half cabbage green version.
  12. City Watch (Colin Edwards) - Society logo version.
  13. Go West.
  14. $5 blue half cabbage green.
  15. Halloween - half cabbage green version.
  16. Halloween - Society logo version.
  17. The Winter Warmer.
  18. Hogswatch 2005.
  19. Wisdom of the Pond (the Year of the Signifying Frog).
  20. Mint Sauce.
  21. All Fools Day.
  22. Pied Piper LBE (Spring Fate event LBE).
  23. Forn Parts.
  24. Ankh-Morpork Guilds.
  25. 2nd Anniversary.
  26. Jolly Holiday.
  27. Dame Timpani LBE (Con special LBE).
  28. Sir Waddington-Crust (Wadfest 2006 LBE).
  29. Unbirthday.
  30. Gift LBE.
  31. Mushrooming for Beginners.
  32. Hogswatch Gift LBE.
  33. Hogswatch 2006.
  34. Winter Warmer 2006/7.
  35. Be my Valentine.
  36. Gift.
  37. Spring Daffodil.
  38. Deutsche (for German Con).
  39. Friendship Gift.
  40. Light of the Moon.
  41. Beautiful Music.
  42. Genua Swamps.
  43. George's Bottom.
  44. Jamboree (including Early Bird stamped variation).
  45. Sir George.
  46. Poor Heinrich.
  47. Aunt Helga.
  48. Winter Warmer 2007.
  49. Hogswatch Gift 2007.
  50. Hogswatch Event LBE 2007.
  51. Year of the Three Roses.
  52. Spring 2008.
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What franks have there been?

Postby Darren » Tue May 17, 2005 11:59 am

In no particular order, the franks used on Discworld covers and individual stamps have been:
  • Ankh-Morpork Post Office.
  • Sto Kerrig Post Office.
  • Sto Lat Post Office.
  • Ankh-Morpork Consulate Wincanton (the Diplomatic postmark).
  • Do not, repeat NOT lick (on the Zombie covers).
  • Wincanton 11 Dec 2004 (on the Hogswatch covers, mirror image text).
  • Twoshirts.
  • April 31st 2005 (on the Shower covers).
  • Cabbage brassica movement order (on some of the Sanctuary covers).
  • The Woolpit Field Postmark.
  • The Koom Valley Field Postmark.
  • Bad Blintz Triangular Postmark.
  • Ankh-Morpork PO Wincanton Postmark (on Bad Blintz FDC).
  • Snowflake.
  • Jamboree.
  • Jamboree field post office.
  • Year of the Three Roses (2 varieties).

Inks used have been black, red, green and on occasions blue and gold, although these latter two were just trials.
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What sports and variations of stamps have there been?

Postby Darren » Tue May 17, 2005 12:14 pm

Here we class sports as "deliberate" (although in some cases unintentional) mistakes on a stamp, to make it different from the others on a given sheet.

Variants are stamps with the same basic design, but where the whole sheet has been altered to give a different stamp.

Early sports and variants can be found at the start of the list, with the later ones listed below in rough order of issue.

Penny Patrician
  • Penny Red.
  • Unperforated.
  • Red Nose Patrician (Comic Relief stamp).
  • Eminence Gris.
  • Penny Civic.
  • Penny Civic Sport (letters in corners are thinned - bottom right of sheet).
  • Cabbage Civic (issued with Journal #3).
  • Military Civic (issued in stamp books of 6, one being a sport - various locations).

Tower of Art
  • Falling man (old version - no side selvage, angled birds - top of sheet, to the left of the splash sport).
  • Falling man (new version - left or right side selvage, horizontal top-left bird).
  • Falling man (new version 2 - left or right side selvage, 2 horizontal birds, top-left and the one below it - top left of sheet).
  • Splash (old version - small splash close to waters edge - top right of sheet).
  • Splash (new version - larger splash, further into water - top right of sheet).
  • Weathervane (pointing to the right instead of left - below sheet, with long selvage).

$5 Blue Triangle
  • Triangle sport (Patricians head upside down).

Assassins Guild 3p
  • Ungummed 3p.
  • 3p skull-back (normal 3p front, but with Dreadful-style yellow backing with red skull).
  • Thrupn'y Dreadful (text reads "Postage Paid" instead of "Three Pence", back is yellow with red skull and crossbones).
  • Thrupn'y Dreadful whiteback (white backed, instead of normal yellow and no skull and crossbones. Also end of the vine near the dagger has been reported as missing).
  • Antidote Stamp (missing end of vine, and green dots on background. Also comes with small "letter" label in the LBE).

