Isle of Dogs, Ready Player One

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Isle of Dogs, Ready Player One

Postby Pat » Mon Apr 16, 2018 01:15 pm

Expecting great things from Isle of Dogs - but disappointed. It would have been a good 10 or 20 minute short - but not an entire film.

Wasn't expecting much from Ready Player One - and it was all right. Just all right, no more. Not much in the way of plot but nice to spot lots of old pop culture references and Patrick says the film is better in this than the book which describes pop culture the way Tolkien described scenery and named elves - all over every &^%&^% page with no attempt at moderation!

Watched the Cloverfield Paradox - spotted the Cloverfield but couldn't find the Paradox.

Finally finished Star Trek:Discovery - what happened to their promise to explain all the non-fit with ST:OS like in-ship teleporter, warp engines working in gravity wells and better-than-warp spore drive? Not to mention better sets and clothes which fit?
My next project is a book in which I explore the influence of the music of Beyonce on the writings of J R R Tolkien. It's called "It you write it, you have to put a ring in it"
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