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Stamp Collection

Postby artleysartifacts » Sat Sep 01, 2018 05:38 pm

Our late Uncle, Richard Artley, owned a large collection of discworld memorabilia. We are unsure of its value and thought this was the best place to seek advice. We will list everything below any help would be appreciated, we are also happy to accept offers on any of the items, unless stated the item is in mint condition.

The Thrup’ny Dreadful ‘(The Zombie Stamp) addressed to Mr Slant, still in plastic and warning sign attached, however plastic cases a little squished.
The Cinderella Stamp Special 150th Anniversary Collection Edition.
Bonk 1 Bizot Printer’s Proof
Special Scholars Envelope – The new UU Proof Sheet, The First Day Cover, 1 each of the new UU Stamps, 1 Book of Stamps
Fools Guild little sticky bits sheet of 25 stamps, paper a little scuffed but stamps fine.
Going Postal Express Delivery Envelope addressed to The Sunshine Alk Trading Company 5x Two Penny and 1x One Penny.
Commemo Sir Rolande de Colline $2 Ankh Morpork Stamp.
Koom Valley Commemorative – Trolls, published in the year of the signifying frog.
Anoia One Penny Proof.
Cover – Merchant Guild - The Ankh-Morpork Consulate Official Correspondence cover with the four Merchant stamps franked with the Consulate and Merchant Coat of Arms franks.
Guild of Merchant $5 Sheet.
Cover – Glee Club 2005
Cover - Battle of Koom Valley Commemorative x2 10 pence stamps, red Wincanton stamp.
Ankh-morpork $3 Great Inventors – Leonard of Quirm great inventors
Ankh-morpork $3 Great Inventors – BS Johnson
Ankh-morpork post office collection box and Three pence commemorative post box stamp
Discworld Hinckley convention 2006 stamp
Cover - Ankh Morpork Going Postal First Day x11
Cover - Hogswatch 2005
Cover - Ank-Morpork The Treaty of Bad Blintz
Cover - Battle of Koom Valley Commemorative
The Seamstress guild cover
Cover - Rockall Ho! 2005
Ankh Morpork Post Office Opening x 3
The Stanley Howler stamp album volume 1
Proof Sheet - Ankh Morpork Assassins’Guild Ressurrection
East Knoyle Post Office Opening
Sto Lat Ten Penny Clear Skies stamp sheet layout 4x4 (10 penny stamps)
The Jamboree Shilling stamp sheet 2x7
2006 to Hinckley Isle – Discworld Convention – Sealed – Discworld Stamps
Koom Valley Commemorative
Sir Rolande de Colline Printer’s Proof
Captain Eightpanther’s Digestives (stamp six pence Big Wahoonie)
Assassins’ Guild Post Paid stamp sheet 3x3
Hogswatch Festive Stickers, Two stamp sheets, 4x4
Guild of Seamstress Consulate stamp , Seamstress guild two pence
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Re: Stamp Collection

Postby the_apprentice » Thu Sep 06, 2018 08:29 am

Hello there, I can't help much, I'm afraid. I did however want to reiterate just how much we at the Emporium thought of your uncle. He was an utter joy and an honour to have known.

I hope someone will be able to help with your enquiry, or help you re-home some bits... however I understand the secondary market values varies wildly. A lot of collectors keep an eye on the 'Discworld Collectors Guild' facebook group, it might be worth having a little look there.
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Re: Stamp Collection

Postby merciersj » Fri Sep 07, 2018 05:43 pm

Do you have any idea what you're looking to get out of the entire lot? I've just started collecting and don't have most of the things listed here. If my wallet will permit I'd love to continue to build on his collection.
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Re: Stamp Collection

Postby phalarope » Fri Sep 07, 2018 10:20 pm

merciersj wrote:Do you have any idea what you're looking to get out of the entire lot? I've just started collecting and don't have most of the things listed here. If my wallet will permit I'd love to continue to build on his collection.

Have pm'ed you about starter material (not Richard's stuff, but my own)
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