Merchant stamps
  • Penny Farthing Sport (missing "P" in value at corner - bottom left of sheet).
  • Three Pence Sport (space missing in "Three Pence" - bottom left of sheet).
  • Farthing Sport (Ship's hull reversed, rudder on front - bottom left of sheet).
  • Fifty Pence Sport (top of O in dollar missing, reads "Half Dullar" - bottom left of sheet).

Twoshirts stamps
  • Two Pence Sport (faces swapped, most obvious in moustaches - bottom right of sheet).

Seamstress Guild stamp
  • Two Pence Sport (Upper stars twisted/inverted - top left of sheet)

Zlobenian stamp
  • 1 Zlob (Eagle has black talons ("socks") instead of white ones - top right of sheet).

Thieves Guild
  • 4 pence, old version (Left hand window has only 3 panes - top left of sheet).
  • 4 pence, new version (Windows on upper right hand side are mirrored - top left of sheet).
  • 6 pence, old version (Rooftop cross is missing its peak - bottom left of sheet).
  • 6 pence, new version (Rooftop cross is missing its peak - top left of sheet).

New Common Stamps (New Colours)
  • Half Penny Gold (Cabbages at top are mirrored - within sheet, not at edge).
  • Two Penny Blue (Number of berries on branches at the bottom - within sheet, not at edge).
  • Tower of Art (Tower is upside down - on separate area below sheet, removed from retail sheets).

Hogswatch 2005
  • Hogswatch 50p (50p and the Patricians head replaced by the words "Fifty Pence" - on separate sheet).
  • 50p Field of Cabbages (There are lovers in the field, and the Patricians head is tilted up to look at them - on separate sheet). Also known as the "Flagrant Cabbage".

Sto Helit
  • 5p (Omega symbol on the necklace is inverted - 5 rows down, 2 in from the right on the sheet).

Bad Blintz
  • 1 Bizot (Rat widdle stain - bottom row, second from left).
  • 2 Bizot (bottom of Z missing on "Bad Blintz" - second row, third column).
  • 5 Bizot (border dots are double-spaced - fourth row, fourth column).
  • 10 Bizot (coach lamps on corner of 1st-floor guard-rail are missing - second row, second column).
  • 20 Bizot (clanger on bell held by right-hand rat is missing - third row, right hand column).
  • 50 Bizot (L in Bad Blintz at top of stamp has square tail-end, rather than angular - top-left hand corner).
  • 100 Bizot (rat at extreme left-hand side of table is missing - third row, second column).
  • "Rat stamps" (three tiny (11mm square) stamps for the rat mail. Features the raisin, potato and candle - only available from Fate event LBEs, 80 of each produced).

Unseen University
  • Farthing (ID and NE transposed - 4th row, 4th column).
  • Penny (Library image plus flying books are mirrored - 2nd row, right hand edge).
  • Penny Farthing (Door is open - 4th row, 2nd column).

Wadfest 2006
  • Central image of Sir Waddington-Crust is mirrored, looking to the right (top left hand corner of the sheet, plus the stamp immediately to its right, two sports per sheet)

  • Fishslice hanging from a chain around her neck is missing (centre stamp, bottom row of sheet).

Hogswatch 2006
  • 2½p (Border snowflakes are the rounded version (from the 5p common)).
  • 5p (Border snowflakes are the spikey version (from the 2½p common)).

Green Susan Sto Helit
  • 5p (Omega symbol on the necklace is inverted - various places on the sheet).

TOA Year 3 (Rainbow)

From left to right, the "Darren" (with initial cartouches), "Jonty" (inverted) and "Noggin" (without cartouches) sports. These have been amended to match up with Doc's namings elsewhere :oops:

As they're colour variants, a picture is simpler ;) On their own little mini-sheet.

Bonk Stamps
  • 1B - 7 different variants, each depicting part of the transition of the figure from wolf to man.
  • 100B - Extra patterning below the "O" and "N" of BONK.
  • 120B - Curls above each "120" are inverted.

Genua Stamps
  • 1 cent - Cockerel's head is missing (top-left stamp on sheet, also row 7 column 6 and row 5 column 4 (thanks Frank!)).
  • $1 - Colouration in lettering is green (as background) rather than black (3rd column, 5th row on sheet).
  • $5 - Windows are missing on the towers (3rd column, middle row on sheet).

Year Three commons
  • 1p Patrician - "A" in "postage" is mirrored (the Alice Band).
  • 1p Patrician - "Clean ear" variant.
  • 5p Morporkia - Dots in the "apple cores" near the value missing.
  • 10p Morporkia - p in "10p" lowered.

Year Three Thieves Guild
  • 5p - Lower two coins missing under purse (3rd stamp column, 2nd row).
  • 5p - Lowest (small) coin missing under purse (2nd stamp column, 3rd row).
  • 7p - Lower two coins missing under purse (3rd stamp column, 3rd row).
  • 7p - 2nd bottom coin missing under purse (2nd column, 4th row).

Sir Rolande de Colline
  • Eyepatch on opposite eye (2nd column, 4th row).

  • 6d - Price text is in black rather than white.
  • 1 shilling - Text colours reversed (Discworld Jamboree in green and In Omnia Paratus in red-orange) (2nd column, 3rd row).
  • 1 shilling - Different scout image, including floorboards beneath them (not on sheet).

Lawyers Guild
  • 1p - Background text (small print) offset.
  • $5 - Small man climbing on the dome of the clock tower.

Field of Cabbages (Year 4)
  • 25p - buildings on the horizon are reversed.

Hogswatch 2007
  • 3p - Bloody footprints on the snow in front of the postbox.
  • 50p - Patrician's head is reversed (facing left).

  • 2p - Extra wrinkles on either side in the border design just above 2p text.

Sto Lat
  • 2p - Eyebrow raised.
  • 25p - Centre of spirals on either side of "STO LAT POST OFFICE" are missing

Commons Year 4
  • 1p Patrician - The roses in the cartouches at the top are in bloom.
  • 2p Ankh - The "comma" curls just to either side of the hippos are inverted.
  • 2nd 1p Patrician - AM and roses cartouches are swapped (roses are at the bottom, AM at the top) - not on the sheet.

Tower of Art - Year of the Three Roses
  • $1 TOA - Reflection in the water is mirrored horizontally (printed separately from sheet).
  • $1 TOA - Both the University (tower and background buildings) and it's reflection in the water is mirrored horizontally (printed separately from sheet).

Guild of Heralds
  • Chamber pot handle on the other side from normal

  • 10W - Feathering on the tops of the wings is different.
  • 50W - Extra flame just beside phoenix's left knee.

  • 1 ptascp - Camel has two humps.
  • 5 ptascp - Bird is facing left instead of right.
  • 5 ptascp - Bordering at the bottom around Djelibeybi is different.

  • 1d - small domes building above the S in Tsort is missing.

Penny Patrician (May 2008 event)
  • 1p - Skullcap has racing stripes on it.


More information is available here on Kel's site.

Spotted a sport or just want to comment on one, then try here.
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What covers have there been?

Postby Darren » Tue May 17, 2005 12:19 pm

Here we list the official covers, created for sale by Bernard the Stout. They are all of limited edition. Special covers (e.g. the Silverhorde cover, the Matt Hampson Cover and the 90-LBE Competition covers) are not included, as they were not on general sale.

  • Wincanton 2002 cover (to celebrate the opening of the Discworld post office and the twinning of Wincanton and Ankh-Morpork. Some were signed, some were not).
  • Waterstones cover (from Waterstones surprisingly, to go with the launch of Going Postal).
  • Zombie covers (99 covers with 8 different addresses, listed above).
  • Hogswatch cover (with Hogswatch stamp and postmark).
  • Stampex cover (created for the Spring Stampex exhibition, attended by various forum members under the guise of Bath Postal Museum.
  • Twoshirts cover (from the 2005 Shower event, containing many and various items, including a special postcard).
  • The $5 Merchant cover (also from the Shower, featuring the new $5 merchant stamp amazingly enough).
  • The Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons covers (available via the trading scheme).
  • The Rockall charity cover (with Leshp stamp plus Rockall Cinderella. Variants exist which were signed by the crew, and some dipped into the Atlantic at Rockall).
  • The Koom Valley cover (including a variant doubled with franked roundworld stamps).
  • The Ride to Sto Lat cover.
  • The Hogswatch Glee Club cover (including a variant doubled with franked roundworld stamps).
  • The Bad Blintz cover (20 of which carried only sport stamps).
  • Hogswatch 2006 (20 of which carried a pair of sport stamps).
  • Bonk cover.
  • Sir Rolande de Colline cover (numbered, limited to 300).
  • Jamboree cover (1000, including 100 variants with RM stamps and frank. Most issued in Jamboree goodie bags).
  • East Knoyle Jamboree variant cover (50 only, double-stamped with the 1st anniversary of the opening, on the last day of the Jamboree).

Images of most of these covers can be found here.
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What perforations have been used on the stamps?

Postby Darren » Tue May 17, 2005 01:31 pm

There are three basic catagories of perforations that have been used at various points for the stamps:
  • Bath perforations - done by Bernard and pTerry using the antique Victorian perforator at the Bath Postal Museum. This gave 12 holes per 2cm.
  • Wincanton perforations - done unsurprisingly at Wincanton, using the new perforating machine that was purchased to save travelling costs to Bath and other general hassles. This gives 10 holes per 2cm.
  • Machine perforations - done by the bulk manufacturer (Enschede of Holland), with their mass production comb perforator. This gives 13 holes per 2cm, although this was varied to 13.5 holes per 2cm for the penny black.

One other variation are the rough and smooth perforations. These are generally the Bath perforations, and all relates to beeswax. Initially this little secret was not known to our dear Artificer, so the early perfs look like they were chewed out by a rat. Some clever soul then divulged the information that if the pins were lubricated with beeswax and multiple sheets were done together, the perforations would be smooth. This was done, and lo the perfs were indeed smooth.

Relating to rough and smooth Bath perforations, some further information was given by the lady who knows...

Granny Isobel, in an email on this very subject wrote:There was some variation in the Bath perfs - it depended which end of
the "pins" met the sheet of stamps and since it was reversed half way
through some stamps would be neater one side than the other if you see
what I mean.

I don't think you'll find a big difference, it was more a matter of
degree of nibbling.

Still, it gives us collectors something else to look out for. Not all stamps have been done using each method. For example the $5 triangles and TOAs are all hand-perf'd, be it either at Bath or Wincanton.

There are also a few stamps around which are mis-perforated, with additional perforations through them in various positions. These are again quite rare and collectable in their own right.

For additional information, click here.
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How does the Cabbage Trading scheme work?

Postby Addicted » Thu May 19, 2005 09:31 pm

How does the Cabbage Trading scheme work? Our intrigued correspondent asked the question of she who knows these things, and was duly informed.

Granny Isobel, in an email to Rabelasian, wrote:"The principle is that collectors can exchange their "common" stamps for something more interesting and unusual.
In exchange for varying numbers of common stamps they will receive Green Cabbage Trading stamps.
These will be supplied with a card to make the collecting easier.
There is a Trading rate list and returns form on the Forum which can be down-loaded.
Alternatively if people email me I can send one in the post.

These green cabbage stamps can be collected, sold, traded or sent back to us where they will be exchanged for something a bit special.
The current exchange item is a Dragon Sanctuary envelope - there are 10 different varieties and 100 of each of these available.
25 green cabbage stamps will secure one of these.

The collecting card has space for 48 cabbage stamps, which together with the two "free" stamps printed on the card make it up to 50 - This makes a full card worth two sanctuary envelopes.
Alternately 24 cabbage stamps plus the freebie can be exchanged for 1 Dragon Sanctuary envelope.

Some people are short circuiting the system and swapping their "common" stamps for the Sanctuary envelopes without going through the green cabbage stamp phase at all. This is fine by us and so long as the right numbers of stamps are returned we can do this. The Freebie cabbage stamp will still apply at the rate of 1 per 24.

Additional trading items will be introduced as the scheme progresses and these will be exchanged for varying numbers of green cabbage stamps.

Hope that's clear as finest high-purity Ankh-water to everyone.
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What is the rarity of the uncommon stamps?

Postby Darren » Tue May 31, 2005 02:17 pm

What is the rarity of the uncommon stamps, found occasionally in lucky LBEs, now and in the past? Some information, courtesy of Buckjump and Granny Isobel:
  • Hogswatch - 2900 produced, including 400 on the FDC. No longer produced.
  • Thrupn'y Dreadful (Zombie) - 800 in total (1 in 40 LBEs) - updated information from that first given by Isobel, which said 2000.
  • Dreadful Whitebacks - 40 in total, only 10 released in Hogswatch FDCs.
  • Ungummed Thrupn'y Resurrections - 1500 in total.
  • Unperforated Penny Patricians - Given away in the journal #1 to the first 500 subscribers.
  • Penny Civics (normal) - 5500 in LBEs, plus the 250 unperforated sheets.
  • Red Nose Patricians - 98 were claimed in the end. No longer produced.
  • Penny Red - Distributed with journal #1 only. Still available by back-issue order, but supply is limited.
  • Civic Sports - 100 civic sheets perforated and in LBEs, plus 250 unperforated sheets sold.
  • Eminence Gris - 125 (according to the Journal #2). However Isobel says they are actually not limited, although will be retired eventually. In 1 in 20 LBEs.
  • TOA Sports - 1 in 20 LBEs for each type (1 in 10 overall), not limited in number. Recently a new version of each (the falling man and the splash) have come into circulation, although the old version are also available still in LBEs).
  • $5 Blue Triangles (normal) - 489, (1 in 50 LBEs), plus the one of Doc's that the Post Office "lost", never to be seen again...
  • $5 Blue Triangles (sport) - 10, so far I believe 4 are known (plus various "copies").
  • 50p Cabbage Green - Not told, but given away with journal #2 and also the GOFAD newsletter. Also appeared on the Waterstones commemorative cover to mark the release of Going Postal.
  • Skunk Cabbages - 20 in total, sold out almost immediately from the shop.
  • Merchant sports - 1 in 49 of these stamps (1 per sheet), except for the Merchant Farthing (Candlewick Makers and Oil Men, maroon diamond) which is 1 in 70 of these stamp (the sheet is larger).
  • Ankh-Morpork Duty-Paid stamps - These are now being placed in 1 in 10 LBEs. Also to be found used on tobacco wrappers inside the recent Twoshirts FDC.
  • Assassin Antidote stamp - 1 in 100 LBEs, 175 in total.
  • Rat stamps - 240 produced in total, 80 of each design (raisin, potato and candle). Available only in Spring Fate event LBEs.

Plus, on the subject of franks, the word from the lady who knows all of these things is :

Granny Isobel, explaining things to a me in an email, wrote:Franking is completely random - the phase of the moon, whether there is
an R in the month, the colour of Bernard's socks and the availability of the ink pad all play a part.

So now we know everything, except perhaps the current colour of Bernard's socks.
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How are the new TOA sports laid out on the full sheet?

Postby Darren » Thu Jun 16, 2005 04:46 pm

Our roving reporter, Lord Pusha-da-Quil wrote:Isobel explained all about the extras on the bottom of each sheet. I pointed out that she had originally said that there were more than it appeared there really are. She smiled and said 'sorry - a slip between cup and lip'.
What each sheet has, is as follows:
In the selvage below the main block of sixteen stamps, at right angles to them are two stamps. They are either, two 'falling man' or two 'splash'. The first batch could very well have all been 'falling man', hence the appearance a while back of those 'falling man' stamps with left and right white plain selvage. Now a batch of 'splash' sports have arrived. Same arrangement two stamps surrounded by selvage. They will start to appear soon as single stamps.
So, at any one time, a single A4 sheet has either 3 'falling man' and 1 'splash', or 1 'falling man' and 3 'splash'. Slightly less than we all first thought.

As I was partly the fault for the original thinking, I believe that Isobel and Bernard felt sorry for me, and so 'came clean'. I don't for one minute believe that I am the first to see the A4 sheet, but I am the one they are letting tell it as it is.
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What Tower of Art sports now exist, and in what quantity?

Postby Darren » Tue Jun 21, 2005 12:43 pm

This question has now arisen, as we have several examples of the new Tower of Arts in sport versions. To try and clarify things somewhat, we have the following information from Isobel, which was originally posted here:

Granny Isobel wrote:Back in February, in order to use up the space on the bottom of the Tower of Art stamp sheets, Colin fitted in some extra sports.
There were 20 each of the following stamp:
Falling man - birds moved
Deeper Splash
Wind vane reversed
These stamps were kept until May when Colin did a reprint for us and this time included the following:
Falling man – birds moved 80
Deeper splash 40
Wind vane Reversed 40
Some of these sports (deeper splash) were introduced into the LBE’s in May and this month we have included some of the Reversed wind vane and Falling man – birds moved

I still hold some of each of these sports and in fairness to all our collectors there will be further reprints.
We are asking Our Man in Norwich to send us a definitive sample of each so you can clearly see the difference. He will do this just as soon as he has sorted out his computer problem marrying up to broadband.

There is still some confusion regarding the falling man, as to how many are the "one bird" variant and how many are the "two bird". She is going to speak with Colin Edwards on this and get back to me (whence I will share the information here). She was initially unaware that the two versions were in existence, which is partly what has caused all the current confusion.

There are two additional sports per sheet (in addition to the ones within the sheet itself), positioned at the bottom. For details of this layout, see the FAQ item on this very subject directly above this one.

Addendum - After a suitably long period of time, we've actually remembered the question and got an answer :D. So, without further ado...

Granny Isobel further wrote:Green Tower of Art stamps, 10,400 issued including 650 Falling man and 650 splash.

Falling man birds moved 1 62
Falling man Birds moved 2 40
Weathervane reversed 60
Bigger splash 60

So now you all know quite how rare the mk2 sports of the green TOAs were ;)
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When were the stamps first issued?

Postby Darren » Thu Jul 07, 2005 06:22 pm

When were the stamps first issued?

The "birthday" of the Discworld stamps is 9th July 2004, when the first stamps were hand perforated at the Bath Postal Museum by Bernard and pTerry. These included most of the common stamps, such as Penny Patricians, Towers of Art and the Ankh and Morporkia stamps.

Subsequent to this we have:
  • December 10th 2004 - Hogswatch & Thrupn'y Dreadful
  • January 10 2005 - Assassin's Guild 3p
  • 15th February (approx) - Merchants Guild
  • 29th April Twoshirts, and Merchant $5
  • 29th July Seamstresses Guild and Borogravia.
  • 3rd December 2005 Hogswatch & Ankh-Morpork new colour variants.
  • 28th April 2006 - Bad Blintz human stamps.
  • 29th April - Bad Blintz rat stamps (in LBEs).
  • 8th December - Hogswatch 2006.
  • 23rd February 2007 - Bonk stamps.
  • 3rd August 2007 - Jamboree stamps.

This information was deftly nicked from Kiyomi, from this original post.
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What Abomination Unto Nuggan tokens are there?

Postby Darren » Sun Aug 07, 2005 09:55 pm

As full a list as known of the abominations so far is:
  2. Grow not the beet on soil that has known the vine or grain. For it is an ABOMINATION UNTO NUGGAN
  3. That which is STONE and called ROCK is an ABOMINATION UNTO NUGGAN
  4. Those hideous flaps which listen to SIN are an ABOMINATION UNTO NUGGAN
  5. Neither grow nor eat the stenchful bulb GARLIC For it is an ABOMINATION UNTO NUGGAN
  6. Messages that do fly in the firmament do fly in the face of NUGGAN and are thus an ABOMINATION UNTO NUGGAN
  7. Make not the graven image that doth not Glorify your GOD for it is an ABOMINATION UNTO NUGGAN
  10. Wear not the apparel of the woman if thou be a Man for indeed it is an ABOMINATION UNTO NUGGAN
  11. Wear not the apparel of the Man if thou be woman for indeed a Blasphemy and a ABOMINATION UNTO NUGGAN
  12. Those of the FELINE specie are an ABOMINATION UNTO NUGGAN
  13. The DOGS that bark and disturb the faithful are an ABOMINATION UNTO NUGGAN
  14. The evil denizen of the deep called OYSTER is an ABOMINATION UNTO NUGGAN
  15. The dwarfish race that worships Gold is an ABOMINATION UNTO NUGGAN
  16. The mewling BABY is an ABOMINATION UNTO NUGGAN
  17. The hideous noise of the ACCORDIAN is an ABOMINATION UNTO NUGGAN And those that make it shall be DAMNED.
  18. The long hair of the woman is a distraction to the Man and is thus an ABOMINATION UNTO NUGGAN
  19. All that is made from the heathen Chocolate is an ABOMINATION UNTO NUGGAN
  20. Eat not nor make the CHEESE for it is an ABOMINATION UNTO NUGGAN
  21. That person who is RED OF HAIR is an ABOMINATION UNTO NUGGAN
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